7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 18 Quick Summary

The assassination mission failed. J came to a false ward, even Mr.Oh had no idea about it when Mi Rae complained him.

Kim Won Seok did wake up and even spoke to Seo Won and Phil Hoon. But he just said few words before he went back to sleep. Mi Rae picking up J and they got the idea of following Phil Hoon and Seo Won.


Do Ha was summoned by Mr.Oh as usual. He was asked about Phil Hoon’s activity lately and Do Ha said nothing unusual. Then he asked Do Ha to search for Kim Won Seok’s real ward at the hospital.

In Seo Won’s place that night. Phil Hoon incidently saw Seo Won’s notes about green project. I think it’s related to her father’s project in the village. And that night when Phil Hoon was already asleep, Seo Won was cleaning up his table and saw that he was working on a sustainability research, related to what Seo Won had been doing.

The secret meeting of Phil Hoon and the gang started. They asked the couple about Trainer Kim’s whereabout. Seo Won and Phil Hoon kept their secret very carefully even from their own friends. They said they just got the update from Trainer Jang. Phil Hoon still couldn’t avoid arguing with Do Ha. Meanwhile Sun Mi managed to get the confidential information related to JJ terorist movement.

Phil Hoon went out for a drink with his father. Phil Hoon asked if he really had no idea about Kim Mi Rae, even where she lived and with whom she lived. His father said he knew nothing about that woman. The father and son are trying to have a better relationship.


Meanwhile Seo Won was meeting Phil Hoon’s mother. She had to lie many times to Mrs. Han. From the question if Phil Hoon was staying at her place, to the question if she really had no idea about Phil Hoon being an NIS agent. Since Mrs.Han seemed to like Seo Won so much, the conversation led to a parents-meeting possibility. Seo Won tried to avoid the idea.

On their way back, Phil Hoon noticed that they had been being followed by someone. As Seo Won tried to take pictures of the driver, J turned his car. But Seo Won got the police number and sent it to their friends in the office. When they gathered in their new basecamp, Sun Mi finally came to share information with the rest of her friends. And they was surprised by the sudden coming of Trainer Jang to their secret basecamp. Trainer Jang seemed very upset at first. But actually she was very upset because all her juniors were keeping it a secret from her. So she came down there to join the pack. Funny side of the story was that Director Ma seemed to fall for Trainer Jang at first sight. So he paid a visit to Phil Hoon’s department. Phil Hoon introduced Trainer Jang as an intern. :D

Sun Mi complained Do Ha about her painting. Do Ha claimed the painting as his, because it’s her present for him. But Sun Mi at the end decided to take the painting. Do Ha was trying to settle his problem with her in a more civilized way, so they talked. Sun Mi said that she didn’t trust him anymore. When Do Ha picked up the call from Mr.Oh in front of her, Sun Mi accused him as putting a show. No matter what he’s trying show, she didn’t trust him anymore. And she said she’s not his one-sided love anymore. Do Ha had his own way to convince Sun Mi that he’s no longer a traitor even though he still worked for Mr.Oh. He just left and brought along the painting with him but he told Sun Mi that next time she shouldn’t paint him anymore.


Mi Rae was having dinner with Woo Jin. They were talking about their plan, as well as the past. Mi Rae asked if Woo Jin remembered the face of his parents and if he knew on which side their parents had stood: the bad guys or good guys. For Woo Jin it didn’t matter. What matter was they were dead and the NIS people were responsible for that.

In the hospital, Mrs.Kim and her daughter didn’t know that Mr.Kim had gained his consciousness. So he could hear their conversation. The daughter asked what her mom liked from her dad. Mrs.Kim said that her husband was handsome and cool.

Seo Won came back home from grocery shopping and found Phil Hoon was drying his laundry. Of course among the laundry were his panties. As loud as Seo Won told him not to do it, Phil Hoon got more excited to show Seo Won his panties.

Then while Seo Won was in the toilet, Phil Hoon managed to unlock Seo Won’s phone and saw the message sent by her parents. He found out Seo Won’s real name was Kim Kyeong Ja, which is considered as very village name. He couldn’t stop laughing and  was making fun of Seo Won’s name. The embarrassed Seo Won hit him several times and Phil Hoon had a pan as his shield. In the middle of their fight, Seo Won’s parents showed up.


They were surprised by Phil Hoon being in there, but more surprised seeing his laundry. Seo Won tried to make up a story, but still parents could sense when their kids do something wrong. So Mrs.Kim grabbed Phil Hoon’s hair and the father spanked him. It was chaotic like the old day. But the chaos didn’t stop there. Phil Hoon’s mother suddenly showed up without notice as well.


The encounter was very unusual, but the parents thought they should have a proper dinner as a semi-formal introduction of both side parents. Only the mothers and children were having dinner. As the conversation getting further, both mothers finally found out that the kids had been lying about many things. But of course the disadvantage was more on Mrs.Han because the couple lied to her the most: from Seo Won’s real name to Seo Won’s family background. Mrs.Han seemed to try to have a big heart accepting the ugly truth, but only until when she found out that Seo Won was not under the Snake Zodiac, but under the Ox. Mrs.Han started to show a disagreement on Seo Won.

In the middle of the dinner, Seo Won got a call from Ms.Jang that they finally managed to track Choi Woo Jin’s whereabout. Seo Won was planning to go alone,but Phil Hoon didn’t want to left behind among the start-to-upset mothers. So he managed to flee himself. As Phil Hoon and Seo Won arrived in the hotel, Do Ha who gained trust from Trainer Jang was also on his way to be their back up. The couple got Woo Jin’s room number and could finally get in. But as they walked further inside the luxurious hotel room, they finally arrived in a room just to find something that seemed to be a very great surprise.

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