7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 1 Quick Summary

The first episode of 7th Grade Civil Servant starts tonight. The story starts with somewhere in Seoul, a clumsy young woman was in a rush to her class. In the same area, a young man walked very confidently to his class. They’re going to the civil servant test preparation class. Their first encounter was not really an encounter: the woman tripped her step at the front door caused the man tripped on her and spilled his coffee to another person, but before the man could call her the woman had fled. These two people run very different lives in comparison to each other.

The woman had to work several types of jobs while studying: parking gate girl, kendo teacher, and shopkeeper. Her life is the typical life of most of us. Meanwhile the man, he’s the typical of rich boy who thinks the world is in his hand. Besides studying, he also practices his skill with gun. In his spare time, he does free car racing.


While the woman, Seo Won, was pushing herself to stay awake all night to study, Gil Ro just came home. This spoil rich young man was so calm even when his father scolded him for coming home at three in the morning. His father persuaded him to just start working with him taking care of his business, but Gil Ro refused. He has another ambition. He’s a big fan of 007 agent and seems to have a dream to be a national agent like his idol.
His father was having hard time pushing him to work in their company, his mother was pushing him to get married soon. Gil Ro might be a bit indifferent to his father’s wish, but he’s a mommy boy to his mother’s suggestion on arranged meeting with girls.

Seo Won’s family is another reverse of Gil Ro’s. She’s from a common family, with a nagging father who just currenly caught in an accident. Seo Won’s came home to see her father in gips and they ended up arguing to each other, while she worried about her poor mother who seems to be unable to take care of herself.

Gil Ro did go for the meeting with 5 girls. But he managed to piss off every single of them for acting as an indifferent character. He almost lost his credit card, but his mother gave it back to him again. He refused to go to arranged meeting again, but his mother managed to make him go again.

The girl he’s meeting this time was Kim Seo Won! “Your fashion is such a post-mo” comment Gil Ro when he first saw Seo Won. the reason why Seo Won agreed to take her friend’s suggestion to go to this kind of meeting was of course the money. Gil Ro was acting like usual. After saying hi, he just started to be indifferent and was drown into his ipad and earphone. But this woman was different. Instead of being angry, she also took the time for studying. She set up the book, pencil case and set the timer into 2 hours.


For the first time in Gil Ro’s arranged meeting with girls, he was the one who’s being ignored. Seo Won was too focus on her study and it somehow attracted Gil Ro. He asked what she’s studying. Seo Won just studying for a test. When Gil Ro asked what kind of test, the two hours time has finished and Seo Won just about to take off. Surprisingly, it was Gil Ro who offered to meet again. They agreed to meet again the next day.

The second meeting of Seo Won and Gil Ro started with study together. But then Gil Ro asked why Se Won came to this meeting at the first place. He right guessed her: “it’s because of money, right?” Gil Ro said that if she’s after him because of his father’s money and he said that women like her were those he dislike most. Seo Won wasn’t offended by Gil Ro’s words, and she just said that did it because of her friend and she wanted to give a good service to the agent and through it she got the money.


Gil Ro said he had another appointment, while Seo Won could not leave the meeting before two hours is over. So Seo Won went with Gil Ro to the car racing. Seo Won went crazy with Gil Ro’s driving. She’s punching him, grabbing his hair and kept punching while Gil Ro kept driving.


When the reached the finish line, Seo Won was holding Gil Ro’s hand so hard and shaking and crying.


Gil Ro lost the race and he got a hard slap from Seo Won. She freaked out. For her Gil Ro was such a pathetic person who because he had lot of money he just spend it for a crazy activity that could risk their lives. “A man like you is such a trash!”
What remained with Gil Ro that night was Seo Won’s book.

An NIS agent was having problem with his collegues. One of them brought up the case of 5 years ago when a “handsome” criminal killed his senior right in front of him. This NIS agent said he would do best and ask for his collegues’ cooperation to help him.


The next day, the killer arrived in Seoul, along with his girl and coming back to this coutry he hated, he’s after some people…one of them was Gil Ro.

Gil Ro and Seo Won took the exam in the same time in the same place. but they didn’t meet each other. They even went to interview session which was held in the same time in the same place. And the interview was led by the NIS agent man.
Seo Won was called for her interview and Gil Ro saw her, but he was summoned to the interview room. He was interviewd by the NIS agent who had a problem while Seo Won was interviewd by another NIS agent who brought up the topic of incident 5 years ago.
Seo Won was impressive for her smart answers due to her hardwork studying, though at the end the result seemed to be disappointing. Gil Ro was impressive for his talent and confident, but the same as Seo Won, at the end it seems to be a disappointment too.
And when they stepped out of the room, they finally realized that both of them were there.




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I didn’t think much to decide to make summary for this drama. Besides i’m JooWon(‘s face) big fan, I also love Choi Kang Hee’s acting. This first episode was okay, frankly speaking. I still can’t talk much from the story point of view. But from the character, I see Joo Won’s character here is quite so so…I mean, in comparison with his previous phenomenal work in Gaksital. Choi Kang Hee’s character is more interesting for me. Let’s just wait for more clue in the next episode ;)

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