The King 2 Hearts Episode 1 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts brought up a very serious issue, which is the dream of Korea reunification. This episode 1 tells the premise actually in a quite heavy ways too. But the clever PD creates light and interesting characters, so viewers can still enjoy the drama without fully feel tense.

Let’s start my quick summary.

South Korean King, Lee Jae Gang, finally announced that Korean dream of reunification of the north and the south is so near. They’re making an agreement on join military training. In the dinner party after the serious meeting, the King met a North higher who was talking about his daughter who is a top notch in North Korean elite military.

Kim Hang ah was arguing with her higher about an injured private and how they should treat him. So this girl is not an ordinary girl. She’s in the North military and can argue quite casually with her higher. And when the military held a fighting regular championship, Kim Hang Ah took part. The opponent had known her, which means she’s not new in this kind of fighting championship. If i’m not mistaken the man name is Kim In Ha. Hang Ah took him lightly during the fight, but the man was stronger than she thought. Then they start fighting for real. Hang ah was thrown out of the fighting arena, but they didn’t stop fighting. They’re fighting like they’re both men, no mercy. The man didn’t even hesitate to use a chair to beat her. But then with one perfect hard kick, Hang Ah managed to win the fight.

However strong Kim Hang Ah in the military, she is still a girly woman. She wears skirt and is still worry about the bruise she got after the fight. She met her friends in a subway station. Hang Ah was about to have a date. Her friends nagged her about she’s still bear handed -no ring.

Hang Ah is dating a man like other women in her age. And she’s innocent, in fact. When the man was about to kiss her, Hang Ah just opened her eyes and surprised him by saying “Ahh my face is..” Then the man just left her and said “I’ll call you later.” But as we could guess, no call at all after that. Hang Ah keeps checking on her phone in the office in the next day. She’s sharing her upset mind about her relationship with man with her higher, but that man doesn’t really help. Although he did have some advice for her later on.

The join military training was about to start. The North sent their three best representatives: Kim Hang Ah, Lee Kang Seok, and a young  comrade names Kwon Yeong Bae. This event became a public interest in South as the three representatives entered the South. The media had their time.

As a North person, Hang Ah was still amazed by Seoul’s situation. She’s not the type of cold-heart-anti-South kind of North. She looked excited and even recognized some (South) Korean actors in the billboard. She was so exicted when she saw Hyun Bin, saying that since Hyun Bin went the military she became thinner. :D

However the effort of reunification was made, on the ground the tense between South people and North was still there. The North military officers was entering the palace to meet the King. They had to go through a metal scanner and had to put off their suits because the device kept beeping. And it didn’t stop beeping on Kwon, that just upset Hang Ah and Kang Seok. The tense was high, but thankfully the King’s right hand man, Eun Gyoo Tae came and told them to just come in and meet the King.

On the other place, the prince is just finishing his military. Prince Lee Jae Ha couldn’t hold his happiness that he just finish his military service. He has an easy going characteristic as the King’s youngest brother.

The King was coming to put the inauguration emblem himself for his younger brother.They went back by car together. But Prince Jae Ha was surprised as he woke up in the car, he didn’t arrive at the palace. Mr. Eun said he had to do something. Then Jae Ha was surprised by a news he saw on car TV. He was going to military again as South military representative. He’s arguing with his brother about that, saying that he just discharged from military in the morning. Apparently, Jae Ha didn’t notice that the papers he was signing wasn’t a discharge agreement, but another agreement that tells that he’s going to this join military camp.

Meanwhile Hang Ah was having an interview. Both South and North military highers interviewed her. Both Chiefs were almost fighting because of something, but Hang Ah had a very good speaking ability that she soften the South military higher.

Jae Ha was still arguing with his brother about this join military and being partner with a girl. But the King said Hang Ah has a good resume. His brother said that Jae Ha had to this as the South representatives and his brother relies on him. This whole reunification effort might be something like a fake, and the monarchy is not as much favorable for the people either, so for the sake of the country and their royalty, Jae Ha had to this join military camp. And there he was on the front gate of the military camp. Jae Ha found himself back  to the army again. Mr. Eun read him his rights and responsibility. He also said that his son is gonna be in the same team as him and would give him a help.

As soon as the door was open, Jae Ha was surprised by the so-military welcome right away. This man stood coldly welcoming Jae Ha into a place where ther’re so many tanks. That person is Eun Shi Kyeong, Mr. Eun’s son and Jae Ha noticed that right away. Jae Ha just naturally thought he could take Shi Kyeong lightly and thought he would be friendly. But he’s wrong. Shi Kyeong even suddenly pointing a gun to Jae Ha, right to the heart. Jae Ha thought the gun was unloaded or at least it wasn’t that serious. But he was wrong. When he pulled the trigger, it’s seriously loaded. Thankfully he’s pointing at somewhere else, instead of straightly towards Shi Kyeong. He instantly angry at Shi Kyeong for trying to kill him. But the man was just acting cold.

Jae Ha’s roomate was Lee Kang Seok who was practicing his armor skill when Jae Ha arrived. The young prince was freaking out and tried to persuading the military higher not to put him there, but he got no chance. The higher then mentioned a girl and he’s just curious about that. What he didn’t know was the girl was Kim Hang Ah.

The North team and South team had a dine together as their first meeting. Hang Ah finally met Jae Ha who didn’t replied her offer of hand shake. Jae Ha even didn’t silence his disappointment on definition of “girl” when he met Hang Ah. Then he just intentionally kicked Shi Kyeong’s chair that made him dropped. It’s a pay back from Jae Ha.

They’re doing the self introduction and telling their specialties, but Jae Ha didn’t hide his uninterested. Jae Ha keeps acting annoying that it makes Hang Ah upset. She keeps trying to stop Jae Ha by calling him “Lee Jae Ha comrade!” several times that it upset Jae Ha and made him yell, “I’m not a comrade!” Hang Ah really didn’t care even though he’s the King’s younger brother.

Then Kim Hang Ah was following Jae Ha to the toilet, telling him that she’s afraid of going to the toilet alone. She acted like an innocent North girl that she could make Jae Ha checked the toilet for her and convinced her that there’s nothing in the toilet that she should afraid of. But as soon as Jae Ha realized that Hang Ah was locking the door, he knew something bad would happen. And yes, Hang Ah suddenly turned into a very scary woman. She gave him some hard lesson, showing him her high technique in martial art and lock him down. But that’s not all. Hang Ah told him about who she really was and had killed so many people.

I know I mess up in some lines. I’m not used to satteuri, let alone Ha Ji Won’s North accent. So this is as far as I could go. And the stills are not good yet either, but we will update it soon.

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