49 Days Episode 4 Summary

Ji Hyun made it to the balcony before Min Ho entered her room. She hung on the edge and eventually leaped until her feet twisted. Inside, Min Ho was busy looking for the seal.

But Ji Hyun’s mother arrived before he managed to find the seal. Ji Hyun’s mother sent him to immediately go back to the hospital.

In Jung met an old lady in the hospital (such as mental hospital). I thought she was her mother or maybe Min Ho’s? I don’t know exactly but I’m quite sure this old lady has an unstable mental.

Ji Hyun was looking at Min Ho’s face when he was out of the house, looked upset and disappointed, and that meant he hadn’t found the seal yet. That’s a little relief.

Actually, Ji Hyun still forgot where she kept the seal. On the way back to Heaven she tried to remember, but she couldn’t. She was so sick of it that she hit her head (Yi Kyung’s head actually), and suddenly The Scheduler appeared and yelled at her: “Why you hit Yi Kyung’s head?”

The Scheduler scolded Ji Hyun for making Yi Kyung had sprained ankle and hit her head because the rule is Ji Hyun was not allowed to make Yi Kyung’s body in dangerous situation or injured.

When Ji Hyun spoke about her problems and her misery, The Scheduler stopped her because it wasn’t his business and he didn’t want to interfere with human problems. He came not to hear her story, but to warned her that she has violated the rules, endangering Yi Kyung’s body. Ji Hyun argued that it was the Scheduler who gave her “the hint” of  “pressing unseen pin number last night”, so she dared to do that (broke in to her house) :D

Actually The Scheduler quite sympathize with her problems, but still, he must followed the rules.

On the way back to Heaven, Ji Hyun looked at the Seo Woo’s bread shop. Seo Woo saw her and recognized her as Kang’s employee and told her to come inside. Ji Hyun who was hungry, of course took the invitation gladly. Ji Hyun really missed Seo Woo. She planned to go to Seo Woo’s shop everyday.

Kang (as usual) was upset at Ji Hyun because she was late again. He saw Ji Hyun was walking while eating bread. Kang said that if she ate like that she would get choked. Kang started to scold her, Ji Hyun tried to defend herself but with a mouth full of bread she was difficult to do that. She started to get choked and almost out of breath. And Kang bewildered but thank goodness ajeomma brought her water … hahahaha .. this time Ji Hyun survived.

In the toilet, Ji Hyun was crying. She was too upset by all the ugly truth that finally she knew.

Kang realized with Ji Hyun sprained feet, after Ji Hyun out of the toilet. He told Ji Hyun to go to his office and turned out giving her some ice to compress her twisted foot and apologized because he had made her choked. Kang gave back Ji Hyun’s bag that she left. He asked her why she carried a whistle in her bag (because it reminded him of Ji Hyun). Ji Hyun said it was her habit to bring a whistle to call for help for emergencies (the answer was making Kang increasingly remembered his old friend, Sin Ji Hyun).

Kang gave Ji Hyun some  money and told her to stopped working for him, Ji Hyun refused. She figured that Kang was nice to her lately because he’d planned to fired her, she was disappointed. She felt like being stabbed from the back (again). Kang said that since she came into his life he was more emotional and tired.

For Ji Hyun, being together with Kang was a relief for her. He was all she got now. Ji Hyun refused the money and with a sad face decided to go, but seeing that miserable face, finally Kang went melting again. He fired off Ji Hyun. Ji Hyun who was touched with Kang’s kindness crying, and that left Kang confused and asked her why she was crying. Ji Hyun replied “because I’ve got tears” :D

When Ji Hyun was forced to serve Min Ho, she saw Min Ho’s cell phone ringing and the name of Secretary Sin (In Jung) on te screen. Min Ho was away to answer it.

Ji Hyun followed him and heard when Min Ho said “two years we’ve been planning all this.” Ji Hyun was puzzled to hear that, because she first meeting with Min Ho was about December 2009, so???

Min Ho misunderstood Ji Hyun’s attitude lately. She’d been cold with him. He thought Ji Hyun approached him because Ji Hyun liked him. Ji Hyun was very upset at Min-Ho,  she almost shed her fury on this bastard, but suddenly her pendant turn red and was hot.

The Scheduler suddenly appeared in front of her and warned: if you reveal who you are, then the necklace will break, and 49 days will end.

After successfully reduced her emotions, finally Ji Hyun said that initially she thought Min Ho was the one who tried to seduce her and because she knew Min Ho was engaged so she’s being cold on him. Beside Min Ho, Kang also heard when Ji Hyun said that.

When Yi Kyung confused with her twisted feet and her clean-softy-hair, the guy came again. Finally, the man introduced himself. He was a psychiatrist who 5 years before handled Yi Kyung, dr. Noh Kyung Bin. Yi Kyung was finally able to recall the memory of her former therapist. And Yi Kyung didn’t like it, with cold voice she said “don’t provoke me, because I don’t want to remember!”

At the hospital, at Ji Hyun’s room, Min Ho and In Jung met. Apparently the old lady who met In Jung in asylum was Min Ho’s mother. And even more surprising was, the meeting between Ji Hyun and Min Ho had set by them, either an accident while on the mountain as well as attendance at the cinema. These two people have set it to assumed Ji Hyun that Min Ho was her soul mate.

Ji Hyun was there listening to all their evil plans. Ji Hyun was very shocked. In fact, In Jung wants to stop all their evil plans, but Min Ho forced to continue it.

After spending time crying, she returned to her room. In Jung was on the side of her body. She wept for her friend, why her friend could do that, betrayed her,is it all for money? While crying, she looked at her kangaroo doll. Then surprisingly she finally remembered that it was in the kangaroo pouch she kept her seal. But there’s nothing she could do as a spirit. She had to return to Yi Kyung’s body and made a plan to get the doll.

As already in Yi Kyung’s body, Ji Hyun met The Scheduler in the pool. Actually he was there not only to teased the girls, but also on duty. Again, Ji Hyun confronted with death and she pushed to learn about death. Not long after that, a girl (not a good one) died due to slip and The Scheduler led her into the elevator, but the girl refused. Then came the two black-robed beings who forced the girl into the elevator. Ji Hyun was scared. She didn’t want to be treated like that when her time came.

Ji Hyun asked The Scheduler what would happen if she went to her parents to warn them about the evil Min Ho. The Scheduler said that meant she’s already breaking the rules and would soon be picked up by the express elevator. The Scheduler told her to use her brain, even though he knew she wasn’t smart.

That day was supposed to be the wedding day for Ji Hyun-Min Ho. To commemorate the day, everyone gathered at the hospital, including Kang and Seo Woo. And when everyone went to the hospital, In Jung was busy looking for the seal in Ji Hyun’s bedroom.

Ji Hyun was also at the hospital, but suddenly she met Kang. Kang thought Ji Hyun came to the hospital related to her limited life (ask him for a job only for 48 days). He thought Ji Hyun was seriously ill and dying. Ji Hyun just said that she had an important business and went straight over him.

When she almost reached her room, she saw her mother, Seo Woo, and Min Ho. She had time to hide before they saw her. She sad to see her mother and father, but she was also surprised because in Min Ho ‘s hand there’s a kangaroo doll that she’s looking for, the doctor forbade any doll in Ji Hyun room, so Min Ho brought back the doll to home.

Min Ho become angry after getting news from In Jung that she failed to find the seal. From different the sides, Ji Hyun and Kang saw Min Ho’s strange attitude. Kang wondered with his hyung’s attitude lately.

While on the way to the hospital, finally In Jung remembered Ji Hyun’s habits that often kept her goods in kangaroo pouch doll. She immediately went to the hospital, but turned out the doll was gone. She also failed to contact Min Ho.

In Jung decided to return to Ji Hyun’s house, and Ji Hyun also decided to get into her house. Ji Hyun reached there first, and gathered all the courage and rang the bell, then her mother’s voice on the intercom “Who is it?”

Wohoo…has the war started yet? Let’s see what comes next ;)

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