7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 13 Quick Summary

Seo Won left early in the morning, meanwhile Phil Hoon was actually not yet leaving te camping area. He’s still in his car and saw Seo Won was leaving with her car. Phil Hoon went out of his car and tried to run after Seo Won’s car. Seo Won saw from rear mirror, but just continued her drive. They both’re still dealing with their break up, trying to forget each other by getting rid of their memorable stuffs.


Mi Rae was meeting Mr.Han discussing about their deals and Mr.Han asked Mi Rae to leave Phil Hoon alone. And then Mr.Han got a phone call from Phil Hoon, telling him that he’s going for traveling here and there. Mr.Han was a bit relieved that he finally got what he wanted.

The next day Phil Hoon visited NIS higher, Mr.Oh. Then he agreed to underwent a test with lie detector machine as Mr.Oh told him that every NIS officer had to undergo this kind of test. Mr.Oh asked Phil Hoon several questions, one of them was whether or not he knew that Trainer Jang was using him to dig information about his father because the agent who died was Kim’s best friend. Phil Hoon said he was not an NIS officer, so he had no idea about it. And the result that came out was “true”. Then Mr.Oh also asked him the document and if he saw anything strange about it. Phil Hoon said there’s nothing strange about it. And the result that came out was “true” again.


Phil Hoon came to Trainer Kim’s team basecamp. He was welcomed by Seo Won, who looked very calm and very professional. Trainer Jang put them to work together as Seo Won needed to explain to Phil Hoon all information they had about this case.Phil Hoon asked to get another partner, but Seo Won said she had no problem with it so why should he felt uncomfy. Seo Won explained to him everything related to JJ, Mi Rae, his father and his father’s friend. Phil Hoon was a little upset to the fact that Seo Won had had all this information all this time while he was left in the dark trying to dig up what’s really happening in the company all by himself.


Sun Mi was having lunch with Do Ha. She’s still nagging about Do Ha’s feelings towards Seo Won, but Do Ha said that he doesn’t have anymore special feelings for Seo Won.”She’s just a good comrade for me,” said Do Ha. Then Sun Mi asked what she was for him. He said the same, as a good comrade too. Then Do Ha got up of his chair and suddenly held Sun Mi tightly. “See, you’re not nervous aren’t you?” he asked. Sun Mi, who was obviously nervous said, “no, i’m not.”


Mi Rae and J went to the ski resort and Seo Won got a track on them and report it to the team. They’re holding a meeting right away, but before that, everyone was making Phil Hoon bring them coffees and teas.

Phil Hoon asked Trainer Kim “Who is Choi Hong Soo?” Trainer kim asked him where he heard of that name. As Phil Hoon didn’t want to answer Trainer Kim’s question, Trainer Kim also did the same.

Seo Won, Trainer Jang, Phil Hoon and another senior went to the ski resort in the same car, while other were on different cars. The guys on the front seat had to listen to Seo Won and Trainer Jang were talking about women-stuff. When they arrived at the resort, Seo Won was enjoying her room when Phil Hoon get in and claimed the room to be his. They fight over the room and Seo Won was almost kicked out but thankfully Trainer jang and the rest of the team came in saying that the room was their basecamp. Trainer Jang was delivering tasks to everyone. Seo Won got partner up with Do Ha as disguised couple. Sun Mi got another post as an employer in the resort, and Phil Hoon’s job was just to stay inside their basecamp and observe things from there through the cameras they set there. Do Ha and Seo Won got their private room. And Phil Hoon couldn’t resist to find out about Do Ha and Seo Won, so he kept calling Seo Won and even burst into their room when he got suspicious information. (Seo Won told him that Do Ha was on shower and he wondered why that guy was in the shower).When Do Ha opened the door he’s in bathrobe after shower. Phil Hoon pretended to look for something, but then complained right away to Do Ha,”Is this what you’re wearing?” And then Phil Hoon asked about Seo Won’s whereabout. He started to feel less worried after seeing Seo Won went out of her room still in the same costume she was wearing before.


For Mi Rae and J, the next day would their D-day. J knew that he had to leave the country after it’s over and asked if Mi Rae would look for him someday. Mi Rae only said that after tomorrow would be their happy days because Woo Hyeok’s wish would come true.

Phil Hoon got crazy because of his unreasonable jealousy of Do Ha and Seo Won being in the same room. He even wondered what really happened to his mind.

When Trainer Kim and the Mr.Oh arrived at the ski resort, Mr.Han’s friend also arrived there and they saw him. Meanwhile J who was observing from a distance also saw the two NIS men came and of course he recognized them from his bitter past. He reported it right away to Mi Rae, so Mi Rae gave instruction to Mr.Han’s friend to instead get out the building.
NIS team were on their posts: Sun Mi as receptionist, Trainer Jang was cleaning lady, Seo Won and Do Ha finally out of their room and started being couple. Their task was to follow that man. So meanwhile Mi Rae was focusing her binocular on that man to give him instruction of where to go, Phil Hoon couldn;t handle his emotion seeing Seo Won and Do Ha were so close to each other playing snow.
As the man kept moving, Do Ha and Seo Won tried not to lose him. But suddenly there’s a disturbance in the frequency and the team lost their communication, Do Ha even was bleeding in his ear. As the communication was off, Seo Won was alone following that man with J behind her without she noticed it.

Mr.Han was at home, opening his safe box. He finally realised that his very important document had been lost. He started to get panic and asked his wife to call their son soon.

Phil Hoon managed to get his eyes on his father’s friend and Seo Won. They were riding the cable car. But then Phil Hoon noticed there’s J just a few people away from Seo Won, so he hurriedly went out to look for Seo Won. As J was about to approach the man, he noticed Seo Won was also there and sensed something was not right so he refrained.
Meanwhile Phil Hoon took the ride up with the life guard’s snow motorbike. But it was too hard to go up to the peak with that vehicle so he continued his search on foot.



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  1. I like this drama very much.. Pill hoon will be with seo won again ..

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