“Sector 7” Released The First Pictures

Finally, the most anticipated movie of the year, “Sector 7“, released the first pictures on January 18th . The main actress, Ha Ji Won, as always looks cool holding the gun. I still remember the last episode of “Secret Garden” when Jong Soo gave the script “Sector 7” on Gil Ra Im, so oddly I imagine if Gil Ra Im who play in “Sector 7”, not Ha Ji Won. :rolleyes:

Besides Ha Ji Won, this movie also featuring Ahn Seong Gi, Oh Ji Ho, and Park Cheol Min. “Sector 7” is a Sci-Fi action movie that tells about creatures that mutated after being infected by a foreign virus and became a mutant monsters on Sector 7. Sector 7 is an oil mining platform stands in the middle of the ocean. “Sector 7” will be made in 3D version, but there has been no information when this movie will officially be released.

Damn! Why Ha Ji Won always looks cool in her dramas or movies? Even in “Sector 7” she’s just wearing overall and a simple white shirt with short messy hair but she still looks cool and pretty. :?

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3 Responses to “Sector 7” Released The First Pictures

  1. yeah your right! She’s cool all the way! Love her! Want to watch that movie! I hope I can watch that Sector 7 here in Philippines.

  2. I want to watch it! i love Ha Ji Won and i admire her as an actress and a person also! ^_^

  3. yes she’s so cool, I am crazy about her

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