7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 14 Summary

We’re back to the situation where Phil Hoon was running to the peak of the mountain. And then J who refrained meeting the man, reported to Mi Rae that he saw Kim Jeong Won there but not see Phil Hoon. They were still not sure if Jeong Won was NIS or not,but J was pulled off, as well as Mr.Han’s friend, Mr.Park.

Meanwhile Mr.Han asked hiw wife to keep calling their son. Of course Phil Hoon couldn’t answer it not only because he was busy,but he also didn’t have the phone with him.

Seo Won was back to the resort building safe and sound as Mr. Park was also back to that place. Do Ha welcomed her as if they were real couple. They had no idea that Phil Hoon was looking for Seo Won on the peak of the mountain.

Mr.Oh felt discontent about the team, so he held a briefing. Everything got worsen by the fact that no one knew where Phil Hoon was. So Mr.Oh decided to take over the team. And right at that time Phil Hoon came, yelling at Seo Won without caring about the briefing situation. Mr.Oh asked him about where he went,but Phil Hoon refused to tell Mr.Oh anything. He said he was just going to tell their team leader, Trainer Kim, but Mr.Oh said the team leader from then on was him. Phil Hoon still refused to talk, but he said he would give explanation after the briefing in private with the team leaders. But Mr.Oh didn’t buy it, so he dismissed Phil Hoon from the mission and ordered him to just go back to Seoul.



Sun Mi who was upset seeing Seo Won did nothing for Phil Hoon, tried to defend him. But the result was he was also got the same dismissal from the mission. She asked Seo Won and Do Ha to defend Phil Hoon as well, but they refused because they thought it’s purely Phil Hoon disobedience. On their way out, Phil Hoon thought Sun Mi sometimes could be so cute. :D

Phil Hoon and Sun Mi went separate ways. Before Sun Mi really left, Trainer Jang met her and told her the way Phil Hoon being secretive was weird and also they sensed there’s a spy within their team.Trainer Jang then ordered her to investigate this case.
Phil Hoon was about to go, but he remembered J, so he went out of the car again.

Do Ha ordered an in room service for their dinner. They argued about Seo Won’s stubborn head to keep watching the monitor while eating, which was won by Seo Won. And then they argued about who should go to sleep first, until Do Ha finally asked, “Shall we sleep together?” Seo Won became panic,but Do Ha told her that what he meant was they sleep in each of their rooms. Do Ha asked if what troubled her mind was Han Gil Ro. Seo Won said, “Gil Ro and I have nothing to do with each other anymore.” But just  a few moment after that, she said that she liked Gil Ro, even though they already broke up. And right in that moment, they got an uninvited guest: Han Gil Ro! He burst into the room and hijack their dinner and decided not to go back to Seoul that night but spend a night in the “couple”s room. Seo Won was upset which is more of a worry,while Do Ha was upset upset. Phil Hoon got the couch to sleep at. Seo Won decided to go to sleep first and took the second shift. And when it’s Seo Won’s shift, she covered the sleeping Phil Hoon with her jacket and his. And as you might have guessed, Phil Hoon was (still?) awake. Then in the morning, Phil Hoon left the room while Seo Won was in the toilet.


Seo Won saw Mr.Park was moving out of his room and immediately informed Do Ha. So she went back to her room to change her clothes. During that time, Do Ha made a call to Mr.Oh giving him a report, which he couldn’t do last night because Phil Hoon was there. Sun Mi, who was ordered to bug their own communication line, finally overheard the conversation and found out that Do Ha was the spy within their team.

Everyone was out on the ski field. And Phil Hoon actually was not going anywhere, he’s just being alone with his mission. This time, Kim Mi Rae was also out. Mr.Park was ready with something in his pouch. They’re meeting in the crowd and Mr.Park was about to hand over the pouch to Mi Rae,but a ski rider snatched it. He’s of course J. So Do Ha caught Mr.Park, Seo Won ran after J, Phil Hoon as well, and Mi Rae rode the ski somewhere behind them, trying to save herself.

Seo Won managed to catch J,but he’s too strong for her. Thankfully Phil Hoon was there. They caught in a fight under a tree and Phil Hoon knocked J down. Seo Won was taking her breath lying down on the grass, Phil Hoon joined lying beside her. He said that even though he’s always upset whenever he saw her face and he couldn’t live seeing her, “without you i want to die.” Seo Won said that they’re over. Phil Hoon said that’s true, but they could start a fresh. They were not finish yet but came their NIS team mates to help. Instead of thanking Phil Hoon, they just told him to go back to Seoul soon as he was ordered. Phil Hoon told Seo Won that he would be staying on that spot to wait for her.


J was brought to the resort but as soon as they arrived there, other NIS people got him. This confused everyone, and even Do Ha looked surprise. Then that night, Mr.Oh looked very happy treating the team dinner, while Trainer Kim looked so down the whole event. Trainer Jang tried to sooth him, but things seemed to be complicated in Trainer Kim’s mind. His life seemed a bunch of mess that even his daughter called him shortly just to say, “Hey Dad, thanks for the phone!” This even amused Trainer Jang.

Everyone seemed to one by one left the dining table and left Do Ha and Mr.Oh alone. Meanwhile in the lobby, Seo Won came across Sun Mi who told her that she should stand for Phil Hoon last night because it was so obvious thatthe reason why Gil Ro left without no reason was because he was looking for her who was alone on that mountain. Seo Won seemed to be surprised that what Sun Mi told her sounded very make sense. She left and then Sun Mi went in to the dining room. Mr.Oh asked why she’s still there. Sun Mi just coldly said that she still had something to do: she approached Do Ha and punched him on the face very hard.


Seo Won went back to the place where Phil Hoon told her earlier that he would wait for her. And yes he was still there, spending his time making snowman. And here we come the dramatic(al) “reunion” of Seo Won and Phil Hoon: they ran towards each other, hugged and fell on the snow. Phil Hoon said he regretted of what he had told her and promised to never say “break up” no matter how bad they quarrel in the future. Then he looked right into Seo Won’s eyes and said, “I love you.” Seo Won was startled but then she kissed Phil Hoon, a weird kiss I think. Anyway, the end of this episode was they were making out on the snow. :)


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    thank you :D i really appreciate your efforts for writing quick summaries of the episodes :D

  2. Umm, i have a question. Did anybody know where this episode filming? The snowboaeding place? Please answer.

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