The King 2 Hearts Episode 13 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts Episode 13 is heavy again, I’m telling you. The idea of Jae Ha-Hang Ah go for the WOC in Japan and Shi Kyeong who had to stay because Jae Shin, who was still struggling with her self, had to be the temporary Queen for a month…for me it’s all heavy. But anyway, I try my best here.

John Mayer finally figured out the keyword: people, and the box was open. Inside the box was just a USB flashdisk. John thought it was just a joke at first, but then decided to play the video. It’s a recording video of the moment when Jae Ha lured the girl in the cafe the other night. That woman was John’s girl. Jae Ha flirt and managed to make her talk about the man who was supposed to be her boy friend. The girl said that John wasn’t even her boyfriend and she talked bad things about John. She said what John had got was only money, no dignity nor intelligence.

In the right time, the woman came out of the room and John just instantly shot her dead.

Jae Ha had predicted that John was going to do that. Jae Ha said he also once had been deceived by shooting Hang Ah. But thankfully he had his brother and this people. He had his people to fight for now, those who put a great trust on him and whom he trust. He warned John if he’s gonna cross the line once again, he’d be over. Then John just shot the monitor dead as well.

Jae Ha made his official statement about his engagement with Hang Ah and what surprise everyone was their decision to participate again together in the WOC in Japan. Jae Ha proudly presented his fiance slash WOC comrade Hang Ah who came up to the stage wearing her North military uniform.

After the speech, Jae Ha sat with Mr.Eun and Prime Minister. The second man was frantic about Jae Ha’s decision for the WOC. He was the king of a nation and he decided to leave it for awhile for a very dangerous activity. But it’s not Jae Ha if he couldn’t shoot an argument that made his speaking-opponent finally gave up. He said while he’s gone, the Prime Minister should help Jae Shin. She’s gonna be the temporary nation leader, taking Jae Ha’s responsibility.

While Lee Jae Shin was still struggling with herself, Jae Ha and Hang Ah had to ask her for a huge favor. Hang  Ah tried hard persuading Jae Shin to agree with Jae Ha’s plan for only a month period as the country’s leader. Even The Queen Mother didn’t think it’s a good idea, but Jae Ha and Hang Ah had their reason. The next day, Jae Shin was about to go to the hospital, but Hang Ah reasoned with her and brought her back to the royal cottage.

Jae Ha tried to talk to his mother too about his plan of going to WOC and making Jae Shin the temporary Queen, leader of the country. This situation was too much for the poor Queen Mother. Her eldest son died, and now her youngest son was going to a dangerous activity while making his psychologically-and-physically still unstable poor little sister to the leader of a nation. It was very hard for her mother, but Jae Ha kept trying to reason with her and assured her this plan is for a greater good. One of the reason was the loony John who had killed his brother.

John gathered his Club M members. There would be a peace-theme summit called Jeju Program in Jeju Island, and John decided to come as the representative of Club M.

Hang Ah brought Jae Shin to the royal cottage and played the music John always played that triggered Jae Shin’s memory, but she still couldn’t call them all back. Hang Ah briefed her about John Mayer.

Later that day in the evening, Jae Ha was speaking to Hang Ah about their day when Jae Ha finally came up to his curiosity of a leak in the information regarding the cottage location. Hang Ah asked who knew about the place and the plan. Jae Ha said only the family, Mr.Eun and some royal guards. Then Hang Ah thought they have to consider Mr.Eun since he had once lied to Jae Ha.

In the morning, Jae Ha started to show his suspicion by asking Mr.Eun, “You would never lie to me, wouldn’t you?”

Kwong was sharing his story to his fellow royal guards about comrade Kang Seok who loved SNSD, when Princess Jae Shin burst in. She dismissed everyone except Shi Kyeong. She said she came because she needed him. She told him about Jae Ha’s decision on her and prevent him for going to WOC along with Hang Ah and her brother. She said, “My brother and Hang Ah are going to the WOC, I have no one else to count on except you.” Shi Kyeong insisted on going for WOC at first, but Jae Shin had to let go her pride by confessing her true feelings to Shi Kyeong. She said despite her condition and hard life recently, and her resentment on Shi Kyeong, and no matter she still wonder, she had to admit that she prefer him.

Shi Kyeong consulted Jae Ha about Jae Shin’s request. Jae Ha knew it’s a sign that his sister must have a special feelings for this man.  He casually joked how could Shi Kyeong always succeed to make women fall for him. Shi Kyeong tried hard to assure Jae Ha that he didn’t have such an improper feelings or intention to Jae Shin.

Jae Ha was still joking and Shi Kyeong was getting tense that he hurriedly excused himself. But Jae Ha had a good reason to call him back. He needed Shi Kyeong to stay by his sister side and investigate the possibility of a mole within the palace.

After briefing Jae Shin about her new schedule, Mr.Eun got the list of people attending the Jeju program meeting and saw John’s name. He was about to contact John when Shi Kyeong came to meet his father and said he had to do something under the King’s order because the King suspected there’s a mole in the palace. “Of course he’s not suspecting you,” said Shi Kyeong. “He’s just curious.”

That night Jae Ha had a bbq with Hang Ah on one of the palace courtyard. He’s talking about his first love at elementary school, despite Hang Ah’s objection. His point of speaking was actually not about his first love, but how he grew as a lonely person because people tend to change their attitude towards him when knowing he’s a royal family, became a lot nicer. It made him hard to trust anyone. He said unlike other boys, he wanted to forget his first love experience.

Hang Ah held his hand and Jae Ha put her hand on his cheek. “Thanks for being here as you. We will win.” Then he kissed ger gently.

Jae Ha, Hang Ah, Kwon and a new member of South Korean WOC team made an official introduction to WOC official in Japan. Jae Ha said he’s no longer the King of South Korea from then on for a month, but the team leader of the join team of South North Korea. Jae Ha, Kang Seok and Yeom were just like old friends when they’re reunite again as WOC team that they joked around like ordinary boys. This scene was of course made the new man overwhelmed because seeing Jae Ha, his King, so humane and no boundary with the three guys must be weird.

Jae Shin took her oath for her temporary throne. She looked very pretty but also very nervous.

As John was coming down Jeju Island to attend the peace summit, Mr.Eun who made several attempts to contact John, finally was able to speak with the devil. He warned John not to do anything to the royal family.

Shi Kyeong stayed besides Jae Shin. It was still very hard for her to appear in front of the public again after her accident. She held Shi Kyeong’s lower sleeve and Shi Kyeong bent on his knees speaking nice words to lift up her spirit. He said he remembered the moment when they watched the shooting star, he didn’t see the star. “Because Princess was sparkling more shining. And now, too. You look great.” Ahhh this scene is definitely my favorite above all scenes in this episode! Shi Kyeong…Jae Ha was right. He had something that can make women’s heart melt… Jae Shin was preparing her mentality for her first public performance.

Anyway, Jae Ha and the team needed to secure their first round. Their best option was to have either Italy, Netherlands, or Iran as their first round opponent. Even Hang Ah had consulted it with her father and the option was confirmed that the best opponent they had to get was those three countries. And when the time came for Korea team to pick up their ball, Jae Ha and Hang Ah went to the stage together. Jae Ha tried to randomize the balls in the bowl more, but then strangely it seemed that his hand kind of “attracted” to this one ball. Jae Ha was so nervous and when he picked the ball, the result was USA, the toughest opponent!

Okay, I have to admit that WOC setting is not my favorite, but let’s see how Jae Ha and team managed to survive the first round. Jae Ha would marry Hang Ah when they succeed in the first round, but with USA as their opponent and the arguments and hardship on the  field that the preview showed us…hmmm. Anyway, I still expect the drama show more scenes of Shi Kyeong-Jae Shin’s relationship :D

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