7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 12 Quick Summary

Phil Hoon still tried to help Seo Won facing J guy who’s still there. He’s firing a gun from a far, despite Seo Won kept hushing him away. NIS team were coming too, with Do Ha was coming along with Sun Mi. While J hid,Phil Hoon pointed his gun to SEo Won. He still had no idea that Seo Won worked for NIS. He managed to make Seo Won threw away her gun. J was confused with the two was arguing to each other. Then came Do Ha pointing his gun to Phil Hoon. J saw the situation among them got more complicated so he decided to just leave. Sun Mi also came, calling Trainer Kim asked for confirmation if Phil Hoon was NIS officer as he said. Trainer Kim said, “No, he’s not.” When Phil Hoon was confused and upset towards Trainer Ki, Sun Mi shot him with electrical gun.


Because of this incident, the NIS team was confirmed that J was the guy they’d been targetting. Do Ha called NIS higher to make a report and that man seemed to notice that Trainer Kim used Han Gil Ro as his secret method to tail the case.

Apparently, Phil Hoon was brought into the police station. So he spent the night behind the bar…unconscious. Seo Won came and treated his wounds and slept leaning to the bar with her hands holding Phil Hoon’s.


The J guy was also injured.Mi Rae helped him teating the wound. However the report was of course bad, because he failed his mission. Thankfully he couldn’t hear Phil Hoon and Seo Won’s arguments.

Phil Hoon woke up seeing his hand was in Seo Won’s hands. He asked who she really was. “A Police? NIS?” Seo Won tried to change the topic,but Phil Hoon demanded her answer. Seo Won said, “Don’t ask anymore, because I don’t want to lie to you anymore.” Phil Hoon brought up the memory of their first meeting and asked for the last time if she’s an NIS. “I’ve already answered you,” said Seo Won and then left.

Trainer Kim visited Phil Hoon. “What is this?” asked Phil Hoon, concerning his situation. “Am I an NIS officer?” demanded him. “Of course not,”said Trainer Kim. But Trainer Kim continued that Phil Hoon was not yet an officer because he’s not yet take the official vow so he’s not yet an officer. So Phil Hoon was a bit calm. Then Trainer Kim let him go out of the jail and went out for breakfast.

During their breakfast, Phil Hoon finally asked Trainer Kim, “What is Seo Won?” Trainer Kim said of course she’s an NIS. Then he initiated a camp with Phil Hoon, 2 days 1 night camp.


In the NIS team meeting, Seo Won was explaining their next plan concerning Han Gil Ro. Then Trainer Kim finally told the team that Han Gil Ro was part of them. He’s their secret agent. This information made everyone upset. Seo Won, especially. She complained why Trainer Kim didn’t tell him about it so that she could cooperate with him in this case instead of facing what she’s facing now. Sun Mi was also upset. And of course Trainer Jang was very upset that Kim Won Seok had been even hiding this information with her!


Trainer Kim came home and found his wife was teaching their daughter English in a harsh old-school way. Then he had to face his wife never ending nagging while packing his backpack.While Trainer Kim was at home, the rest of the team was having a meeting with a very bad mood and Trainer Jang’s warning not to mention anything about Han Gil Ro. They all left with uncertainty about what they should do next, especially when it’s related to Gil Ro. Do Ha was silently left the room to go to the NIS higher to give him the update.

Han Gil Ro was going a 2 days 1 night camping with Trainer Kim. Phil Hoon asked about what the NIS want to do with his father because for him his father might be involved in a case, but was not the bad person. Trainer Kim tried to explain to him that his father was involved in an international terrorist crime and asked him to put his logic before emotion. And that’s the reason why he had to put Seo Won in his company for a back up. The fact that Phil Hoon was Mr.Han’s son was still a big risk for the NIS. No one could guarantee Phil Hoon wouldn’t change his mind at the end. Phil Hoon was upset then he decided to leave the camp.


But as he reached the parking lot, he found his old NIS batch were there: Do Ha, Sun Mi, and the rest. Seo Won was the one who called the rest of the batch. Then after everyone left for Trainer Kim, he saw Seo Won. “Do you think i’m gonna be touched by this?” asked Phil Hoon. “Yes,” said Seo Won. “Failed,” said Phil Hoon coldly and continued to leave the camping site. Then Seo Won asked if she could say something as a colleague and as a woman, “I miss you.” She persuaded him not to go in her own way.

Mi Rae and J was having a meeting. Mi Rae only prepared for J’s passport. So she’s planning him to be the only who lived while she’s ready to die. J persuaded her to stay alive together, but Mi Rae stayed cold.

Gil Ro stayed and joined his batch. That night the NIS batch took their official oath again together, with Seo Won and Phil Hoon as their leaders. It’s Han Gil Ro’s inauguration night. Gil Ro took a peek on his certificate and the name written on it was Han Phil Hoon.


And during the celebration, Trainer Kim asked Seo Won to lead the cheering. “For the country, for our comrade….our beloved (but could be translated literary: I love you), Han Gil RO!!!!” The group then picked up Do Ha as the first singer of that night. Do Ha sang the famous trot song and everyone was enjoying his/herself joining Do Ha singing. Only Gil Ro remained on his seat. He even didn’t take the part when they asked him to sing next. Gil Ro prefered to be alone somewhere. Seo Won noticed that and followed him.

I think I could understand Gil Ro’s feeling. Besides he’s sure that the NIS would never believe in him 100% because he’s Mr.Han’s son and he’s upset that NIS thought that his father was a surely criminal, this whole taking vow together with his batch after being left behind still feel bitter. You were left behind, that’s the point. Like other kids were given a candy and you’re the only who was asked to wait then the adults didn’t give you the candy until you cry. So to cheer you up, you’re finally given the candy but of course it’s not gonna be that sweet anymore in your heart.

Anyway, so there they were having their private talk, finally. Phil Hoon asked,”Where did you move out?” Seo Won said,”I didn’t.” Phil Hoon kind of got the idea, but said,”I looked for you.” Then Phil Hoon asked, “Things you told me, has any of it that’s true?” Then Seo Won said that the thing about her dog’s name and her feelings were true. “Do you know why we can’t be together?” asked Phil Hoon. Seo Won didn’t answer. “Because i’m Han Phil Hoon. Who are you?” Seo Won was still got the old answer, “I will tell you everything later. When we’re traveling together.” Phil Hoon looked so cold the whole conversation. Then he said,”I don’t have any thought of going traveling with a girl I don’t know her name. We already broke up anyway. So let’s break up.” Phil Hoon just left her there, broken hearted, for real.


Seo Won was already sad. Her mother called her to ask for Gil Ro’s phone number. She asked why her mother wanted to know Gil Ro’s number. Her mother seemed to like Gil Ro very much and said that she missed him. Seo Won was accepting the call outside the tent and she didn’t know that Gil Ro was near by and could hear all her conversation. “Mom, thank you, but I don’t like Gil Ro, because it’s too hurtful.” After hanging up her mother’s call, Seo Won cried. Phil Hoon saw her streaming with tears.


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i’m absolutely on Gil Ro’s team in this case. Seo Won was too much lies and she’s still with that old way of keeping her real ID from Gil Ro?? I know that men love mysterious women, but when you milk it, especially something you do it repeatedly, they got bored. I got bored of the way she does that, let alone Gil Ro. He’s tired. He’s confused, had a father to spy on and keep safe at the same time, being left behind, hunted by a terrorist, basically being distrusted by his own team and mentor….so I don’t think it’s too much to ask for an honest girl friend. At least about her real name!

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