Yoo Seung Ho Confirmed To Join Military after “I Miss You”

20121217-Yoo Seung Ho

On December 21st, through his agency, Yoo Seung Ho made shocking statement.  He decides to enter military service as soon as his current project “I Miss You” ends on early next year. The agency also added that during the military service the actor will become a purely private, not a celebrity private. There will be no expose for the sake of entertainment industry. Even Yoo Seung Ho wants to be placed on frontline.

Actually he is still a teenager, he’s only 19th (20 years old Korea), but his desire to join military is really strong. If other actors  delay their duty due to their crazy schedule, Yoo Seung Ho puts the military as his first priority. He has a strong commitment. Not only on dramas or movies, even on the real life sometimes i think he’s being mature too early.

Disappearing for two years maybe being part of his way to maintain his popularity or give his own break time to change his image as the boy to become the real guy. Okay my boy, i will let you for two years, and please comeback as the real (hot) guy…

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3 Responses to Yoo Seung Ho Confirmed To Join Military after “I Miss You”

  1. wow cant wait for the real guy. good luck yoo. i love what you do

  2. i know this will turn out good. yoo have our prayers.

  3. Your awesome yoo

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