7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 7 Summary

7th Grade Civil Servant this episode started with the chaotic with the coming of Seo Won’s parents. Do Ha tried to keep his manner in front of Seo Won’s family, but Phil Hoon didn’t care about it. He said he was too angry. When Seo Won’s father was still dealing with Phil Hoon, Do Ha tried to sneak out, but Phil Hoon didn’t let him.


Seo won’s father almost revealed Seo Won’s identity as an NIS agent, but of course, Seo Won prevented him with the most ear–hurting screaming. Seo Won’s parents finally agreed to talk about everything in a more civilized manner. But Phil Hoon really refused to cooperate, even to tell Seo won’s father his name when he was asked, unlike Do Ha.
And then Do Ha tried to explain the real situation, “It’s a misunderstanding. We are Seo Won’s college friends.”
Seo won’s mom innocently asked, “Who is Seo Won? How could you not knowing your own friend’s name. Her name is Kyeong…”
Seo Won screamed again, “MOOOMMMM!” Then she tried her best to hush both men away from her house. Do Ha did leave, but Phil Hoon said he wouldn’t go anywhere before he got an explanation. Seo Won had to kick him ‘down there’ to make him leave. “Wait for me downstair I’ll come to you soon,” she said.

While Seo Won was explaining to her parents that she’s in an undercover mission, Do Ha and Phil Hoon’s situation was intense in the garden downstairs. Do Ha told Phil Hoon that he came to Seo Won’s place to hang out as former comrades, and “I like Seo Won.”
They were then involved in one on one fight with Do Ha’s having a gun. Do Ha won the fight. “After Seo Won left we still keep in touch. But just earlier before, she said she liked you. I couldn’t believe she’s falling for a jerk guy like you.”


Trainer Kim and Jang were discussing about what really happened to Han Joo Man and realized the bad guys were making a move. So Trainer Kim called Phil Hoon to check if he stayed by his father, but Phil Hoon told him that he was in front of Seo won’s place. Both trainers were happy that Seo won could do her job well luring Phil Hoon.
“But Trainer Kim, what if Seo Won falls for him for real?” asked Trainer Jang.
“Then she couldn’t call herself an agent,” said Trainer Kim.
“And what if Gil Ro found out that he’s not a secret agent, his father was actually a criminal and we’re just using him…won’t he sue us?”
“That’s not gonna happen.”


Mi Rae and the guy who attacked Han Ju Man were having a conversation about their plans. They started to notice Seo Won as Phil Hoon’s special girl. For them, if Phil Hoon was their insurance, Seo Won was too.


Seo Won got a video message from Do Ha. He told her what he had told Phil Hoon and said, “Just finish this mission soon. I can’t stand seeing you with him.” And then Seo Won really went out and had a proper conversation with Phil Hoon in a coffee shop near by.
Han Phil Hoon didn’t hesitate to shot her his big question, “Why did you come in to my office room?”
“What do you mean?” asked Seo Won innocently.
“While i was away. Why did you come in to my room?”
Seo Won said she didn’t go in to his room, and she stick to her answer even when Phil Hoon asked her twice.
“If you hold on your lie, it’s gonna be out last day,” Phil Hoon said. “Tomorrow I’ll show you what kind of person you are.”

The next day in the morning, Mi Rae was having Phil Hoon for a conversation in his room. She had Seo Won to bring them a couple cups of coffee as a favor to ask, which Seo Won couldn’t refuse to do. Mi Rae was trying to get information about Han Joo Man’s condition and what the police would do to handle that robbery case. Phil Hoon just gave her a common information as he would tell other colleagues. When Seo Won came to give them the coffees, Mi Rae made her stay for a little talk. she told Seo Won that Phil Hoon’s department had stolen her from her department and offered Seo Won a help if she had any problem.
After the angry face Phil Hoon dismissed Seo Won, he told Mi Rae not to ask any employee to bring her coffees, not to speak in honorific-dropped language and not to speak harsh. “Are you two lovers?” asked Mi Rae. Phil Hoon didn’t say anything.

Still in his angry face, Phil Hoon got Seo Won to talk about their matters in a private place. He showed her the prove and he even found out the file she was checking was Mi Rae’s file. He kind of figured out that Seo Won worked for his company as an espionage. He said he spent the night thinking about many things: who sent her, what would she get with this mission, and what he should do to her after this.
And then Phil Hoon delete the cctv file as it was the last copy of the file.



He said, “I’m gonna ask for the last time. Do you even like me for real?”
“If i tell you, will you believe me?”
“No, I won’t,” said Phil Hoon coldly. “Why don’t you just go home and never come to office anymore. Change your name, your phone and your address so you wouldn’t answer when I call. And I won’t show up in your house asking you to go out have a drink with me. Just no matter where it is, so I can’t find you.”
And then he just left. Seo Won packed her things and really left the company. Phil Hoon paid no interest in her leaving, but of course he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Seo Won came to talk to Trainer Kim to free her from the mission to deceive Phil Hoon. She couldn’t do it anymore thinking that Phil Hoon would surely bare the scar for the rest of his life. Then Trainer Kim shared her the story from an old mission where he and his fellow NIS were involved. This mission was to handle two business men in weapon industry. One had a daughter and another one had two sons. Those kids begged the agents to save their parents lives, but they had to ignore those kids for the greater good. What Kim Won Seok didn’t know was those kids had grown up to be the terrorists they’re dealing with now beause he believed that they’re all dead.


Seo Won decided to come down the office once again the next day. She found the official announcement of her dismissal already. She came to Phil Hoon to tell him one truth as she also had told Trainer Kim. “I think I really like you,” she said to Phil Hoon. “I don’t buy it,” Phil Hoon’s reception was cold. “Don’t believe it,” said Seo Won, “but if you’re hurt down the road in the future, I promise i’d always stay by your side.” Phil Hood got up from his seat and approached Seo Won. He looked straight into Seo Won’s eyes when he said, “I thought I couldn’t live without you, but I turned out to be fine. I feel lighter. And I think I tend to dislike you now.”


Woo hyeok’s little brother who disguised as a doctor showed his face in front of Mr.Han. He send his message right away and Mr.Han recognised his face, “Your son is very handsome. Send my regards to him,” he told Mr.Han. And that old man became panic after that guy left the room. Phil Hoon was on his way to his father room when he walked pass that guy. Phil Hoon recognised him right away and ran after that guy to the parking area. They were caught in a serious one on one fight.

Meanwhile Seo Won was in NIS basecamp having Do Ha console her with her broken heart situation. Of course Do Ha was glad with the news that Gil Ro hated her now.

Phil Hoon had a tough opponent for sure, but that guy’s phone slipped out and he didn’t know it. He threatened Phil Hoon to stay away or he, his parents and also his girlfriend would die. “I don’t have any girlfriend,” said Phil Hoon. That guy just gave a smirk. And then a mysterious black car came hitting Phil Hoon and that guy fled.
Phil Hoon was badly injured, but he got that guy’s mobile and saw his picture with Seo Won. So Phil Hoon hurriedly on his feet again despite his severe injuries. He checked on his parents through phone and found they’re okay. But when he tried to call Seo Won, she didn’t pick up and it worried him.
Seo Won was still having conversation with Do Ha. She told him that she felt a bit relieve after telling Gil Ro at least one single truth, but she didn’t tell him what that was. And Do Ha reminded her that as an agent they had to make sacrifices for grater good.

Phil Hoon rushed to Seo Won’s home and still failed to contact her. He showed up in Seo Won’s place and scared Seo Won’s mother who told him that Seo Won’s not at home yet. “Just please lock the door tightly, “he told Seo Won’s mom before leaving.
Meanwhile Seo Won was still with Do Ha who then lecturing her about separating private emotion in their mission. “If you fail this mission, you’ll be back to your old team. I want us to be in the same team, because I like you. No matter what happened I will always protect you,” Do Ha confessed. But Seo Won said for her Do Ha was her best friend and the only one she could really trust and all she wanted was their relationship to be not more than that.
Do Ha didn’t give up, but Seo Won just decided to leave.

Phil Hoon went to search for seo Won near the basecamp in his terrible condition. He finally found her. They both got emotional. Phil Hoon was upset for the fact that he had to worry to death failing to find Seo Won anywhere and just found her there. And Seo Won was panic seeing Phil Hoon with blood everywhere. She was trying to get him to the hospital, but Phil Hoon needed time to make sure she’s really okay. He brought her into his arm and hugged her tight. And the scene was caught in the NIS basecamp’s camera, Do Ha and Sun Mi saw it.
“Let’s just go to the hospital,” begged Seo Won desperately.
“I’m sorry for what i did was wrong. Don’t change your number nor move out.”
And Seo Won reached out her hands to hold Phil Hoon’s tightly too.


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