7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 17 Summary

After the shooting incident, Phil Hoon and Seo Won rushed the unconscious Trainer Kim to the hospital. Meanwhile J came to Mi Rae to report that he had shot Kim Won Seok several times but didn’t seem enough to kill that man.


Phil Hoon and Seo Won were waiting for the update from the emergency. Sun Mi came and was immediately mad at Do Ha who also showed up. She asked why he came after all what he had done. Ms.Jang came out of the ER and told Phil Hoon and Seo Won to go with her to Trainer Kim’s house to inform the family. Mrs.Kim at first thought that her husband sent the team to mediate them discussing about their divorce. She was devastated when Ms.Jang told her what really happened to her husband.


The next day in the office, Mr.Oh came to the basecamp and took over everything. Mr.Kim team was disbanded right away and every data was taken by Mr.Oh’s team. Everyone was upset, but they had no choice. Sun Mi was going to bring along the unwrapped present she had given to Do Ha. But Mr.Oh stopped her and said he needed to check the present. Sun Mi complained at first but then leave the present there. Do Ha finally could see the present: it’s Sun Mi’s drawing of his portrait.


Before leaving the room, the upset Phil Hoon told Mr.Oh if he knew that one of the two business men who died long ago, Mr.Kim, had a daughter and that daughter who was claimed dead was actually still alive and she was Kim Mi Rae.

Mr.Han was having a serious conversation with his wife. He told his wife that their son was really an NIS agent and her husband was a sinner. Going back home, Phil Hoon just met his mother. He came back home just to take his belongings. His mother tried to talk to him about his relationship with his father and the fact that he was an NIS agent while his father might have done a criminal activity. Phil Hoon was being strict. He just told his mother to make sure the father confess his sin.


Then he went to live with Seo Won. Seeing Phil Hoon was having a hard time and after witnessing the incident that happened to Trainer Kim, Seo Won agreed to live together with him, but of course they would sleep separately. Before going to sleep, they talked about what would happen to Trainer Kim and if he’s going to gain consciousness soon. Seo Won slept earlier and when Phil Hoon realized that he went to approach her and kissed her good night.


Phil Hoon and Seo Won were moved from field mission to office work, handling public service by receiving phone calls on the NIS hotline. After work, they both went to the hospital to visit Trainer Kim. Even though she was reluctant at first,Mrs.Kim finally let them visit her husband. Phil Hoon told his unconscious mentor that he was sorry for failing to keep him safe. They both promised to do their best to continue this case until they get the bad guy. They tried to persuade some of their batch mates to support their action.

At home, Phil Hoon and Seo Won started to run a domestic life. Phil Hoon was the one who was cooking and Seo Won was just helping.They discussed about their unfinished business during dinner and at the end of the conversation, Seo Won gave Phil Hoon a present. She bought a pair of bag, one for her and another for him. But Phil Hoon scolded her for spending money when she actually had no money. Seo Won was upset. Phil Hoon tried to apologize while Seo Won was doing the dishes. But their fight was disturbed by a phone call from Seo Won’s mother asking for help, related with money, because a couple of men coming to their house making a complain to her father.

Mr.Han was planning to leave the company to his most trusted employee, Mr.Ma. That curly man was appointed as the new director. Mr.Han was planning to leave the country. He told Mr.Ma to take care of the company and to help Phil Hoon whenever he needed help from the company.

Phil Hoon was working when his mother was calling him. He didn’t pick up the phone, so her mother called Seo Won. She asked Seo Won for a help. After work, Seo Won was the one behind the steering wheel and determine to bring Phil Hoon to the airport to meet his parents before they leave the country. Phil Hoon was so reluctant,but Seo Won dragged him to meet his parents who were already lining on the gate. He was reluctant at first, but seing his mother was crying and also Seo Won’s pushing him, Phil Hoon approached his parents.

Seeing Phil Hoon, Mr.Han just coldly asked, “Why are you coming here?” And Phil Hoon, just like any other sons, responded to his father coldly as well. He even told him that acting as an irresponsible man he should probably just go away. “The only thing you love has never been me, but money,” said Phil Hoon. Mrs. Han tried to mediate her son and her wife, but father-son issue had to be handled by themselves. Suddenly Mr.Han took off his coat and showed Phil Hoon his bear chest. He got a burning mark as big as half of his front body. He said this was the reason why he never hugged Phil Hoon or take a bath together with him, for he was afraid his son would see him as a monster. Mr.Han had the incident long a go when his house was burned by a fire. Phil Hoon wept. And when Mr.Han was about to go back to the gate, Phil Hoon reached out his father’s coat and said, “Father, don’t go. Please don’t go.”


After the family matter was settled, Phil Hoon and Seo Won finally got a place to work on their secret mission: Phil Hoon’s company. Their friends also showed up to join them, even Do Ha. Phil Hoon welcomed him warmly. Sun Mi was helping from the NIS office, her responsibility was to let the confidential data leaked out.


Mr.Oh was still meeting Mi Rae secretly. She asked him in which hospital Mr.Kim was. And it seemed that Mi Rae got her information because Woo Jin or J had dressed him up as a disguise doctor. He’s ready with a gun to kill Mr.Kim. What he didn’t know was, while Mrs. Kim was out to get the sanitary napkin for her husband, Seo Won and Phil Hoon were visiting Mr.Kim. They even stayed longer to help him cleaning up his body. Choi Woo Jin was already at the door, killed the two police officer at the front door. When he stepped inside the room, he didn’t know the couple were still there witnessing their beloved trainer opened up his eyes again after a long sleep.

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