49 Days Episode 3 Summary

Villains revealed their real intention. Disappointed indeed, but take it easy, there’s always a new hope.

Because of the report from a bell boy, Ji Hyun was nearly caught by Min Ho, luckily she went hurryly to the elevator. Ji Hyun was still unstable, her body was still shaking.

But when he went back to his room, Min Ho found an ornament (it’s from Ji Hyun’s shoe).

Apparently this secret couple didn’t only meet for their love affairs but also for their business problem. It’s about Min Ho’s projects related to Ji Hyun’s land. Min Ho needed Ji Hyun’s seal and asked In Jung to find it. In Jung refused to do it considering Ji Hyun’s current condition. She even felt very guilty. She had thought that Ji Hyun’s accident might have relation with their scandals, because the accident’s spot was near their secret meeting place that day. Min Ho convinced her to continue with their plans because they had been planing this since long ago. They couldn’t give up just because Ji Hyun got an accident. He said “ If we stop, do you think it could bring Ji Hyun back?” Wow…this guy really heartless.

At the park, after successfully calling the Scheduler, Ji Hyun vent her anger. She was angry, why the Scheduler was hiding the real cause of the accident. The Scheduler simply replied that it was part of the secret nature. Huh? (But I think this was just a safe answer from him). The point was that it’s not his business. But the Scheduler actually felt sorry for Ji Hyun. He advised her to stop crying and start thinking about her 49 days mission (actually, just remaining 46 days).

On Heaven, Kang was almost angry that it had been more than 2 hours since Ji Hyun left. But Ji Hyun had actually been in front of Heaven. She was muse. Kang walked out to approached her, but couldn’t scold her after seeing her sad face. With a miserable face and was still trembling, Ji Hyun handed over the proof document that she (Actually Song Yi Kyung) had worked at the Seoul Hotel.

However, Kang thought that her delay was enough to fire her. But then with a softly voice, Ji Hyun said, “I saw my friend in the hotel, I also saw my fiancé. They were in the same room, I saw them together…” Ouch…a poor girl . Kang yield (again), but when he took the document, Ji Hyun went unconcious.

Kang took her to his office. He’s actually a little curious with Ji Hyun’s words about her fiancé. After looking at Ji Hyun’s face (quite long), he wondered about this girl. Kang left her alone and requested the ajeomma to make soup for her.

Ji Hyun gained consciousness not long after that. he was surprised why she was in Kang’s room and thanks to Kang’s kindness, but then she recall about Min Ho-In Jung, with a hurry she left Heaven until she forget to bring her bag. Everyone in Heaven thinks Ji Hyun escaped. with sceptically Heaven’s buddies look into Ji Hyun’s bag. Kang found the whistle on her bag, and it reminded him of his first meeting with Ji Hyun, and that make her more curious about that girl.

Apparently Ji Hyun returned to Yi Kyung’s apartment, she wanted out of from Yi Kyung’s body, as the spirit she wanted to know the truth. Before leaving Yi Kyung ‘s body, she opened the door just a little to get out when she was as a spirit.

As a spirit, Ji Hyun was waiting for In Jung in front of the office. After In Jung leaving her office, she followed her onto a bus and she tried to guess the relationship between In Jung and Min Ho. She still has a good prejudice on Min Ho and In Jung.

Apparently In Jung went toward Ji Hyun’s house, but Ji Hyun couldn’t follow her into the house.

At home, In Jung came into Ji Hyun’s bed room. She wanted to find a seal that Min Ho wanted. When she started looking for the seal, Ji Hyun’s mother came in and admonished Ji Hyun. Mother said that if she missed her daughter, wasn’t she suppose to go to the hospital instead? Mother ordered In Jung to go out and stop thinking that Ji Hyun is already dead.

Having failed to find that seal, In Jung called Min Ho, saying “I couldn’t find it, oppa” Ji Hyun confused whom In Jung called oppa.

Furthermore Ji Hyun waited Min Ho in front of his apartment. Finally Min Ho came and she followed him into his room. Ji Hyun was surprised because there had been In Jung in Min Ho’s apartment.

From the couple conversations, Ji Hyun realized that they were busy looking for her seal. But as Ji Hyun recalled, she had given him her seal. But because of her carelessness, (thankgoodness) it turned out that Ji Hyun gave Min Ho her lipstick, not the seal. His business agreement related with Ji Hyun’s land was delayed because the seal was missing. Ji Hyun finally learned they had a bad intention to go against his father’s company.

Ji Hyun’s parents were the most affected people. They really love their only child. Her father forbade her mother to come to the hospital to see Ji Hyun. I was sad to see them, they really suffered from this sorrow.

After knowing the lies of the people whom she thought loved her. Ji Hyun realized the mission to find three people who really love her would be very hard. She really missed her parents, because it turned out that only her parents who really loved her.

Once separated from Yi Kyung’s body, Ji Hyun just sat weakly in Yi Kyung’s apartment.

Yi Kyung paid her debts, said no wonder why that guy was there when she attempted suicide,she just didn’t care. Yi Kyung just wanted that guy to no longer interfere her life. But actually Yi Kyung was curious why this guy seemed to know her intention to end her life.

Yi Kyung started to realize there was something strange from her hair, clean and smooth.

Ji Hyun was just sitting and watching Yi Kyung asleep. She looked so sad and weak. She didn’t use Yi Kyung’s body. In the apartment, sometimes these two girls were just sitting opposite to each other and drowning in their own minds. One day wasted in vein for Ji Hyun.

The Scheduler arrived (although Ji Hyun didn’t called him). Ji Hyun resent him, asked him to leave her alone. The Scheduler said she had to finish her mission, otherwise she would be directly shipped with the express elevator. Apparently that threat worked. Ji Hyun agreed to continue her mission.

Ji Hyun came late to Heaven. She didn’t even came to work the day before. With her pitiful face, finally Kang forgave her. Ji Hyun was very thankful to have Kang.

With her experience watching the waitress of Seoul Hotel, Ji Hyun could then work properly. Kang was surprised.

Secretly Kang put attention to Ji Hyun. It’s very funny as they stared at each other, they look awkward … hohohoho …

Ji Hyun was very pleased to see Seo Woo came to Heaven, but then she was upset because there was In Jung behind her.

When she came out to throw the rubbish, she met Min Ho. Apparently they (Min Ho-In Jung-Kang-Seo Woo) woul eat dinner together. Min Ho greeted and thanked Ji Hyun when he was drunk. Min Ho even remember her name, Song Yi Kyung. Ji Hyun ignored him. Min Ho asked if she remembered him. Ji Hyun showed her angry face to Min Ho and said “Am I supposed to remember you?” Ji Hyun was very disappointed with him, the man she thought loved her, turned betrayed and hurt her.Min Ho was confused that she’s really different with girl who gave him milk.

From their conversation (Min Ho-In Jung-Seo Woo-Kang), Ji Hyun knew about her parents, who were suffered. Knowing that, Ji Hyun was so sad until she dropped the jug in her hand.

Outside, she sobbed and said, “I’m sorry mom.” But once her cell phone rang reminded her if she’s almost too late.

Ji Hyun asked Kang for permission to go home earlier. There was Min Ho with Kang, but Ji Hyun ignored him.

As per the agreement, Ji Hyun should work until 12 am, but with the excuse of “I must be home before 12 midnight, someone is waiting for me, someone who can’t move ’til I get there” huh? (Oh yeah…because I borrowed her body) … nice reason, girl!. And finally Kang allowed her to go home, so she worked from 11 am until 11 pm.

After Ji Hyun was out of Kang’s room (in fact Ji Hyun still heard their conversation). Min Ho teased Kang asking “So that woman is your type?”

Kang wondered how Min Ho could still joke when his fiancé was in coma. Min Ho said this was what Ji Hyun wanted, being normal and continued life. Ji Hyun listened to those words and she’s more aware that his fiancé was so good in acting.

Ji Hyun hated Min Ho more. She had to stop Min Ho destroying her family business. Firstly, she had to find her seal before Min Ho or In Jung did.

Ji Hyun asked The Scheduler to give her the ability to be able to touch things. The Scheduler refused, and said the plan to save her family business wasn’t his matter. But before going, The Scheduler gave her a hint how to enter her house (with his motion as if he push the buttons), if you know the pin would be easy for you to enter the house … hahahaha …

After asking permission to Kang to off-work just for 3 hours, Ji Hyun went to her house. Her house looked desolate. She made it into the house (because of course she knew the pin).

Without no one knowing she went into her bedroom and briefly enjoying her room, she started looking for the seal, but actually she also forgot where she had put it. While she was busy looking for the seal, Min Ho was coming.

With the reason to take Ji Hyun ‘s belongings to the hospital, her mother finally allowed Min Ho entered Ji Hyun’s room. In the room, Ji Hyun bewildered, Min Ho almost reached her room, but she hadn’t found the seal.

Wow .. Bae Soo Bin became a villain?hohoho..it’s really something new. I think this drama would be more interesting.

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