49 Days Episode 1 Summary

After “Secret Garden” and took a looooooooooong vacation (anyway, thanks Rizz), finally I decided to make another SBS drama summary. I chose “49 Days”, actually, there is no drama that’s airing right now which I’m willing to watch, but I will give a scope for “49 Days”. This is a fantasy melodrama about second life chance.
Frankly, I don’t like Nam Gyu Ri because she’s almost perfect..she’s pretty like a bitch and has a great voice…okay maybe I only envy her. And for Lee Yo Won, my opinion for her acting is so so. Generally I like her acting on “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee” (2008) and “Great Queen Seon Deok”(2009), but I really hope “49Days” is not as bad as “Bad Love”(2007). Actually the main reason I decided to watch “49Days” is because I curious about Jo Hyeon Jae’s come back after “graduated” from military service and of course the cutie Jung Il Woo…yay!

Lets start!

First we meet the crybaby Sin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri), her life is like a fairy tale, like a princess’s life.  She has (almost) everything, great parents, lovely fiancée   Kang Min Ho (Bae Soo Bin), two kindly-loyal best girl friensd, and also Han Kang (Jo Hyeon Jae) the genius architect.

Then, we meet Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won), her life was really the opposite of Ji Hyun’s life. She’s poor, shabby look, messy hair, only eats ramen for diner and living in a cramped apartment. She works at a grocery store from midnight until morning.

She never smile to the customers and runs all the routine like a robot. She is depressed. Actually, she’s not only depressed, but also does seem to give up for life. Even when there were two robbers came into the store and threatened to kill her, she just said “Stab me!” Luckily police hurriedly came to rescue her.

And what caught my attention the most was Han Kang (Jo Hyeon Jae). He is Min Ho’s best friend and also Ji Hyun’s old friend. He is a cool urban guy type, and a genius architect. But, it looks like he hates the loveable Ji Hyun. Kang didn’t even want to be the best man for Min Ho-Ji Hyun wedding. Ji Hyun is aware that Kang doesn’t like her, but she always tries to be nice to him. Ji Hyun ccan’t hate him either. It seems there’s some unfinished business in the past between them. But,  there is something in Kang’s  eyes as he stared at Ji Hyun ….could it be because he loves Ji Hyun? okay, We’ll see later …

Kang Min Ho, just the typical prince charming, romantic person, an ideal future husband.

One of Ji Hyun’s best girl friends, Sin In Jung, is the type of friend who would gladly gives her kidney for you, but sometimes when she looked at the happy couple Ji Hyun-Min Ho, I feel something bad of her. Oh yeah, she works together with Min Ho. They work at  Min Ho’s daddy-future-in-law company … ough I smell something fishy in here …

Back to the princess life, Ji Hyun is busy preparing  her marriage. Thank goodness her best girl friends In Jung and Seo Woo help her. The rushy wedding is actually never came up in Ji Hyun-Min Ho’s plan. Her father pushed them to get married as soon as possible. Their marriage connects with an investment in daddy company.  I do not know exactly what happen, I don’t give a damn with the business trick.

A week before the wedding, Ji Hyun was driving a car after shopping for her wedding ceremony. In other places, there’s a mysterious guy who rode a motorcycle, watched the phone and wristwatch as if to ensure everything went well according to a certain schedule.

On the same day after seeing the calendar dated March 15, 2006, Yi Kyung was carrying almost dried roses and wore black clothes went somewhere. Once she was off the bus, she walked onto the highway and squatted at the edges. then we  flashback to the incident five years ago, where there was laid the body of a man there. Okay I already know why she’s like a zombie. That particular day she’s not only losing that guy, but also was losing her life.

Encouraged by despair, but I think she’s intended at beginning, Yi Kyung suddenly walked toward the truck that was about to pass the street. Suicidal, yes. But when the truck was getting closer, her body was pulled  by a man. Yi Kyung was unconscious, the guy was a store customer who always smiled at her. Apparently this man had been following Yi Kyung.

Meanwhile, it turned out the truck that failed to hit Yi Kyung crashed into other cars, then the terrible accident happened. The mysterious guy who had been watching from a far looked so much surprised by  this big traffic incident, actually he looked irritated and sighed.

When the accident happened, Ji Hyun managed to escape a motor crossed her car, but instead crashed into the truck. Her body was thrown out of the car. She fainted, but not long after she gained consciousness, oddly she was fine not hurt one bit.

She walked to her car, and was so shock to see what she’s seeing. The body she saw in the car was hesr, smeared with blood. She was confused because no one was aware of her presence even she couldn’t touch anything. She became invisible. In the confusion, she realized there was a person who watched her, when she tried to approach him,  that man disappeared.

Ji Hyun went to the hospital with an ambulance carrying her body. At the hospital, her mother was hysterical, her father was so shock, Min-Ho looked very worried. Ji Hyun was unable to do anything when she saw the people she loved drown  mourning.

Ji Hyun saw the mysterious guy that she had seen before. She chased him. Finally, she met him at a patient’s room, the guy said: “Ji Hyun, you should be careful when you’re going to drive a car” .. huh?

The man was then doing his job.Something happened to the man who was lying on bed. His soul was separated from his body. Then came a glowing magical door (I think it was like an elevator), the door opened and the mysterious man guided the soul to get into the glowing elevator. So, this mysterious guy is the

death angel????

No, the man introduced himself as “I am a Scheduler” Huh? His job was only there when someone is near death and makes sure it happens. In short he is the guide for those who’s meeting his/her end of life. But today is not according to plan. Today is not the time for Ji Hyun. Someone had damaged his schedule because there is a trouble maker who attempted suicide. So what happened to Ji Hyun is a mistake.

Ji Hyun is not dead, she’s in the coma. She suffered for a brain death, but the soul was out of her body. All her love ones gathered around her body. All grieving, including Kang and In Jung.

The scheduler gave two options to Ji Hyun: to give up (it means to receive death) or to get three people who sincerely love her within 49 days if she wanted to come back to life. The three have to shed pure tears when thinking of Ji Hyun. Family members don’t include. The tears have to be really pure, colorless. The pure tears are gonna be the sign that she is still worth it to be back to life.

Ji Hyun was pretty sure to run a mission to find three people who shed pure tears for her, she accepted the offer. Furthermore, the scheduler took her to a grocery store to meet  Ji Hyun’s “surrogate” body that can be used to perform that mission. Yups … she was Yi Kyung who had returned from the hospital and was back to show her long face again,  the depression for failing to kill herself. She didn’t even know (no care) who prevented the suicide and took her to the hospital. Song Yi Kyung, 28-years-old, orphans, graduated from university, had worked at the Seoul hotel, and now her life is like that .. miserable.

Seeing Yi Kyung appearance , Ji Hyun refused. But according to the scheduler, only Yi Kyung’s body who was suitable for Ji Hyun, and they both had a certain connection. But the scheduler did not say if the cause of Ji Hyun’s accident was because of Yi-kyung attempted suicide.

Ji Hyun finally gave in and accepted the body. She followed Yi Kyung to her  narrow apartment. She commanded the scheduler to use Yi Kyung’s body as Yi Kyung was asleep.

And when Yi Kyung was asleep, Ji Hyun got closer to Yi Kyung and instantly her soul was sucked into the body, and then Yi Kyung’s body awoke from her sleep. She got out of bed, a little bit ackward when she went to the mirror, but when she looked at the mirror, the face no longer looked depressed. It was very cheerful and then she said, “I’m Sin Ji Hyun”

Okay, so far I think this drama is quite interesting.  Of course it is still too early to comment about the characters, but I was pretty amazed with Jo Hyeon Jae. He looks more mature here. Maybe I’ll go on the next episode.

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