Fashion Report From Red Carpet Ceremony on 2011 KBS Drama Awards

Okay, i’ll try to finish my homeworks, and actually i have promised Rizz to make this article.  and frankly i really enjoy reviewing this red carpet. i love almost the gowns showed in this event, more pretty legs, more shopisticated design. and more gorgeous gowns.

On December 31th, the KBS’s actors and actress being together to got some awards, they are  Yoo Jin, Moon Chae Won, Park Min Yeong, Lee Yoon Ji, Jang Nara, Choi Daniel, Joo Won, Suzy, Uee, and more. Before holding the trophy they had to walk on red carpet, and here is the brief review from me..(notes: i just focus on actress, so sorry for the actors).

The colors are not too varied, just a  bunch of black, white, cream, and dark blue, but i will choose this red carpet than the two others, SBS and MBC, as my favorite 2011 red carpet drama award.

The MCs, Han Hye Jin looked so elegant escorted by Jeon Hyeon Moo and Joo Won. Her gown looked so beautiful with those gems. Jeon Hyeon Moo was really okay wearing the silver bow tie. And for Joo Won, no need to comment about his outfit, i think with his height everything was perfect for him. right Rizz?

[Rizz screamed out: Hell yeahhh]

Jang Nara looked so cute together with her co-worker on “Baby Faced Beauty”. No matter every time i see this couple i always smile. Jang Nara’s black dress, simple but so pretty, with the crystal embroidery she looked glamour.

The mermaid gowns for Do Ji Won and Han Eun Jung, but each girl showed a different charm. Do Ji Won looked so pure  with that gown and the pretty bangle. Meanwhile, Han Eun Jung became sexy.


Han Hye Rin…It turned out that gray could be so glammour like this.

Hwang Woo Seul Hye, actually this gown looked sexy, but i felt dull seeing her appearance here.

This dress is really pretty. I love the lace on the top, but i think she wasn’t confident wearing this dress…or she just shy??

Lee Shi Yeong absolutely knew how to show off her perfect shape. An unusual backless gown

The almost identical gowns for Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Yoon Ji, even just different on color. I  prefer Lee Yoon Ji’s, because she knew how to wear that gown properly.

Quite different from other, Moon Cha Won wore the classic design gown, really suitable with her melancholic face. She became elegant and classy.

Moon Jung Hee, the dark blue gown was really perfect on her.

Whooaa..i love this gown, really sophisticated, and Park Min Yeong looked really happy wearing this gown that made her looked stunning.

Suzy, the right dress for teenager like her, she looked cute with that big ribbon, but i think she had to do something with her hair.

Uee, please don’t blame her because of those pretty legs. The dress and the shoes were really perfect for her. And the layers effect on her dress made her looked so cute.

And the last and actually the best (for me) is Yoo Jin’s dress. I love the color and the design. This gown  was so simple but with the twist on top she looked like a butterfly, she’s so pretty.

Yeeah..finally i wrapped up the red carpet review frenzy. I’m doing this just for fun, i hope you enjoy it. See you on the next red carpet. ;)

[by Blossom]

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