7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 10 Summary

This episode of 7th Grade Civil Servant started from the awkward moment between Seo Won and Gil Ro/Phil Hoon. And as we knew, they finall made out. Then it got wild. From the cupboard, they moved to the bed. But as they were drawn into their lusty moment, an unexpected guest come with a smirk on his face: Min Ho, Seo Won’s little brother.


He’s the bossy little brother with powerful threat of “I will tell mom” whenever Seo Won try to take a big-sister-action of his thoughtless words. Min Ho said, “It’s actually a praiseworthy action to do to overcome our country’s lowbirth rate, but it’s not a one night stand, isn’t it??” :D Seo Won was ready with her rolled newspaper,but Min Ho got his powerful threat. And this little brother came to Seo Won on his day off from army with a first agenda of drinking out with his pals. So he asked for some money from Seo Won. At first she refused, just like any other big sister (yeahh), and started to preach of him better start saving his own money and study well in preparation of his discharge from the army. But as Min Ho said, “Okay then I’ll ask mom for the money,” Seo Won cut him right away, “(okay) I’ll give you!!” But she got only 30K won, which is of course not enough for any hangout dinner plus alcohol in Seoul standard. So Seo Won’s rich and kind bf step forward and gave Min Ho additional few hundreds won plus his card! He said that he understood the feelings of a soldier who took their days-off. “Like it’s their last day and no tomorrow.” So Min Ho was so happy that he started to call Gil Ro brother in-law and told them that he wouldn’t be back until tomorrow. Seo Won still tried to hush Gil Ro away, but Gil Ro said he’d leave after a round of game. So they played game, but Gil Ro soon was up in the mood again. And they continued their make out session,but suddenly a text came in telling Gil Ro that his card had been use for as much 380K won. Seo Won couldn’t handle but to pick up her little bro. And when she’s back, she got a note from Gil Ro that he had prepared a hangover soup.

Han Phil Hoon decided to go back home. But as he showed up his father’s first words were, “You still haven’t left yet?” Phil Hoon just sat there joining his father drinking alcohol. As his father nagged him about to leave the country as soon as tomorrow,Phil Hoon said he’s not leaving. He just wanted to stay at his father’s side and protect him from any harm. But his father said that Phil Hoon would not need to go to work from tomorrow because his desk was cleared under his (Mr.Han) order. However, Mr.Han gave a positive opinion about SEo Won. But Phil Hoon was already upset.


In the village Seo Won’s parents tried to explain about the green conservation to other villagers.

Seo Won overheard the news from the duet bad-hair employees about Han Phil Hoon being in the waitinglist. she was seeing the announcement at the information board when she met Mi RAe. “Oh, you don’t know about this?” asked Mi Rae. Seo Won said no. “That’s a surprise since you two are lovers,” said Mi Rae. Seo Won said no,but Mi Rae said it’s a very obvious lie. Seo Won was holding a tray of coffees when she bid Mi Rae goodbye,but someone bumped into her so the coffees spilled into Mi Rae’s feet. Seo Won gave Mi Rae her spare stocking. As Seo Won thought Mi Rae would be a good target to dig information about the mysterious guy, and Mi Rae also thought Seo Won would be useful in future, they agreed to build a more comfortable mentor-trainee relationship.


When she got back to her department, Phil Hoon was actually in his room and she came to visit him. Phil Hoon was upset,but he had no worry about losing the job since it’s not his passion anyway and of course he’s still rich even if he’s jobless. But Seo Won tried to make him had a measure of what to do in the future. But Phil Hoon changed the topic of why Seo Won gave him the note and a picture of the baby Phil Hoon. Seo Won said she wanted him to have a better relationship with his father. Then our newly-jobless Phil Hoon decided to get his father a present and asked SEo Won to come along with him.

Let’s leave Seo Won-Phil Hoon for a while. Gong Do Ha came to NIS higher to discuss about his transfer to another team, and surprisingly already prepared a letter of resignation when his request was not granted. The NIS higher finally granted his request..


The preparation of Mi Rae and that J guy seemed to be in their finals. Everyone was ready, in case Mr.Han would change his mind in the end they had to have Han Phil Hoon for an ‘insurance’.

Kim Won Seok came to his higher to complain about Do Ha’s transfer.But the decision was final, Do Ha was out of his team. So they had to move on without their best comrade to prepare to face the terrorist final movement, though Sun Mi had to deal with her heart.
Meanwhile Do Ha was already assigned in another team and he had been doing wel las always. But it seemed that that NIS higher had a different purpose. And I don’t have a good feeling about it.


Phil Hoon walked Seo Won to her place. He’s about to hug Seo Won when Min Ho suddenly showed up with an exaggerate cheer: “Brother in-laaaaaawwwww!” And both guys hugged like old pals.


Seo Won was at the NIS basecamp preparing for her mission the next day coming to Phil Hoon’s house. She needed to open Mr.Han’s safe box. She heard about Do Ha’s transfer to another team,but she had no time to worry about that, because her mission this time is worse than life or death. She would hurt Phil Hoon if she got caught and of course she’d get hurt too.

As they had plan, Seo Won visited Phil Hoon that weekend when Mr. and Mrs. Han were out for their regular shopping together. Phil Hoon was excited discussing about where they’re going to go for their 5 days 4 nights trip. But Seo Won said she would go traveling with him next time, when Phil Hoon once said, “We can still go traveling together.” Phil Hoon got confused of Seo Won’s words,but Seo Won changed the topic by saying that she’s going to cook him a tofu residu stew. Phil Hoon refused her straight away,saying that he never liked that thing. But then suddenly Phil Hoon’s phone got a text and he immediately got up his seat and said that he’d be going out for 20minutes. After Phil Hoon left, SEo Won started her mission. She set the time and went into Mr.Han’s office to check on the safe box. Apparently, Phil Hoon had ordered a couple-wallets especially made for him and Seo Won, a wallet than can be used as a picture frame as well. Meanwhile Seo Won tried to work fast cracking the safe box. Phil Hoon finished his activity faster,and stopped by a small grocey shop to buy something. Seo Won managed to open the safe box and took picture of every documents. She also saw the watch Phil Hoon had bought for his father. And when she’s cleaning up, trying to put all documents and the safe box back to their place…before Seo Won’s alarm was ringing…Phil Hoon was standing there. He saw what Seo Won was doing and dropped what he had in his hands: the wallets actually already had their pictures together. And Seo Won could only freeze in her position, holding her watch that alarm just started ringing.
“Kim Seo Won,your timing is perfect,”said Phil Hoon.


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