Won Bin’s Stills: Where is My Ajeossi???

I was little bit sorrow seeing these pictures. I think i’ve lost my ajeossi. T_T

I know, and people around the world also know that Won Bin is so handsome (no one can deny that). But  I’ve already fallen for my-cool and sexy-ajeossi, so I raised my eyebrow for the first time looking at his ‘cute’ pictures. He’s no longer as a cool badass guy. Now he just looks like another pretty boy from idol boy group.  I love ajeossi, but I can’t love the younger brother. X|

These are stills from SKT Telecom CF, Won Bin is trusted as the brand ambassador for their product. But please return my ajeossi on the next CF!

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  1. he is cute, but i like the sexy version more :D

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