7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 2 Summary

Seo Won and Gil Ro noticed each other and Seo Won fled back to the interview room when Gil Ro tried to approach her. Seo Won sat back in front of interviewees. And she really had to go out because the next person, Gong Do Ha, was called already, she had to use that handsome guy to cover her to the toilet.

Gil Ro was meeting Seo Won’s friend and kind of threatened her to call Seo Won for him. She refused to call nor give him Seo Won’s number. So Gil Ro tried to find him herself. This made Gil Ro become obsessive to find Seo Won. He even observed Seo Won’s book and searched for her info on the net.

And that day, both of them received the same good news: they passed the civil servant exam. They both couldn’t believe what they’re hearing on the phone.


Seo Won informed her parents when they nagged her to find a real job. “I found a job,”she spoke it out. They both were really surprised…but they both are happy and so proud of her that they couldn’t stop crying. But Seo Won’s mom call her Kyeong Ja.
But different thing happened to Gil Ro’s family. Gil Ro’s father pissed off that for him being a civil servant would bring him no money in comparison to the business their family had. Gil Ro said he pursued this career because this was what he always wanted to do, because it’s a cool job for him. The arguments turned into a real big fight between the father and the son.


Kim Weon Seok, the troubled NIS agent, has a quite messy life. He was coming home just to face a nagging wife and an indifferent daughter. But he said to his wife that in the next two years he’s planning to quit his job and go taking the family to migrate to US.

The training for civil servant applicants started. Seo Won met the guy she used as shield the other day, Do Ha. He’s such a gentleman. He saw Seo Won was having problem with her suitcase and just lift it and carried it with him to the bus. Everyone looks so stern and serious, except for Gil Ro. He’s acting like usual, like the full of confident Seoul rich guy. He sat next to Do Ha and then noticed Seo Won’s cheesy brooch. He tried to make Seo Won showed her face, so they make noises. This incident resulted they’re kicked out of the bus.

Gil Ro was giving Seo Won a hard time and accused her from being a fraud because she gave a false family information in the matchmaking agency. Seo Won asked for apology, but Gil Ro didn’t stop there. Seo Won lost her patient and she finally showed Gil Ro that he’s picking the wrong girl to fight with. The kendo teacher just need a piece of magazine to hit down Gil Ro.




Gil Ro knew that Seo Won would call the food delivery man again just like the other day, so he too call the delivery woman. They both continued their fight during the ride. Gil Ro threw Seo Won a hot soup and Seo Won threw him the black noodle right on his face. This scene was hilarious.






Everyone already got their first briefing by their NIS trainer, Kim Weon Seok, and was about to sign their contract when Gil Ro and Seo Won finally showed up and look so mess. Kim Weon Seok picked them to lead the other trainees to take the oath together.

So we just found out that Seo Won’s real name was actually Kim Kyeong Ja, but she kept using her Seo Won name. Meanwhile Gil Ro’s real name was actualy Pil Hoon, but he used the name Gil Ro when he saw the banner at the briefing room.

And Seo Won’s parents held a feast in the neighborhood to celebrate her successful being accepted as a civil servant.

On their way to their dorm, Gil Ro was complaining to Seo Won about his ruined style because of her when Do Ha approached Seo Won to greet her properly and introduced himself. Gil Ro complained, but Do Ha with his friendly face introduced himself too to Gil Ro. But as soon as Gil Ro shook his hand, he knew that Do Ha’s hand shake was too crushing to bare. Gil Ro was perfectly humiliated on his first day.

When everyone gathered again in the common room, Seo Won who sat alone with her book was approached by Do Ha who was very friendly. He asked if she’s okay being in the same batch with her ex-boyfriend. “Who?” asked Seo Won innocently. “That guy, Gil Ro,” said Do Ha. “Aren’t you two ex-lovers?” “No,i’m not,” said Seo Won, “Never!!” “So who’s your boy friend?” asked Do Ha again. “I don’t have any.” “Me too, I don’t have any,”  said Do Ha. But Do Ha didn’t do it in a flirting way…or was it because his face showed no expression?

Gil Ro was still complaining about his dirty very-expensive-coat to Seo Won during their running excercise. The two ended up like a race and resulted got a detention by the trainers. And Seo Won got a hard time with other girls, especially the sassy bossy Shin Seon Mi. So Seo Won had to make a written peace agreement with Gil Ro. They need to be in peace in the next one year since they’re in the same batch and will be in the same training year.


Do Ha was a man with a bit gloomy past. He was a soldier placed in a conlict area. The basecamp where they placed the victims was bombed and there’s a little girl who had a gun and killed many soldiers and already shot Do Han. When the girl was running out of bullet, Do Han was ordered to kill the girl, but he hesitated and the girl was already taken away by those who ordered her, the terrorists.


Meanwhile the NIS was getting nuts that their most wanted man, Choi Woo Hyeok, was actually already back to Korea.

Gil Ro and Seo Won had to lead their batch to take the oath again. This Seo Won made her excuse of being sick and got a fever when the strict lady trainer examined her. So it ended up Do Ha who’s Gil Ro’s new partner.


Choi Woo Hyeok’s only target for his comeback this time is to kill everyone he had a grudge to. And he was having a meeting with a business man, who was Mr.Han, Gil Ro’s father.


The training session this time was the introduction of lie detector machine.Gil Ro got all “lies” in his answer, while Do Ha got “true” answer for his great love to the country.


When it’s time for Seo Won, Gil Ro asked permission to ask question. He brought up the question of Seo Won’s parents. He asked if her father was really a diplomat (or an important person work for government, sort of?). Seo Won at first refused to say anything, but the trainer told her to just answer. Finally she said what if her father was really government person and if that thing is important, than be it. She had nothing to lie to him anyway. And the machine resulted “true,” which surprised everyone in the room.


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