49 Days Episode 2 Summary

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Ji Hyun (in Yi Kyung’s body) was very happy after a successful come back “alive”, but she soon realized that the body she borrowed was really pathetic. There were bruises on her face, dirty, and dingy. The cramped apartment was also messy and dirty. And the worse there was no shampoo nor lotion, only a soap bar, and no decent clothes to wear.

While lamenting her new body, suddenly the Scheduler appeared behind her. Ji Hyun said “Hey Scheduler, I’m Sin Ji Hyun” scheduler said that Ji Hyun had broken the rules.

The rules during the 49 days:

1. In any circumstances, Ji Hyun must not tell anyone that she is Ji Hyun. The consequence is that she will directly be shipped by the glowing express elevator or in other words she will really die.

2. Ji Hyun is only allowed to use Yi Kyung’s body while Yi Kyung is asleep or after she is off from her work, from 10 a.m until 12 a.m. Any delay of one minute will reduce her 49 days.

3. Ji Hyun must provide herself, meaning that JI Hyun should work to get money for her life.

Before The Shceduler left her, he lent 49 dollars and gave her phone to contact him only during an emergency. And the necklace worn Ji Hyun is to collect pure tears which she will get.

The Scheduler rejected giving a ride to Ji Hyun on his motorcycle. He said he didn’t want to get involved on human affairs , thats the rule.. huh?

Finally Ji Hyun took a cab to the hospital (hey girl, what you don’t realize is that you only have 49 dollars for 49 days!). At the hospital she saw Min Ho was sitting down beside her body. His face looked so sad but he didn’t cry. Ji Hyun looked at him from the outside. She was sad to see her fiance’s situation, but she also wondered why her fiancé did not cry. She thought surely Min Ho was tired of crying since last night.

Ji Hyun failed to meet her friend at the store or apartment. While her friend was grieving in apartment, their apartment became quite, so Ji Hyun thought if her friends were on Kang’s restaurant, HEAVEN.

Not only friends and family who were grieving Ji Hyun, Kang was more than just mourning. He remembered when he first met Ji Hyun, when Ji Hyun “rescued” him from another student bullied.

Ji Hyun arrived in Heaven and felt hungry. She immediately ordered her favorite pasta. But when she was going to pay, She just realized that she only had a few dollars left, after earlier she used for cab fare, bought shampoos and lip gloss. She was hungry and by her shabby looks, Kang finally let her go. Ji Hyun just found out that Kang was not as bad as she always thought.

After failing to find any job for her, Ji Hyun went back again to ask for a job in HEAVEN.

Kang felt pity for her because sometimes this girl reminded him of Ji Hyun: when this girl felt nervous, she played her finger just like what Ji Hyun always did. Kang didn’t give her a job, but instead gave her money. Ji Hyun felt offended and then left.

Kang immediately sent his employee to catch up Ji Hyun, and finally gave her a job for 48 days (as Ji Hyun’s request).

Back to Yi Kyung’s apartment, Ji Hyun acted like she was finding treasures when she found boxes of Yi Kyung’s pretty goods: pretty dress, girly flat shoes, and cutie hairpins, and Yay! The hair dryer. It certainly Yi Kyung’s goods before she “lost” her life. Ji Hyun decided to make the boxes as the place she hid her belongings, shampoo and lipgloss.

When Ji Hyun was separated from Yi Kyung’s body, she pressed the emergency button on her cell phone. The Scheduler who was watching a music concert was forced to come, and actually Ji Hyun was only asked him to open the door…this was The emergency? :lol:

Ji Hyun wasn’t dead yet, so her spirit hadn’t been intact, she couldn’t get out of a room. The scheduler said that she had to wait for Yi Kyung to open the door for her. So essentially Ji Hyun had to adapt with the life of her host as well.

Yi Kyung wake up from sleep and started to continue her pathetic routine. Ji Hyun followed her. Ji Hyun then wondered about Yi Kyung’s loneliness.

Ji Hyun returned to the hospital and she was sad to see Min-Ho was still there, but still he didn’t cry a single tear. I wondered, why Min Ho so cold?

The guy who had rescued Yi Kyung from the attempted suicide, came again to the store. He greeted her, but Yi Kyung didn’t recognize him. After the guy asked her condition, Yi Kyung finally realized that he was the guy who took her to the hospital. Yi Kyung asked him the hospital fees, she insisted to pay him back, in order for the guy not to bother her anymore. With a smiling face the guy said to come back tomorrow with the hospital bill.

In the morning, using Yi Kyung’s pretty things, Ji Hyun started working as a waitress in Heaven. Kang was also fascinated by the changes of yesterday-hobo-girl to today-sweet-girl who was in front oh him.

Meanwhile, Min Ho was still in the hospital to accompany Ji Hyun. In Jung looked at their (Ji Hyun, In Jung, and Seo Woo) photographs and Ji Hyun’s wedding dress. They looked so sad to lose Ji Hyun, but strangely there was a sense of guilt in their eyes.

Ji Hyun was very pleased to see Min Ho came to Heaven. Kang looked wondering Ji Hyun’s expression. Ji Hyun was sad to see Min Ho drunk. She gave him a glass of milk. However, Kang finally asked her to go home. He thought that she was annoyed by Min Ho who was mourning.

When Kang helped the drunk-Min Ho into his car, Ji Hyun was actually still there in front of Heaven. She gave Kang a hand. After Min Ho went, Kang told her to don’t get too close to Min Ho because he was engaged.

Kang went to the hospital. Ji Hyun’s father who was asleep. Kang looked at Ji Hyun who was lying weakly in bed, then placed a vase containing a rose pink flower close to Ji Hyun’s bed.

Ji Hyun saw Kang stepped out of from her room. Ji Hyun then saw her father, she was sad to see him suffer like that. Ji Hyun was also surprised to see a rose pink in her room.

Ji Hyun was not Yi Kyung who once worked in Seoul Hotel. She’s just a spoiled princess who used to be served by everyone, so it’s  understandable when she did a lot of mistakes when serving guests. Kang doubted her resume, but Ji Hyun said that an accident had occured to her, so she had a short-term memory lost, and there were many things that she forgot .. hahaha .. I think Ji Hyun watches too many dramas. Kang then sent her to Seoul Hotel, ask for proof that she really worked there long ago. Kang gave Ji Hyun her yesterday-payment as cab fare.

Arriving at Seoul Hotel, Ji Hyun was confused. Thank goodness there was one employee who still recognized who Song Yi Kyung was.

After getting a statement from Seoul Hotel, she had noticed how waiters in Seoul Hotel served guests.

But then she also saw Min Ho walked toward the elevator. She pursued him, and noticed Min Ho went up to 18th floor.

She was confused when finding out that a girl next to her was none other than In-jung! In Jung entered the elevator, and Ji Hyun followed her.

In Jung pressed the 18th floor. Ji Hyun managed to follow In Jung. The girl stopped in front of a room, and immediately came out someone, and he was Min Ho…Ji Hyun was shock to see it. Then they both entered the room.

Instantly Ji Hyun remembered the event before the accident happened. That day she actually saw Min Ho and In Jung in Min Ho’s car from a crossroad. She saw them hugged each other. Ji Hyun was shock to see her fiancé was hugging her bestfriend. With the unstable situation, Ji Hyun continued the ride and then there was the accident.

Ji Hyun approached the room and fell weakly in front of it. She never thought this could happen.

This drama reminds me of “Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde” or “Fight Club” (Edward Norton and Brad Pitt’s movie”) about two different personalities. One is a depress person and the other is an optimist. In this drama, the leading role, Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) is like having two different personalities. When Sin Ji Hyun borrowed her body she becomes a daylight-cheerful-personality and when she was herself, she becomes a midnight-gloomy-personality. Okay at least, this drama shows a different story. However, I mostly still curious about Yi Kyung’s story. What had happened in her past that made her giving up on everything… giving up on life.

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