Won Bin from Behind the Scene “Basic House” CF

It seems that Won Bin still postponed his comeback on small screen for an unlimited time due to his busy schedule on a bunch of ads projects. But I’ll be faithful waiting for him to return, and as long as I wait I will not look away from him, my eyes always on you ajeossi. :mrgreen:

On this hot summer apparently it has already winter for Won Bin…  yups..these photos are from “Basic House” Fall/Winter collection photo shoot. Actually these photos only is sneak peek from “Basic House” photo shoot. the official photos hasn’t yet been published. So these are some kind of hidden camera works, Won Bin didn’t realized that the camera lens focused on him. Whoaa..even without his awareness, the photos result looks so good and amazing…

In this ads, Won Bin is not alone. As we knew before, Won Bin is the “Basic House” ambassador together with Moon Geun Yeong. On the picture below, Won Bin-Moon Geun Yeong on winter outfit looks so cute and sweet. They look like brother and sister.

[by Blossom]

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