Won Bin and Ha Ji Won The Most Wanted Actor/Actress

One of movie site held a poll on December 23rd-29th by asking “If you are a director, who is the actor /actress you’d select to play in your movies on 2011?”
For the actor, with 4891 respondents, the result (as has been I guess) is the one and only my-honey-sweety-ajeossi, Won Bin. He’s getting a great results of 42.3% votes (2123 respondents), beat the others like Kang Dong Won (in second place only get 11.2% votes) and followed by Ha Jeong Woo (7%),  Song Sae Byeok (4.4%), and in fifth place Cha Tae Hyeon (4, 4%).
And the result is more pleasing to me for the actress. Out of 3536 respondents, Ha Ji Won beat other actresses by acquiring 38% votes (1342 respondents). Second place is Go Hyeon Jeong (14.3%), followed by Lee Min Jung (12.2%), and on fourth place is Choi Kang Hee (8.5%).
During 2010, these two actor/actress are successful in attracting public attention in Korea (and other countries) with their appearance in their projects. Won Bin has been a cool and sexy ajeossi in his recent movie, “Ajeossi” (The Man From Nowhere). And Ha Ji Won is currently famous as Gil Ra Im, a sexy stuntwoman, in her latest drama “Secret Garden”.
I hope there is a further follow up of this poll, like putting them in one production maybe? Can anyone think of making them as a couple in any drama or movie in 2011?? please…I’m begging.. :)

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  1. i didnt agree for me if i am a director i will choose hyunbin and ha jiwon in a movie….they are the best couple..and they have a strong chemistry….hyun bin…..is only for ha jiwon….
    they love team is very admirable and natural i thought when i first watch secret garden i ask myself if they are in the real life couple…they a perfect for each other….
    i for sure ur movie will be blockbuster movie….
    That’s for sure…

  2. no way..hyun bin & unnie are the best! and I hope more project for them to be couple & I hope they are a real couple!!

  3. oh.. dear,, i must also disagree to you . :(
    hyun bin and ha ji won really makes an amazing couple.. and their chemistry is the best!. i’ve never seen such an overflowing chemistry they have. and lots of fans are praying to see them in the big screen (movie), that would be a big hit!. and HB-HJW loveteam is the best!. i really hope that , this 2 are dating or maybe ,this 2 are couple.^o^

  4. belleangelbelle

    Im a big fan of HB-HJW loveteam but I also like to see HJW and WB together in a drama. I wonder how they looked like together. Since HB is in MS he cant do a movie this 2011. If your a great actress you don’t have to stick with only one loveteam. And I better want to see HB-HJW a real life loveteam.

  5. ha ji won is only 4 hyun bin….but go soo also said that ha ji won “ideal women” 4 him..go soo u better dont get close 2 ha ji won….bcause she’s only 4 hyun bin…

  6. ha ji won you are the best

  7. Producer should go along with the Poll, I wish to see beautiful Ha Ji Won and dashing Won Bin in a movie or TV series! Even it is expensive to place them together, do as the Netizens say! Think of the profits you will reap…Cheers!

  8. a won bin-ha ji won production will be the epitome of hotness! seriously, both of them are hot. haha and great actors. If they would be in a movie together, regardless of the genre, I’m surely watching!

  9. luv ur swag nd ur style

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