Yoo Seung Ho Celebrated His Graduation On The Set

On February 9th, our cute boy, Yoo Seung Ho  was officially graduated from high school, then on February 10th his co-workers and the crew of “Operation Proposal” held a surprise party for him. The party was so perfect because it took place on the set, the wedding hall, plus with cakes.

Yoo Seung Ho was so happy with this party. Congratulated and wished by everyone, made him feel more encourage and full spirit. On the photo above, he looked so cheerful with bright smile.

Since he’s already passed the high school times, he’s no longer a teenager, he almost becomes a adult now (wait for 21 boy!). And as an almost-adult person you have to work harder then…as Ben Parker said “with great power comes great responsibilities”

Anyway, congratulation Yoo Seung Ho-ssi, may you always success on career and your next step in education. ;)

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  1. Excelente actor , lo felicito y le deseo muchos éxitos. gracias

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