Won Bin’s The Man From Nowhere (아저씨) Will Remake on Hollywood

On March 9th Deadline revealed that there’s a possibility that the most successful 2010 movie “The Man from Nowhere” or “Ajeossi” (아저씨) will be remade on Hollywood version.

Deadline also mention that  Shawn Christensen (script writer from Abduction) who will be in-charge on this project under Dimension Films. He will adapt the original script for American. On same day, CJ Entertainment who hold the license confirmed that they sold the licensing to Dimension, but they haven’t decided to be involved this remake as co-producer or not, there will be more further information from US.

And i’m curious about who will fill in the Won Bin’s role? It would be hard decision for Dimension. Because i think Won Bin is irreplaceable for this movie. through “The Man From Nowhere” he made a very big hit. Won Bin gained  more popularity on 2010 (until now), his role as Tae Sik-ajeossi was a phenomenon. On this thriller movie that full of actions and blood,  i warn you, in this movie Won Bin was too hot. So, may i have exclusive request??? please keeps Won Bin for Hollywood version!!! i’m begging here…

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  1. I totally agreed with you. My friends & I were discussing about they should Keep Won Bin in the Hollywood version, too. My friend kind of mentioned Huge Jackman, but I think he’s a face of a badass Wolverine, though. I have a feeling Hollywood will totally screw this up. The movie already has the English subtitle, why not bring that whole Korean original over, you know!!! I just don’t think the American version will be popular in the States, because it doesn’t have enough CGIor from the comic books.

    • I also think that they should just bring Won Bin to Hollywood because this movie is dependent with him. He got that noon-bit (eye-shot?) of such a great depression and coldness that I can’t think of any Hollywood actor has…

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