2PM’s “Hands Up” is Not That Up

2PM just released their MV for their new single “Hands Up” just about few days ago. I wasn’t that curious because i’m not their fan, frankly speaking…but I think there’s nothing wrong to have a look at the MV and listen to the song. And here’s my opinion:

I’m a bit disappointed that I cannot find something really catchy, something new in their song nor in their MV…so I end up with a conclusion that I’m so sorry I cannot love the song. If I have to compare it with “Heartbeat” or “I’ll be Back”, those two songs gave me some certain “clicks” in my mind when I heard them the first times. I heard this more than once, some with my eyes closed. And when I tried to recall the song in my head a few moment after that, I got confused with GD&TOP’s “High High” for I don’t know what reason.

So, I’m sorry to say, but I don’t think it’s gonna be their best single.

[by Rizz]


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