7th Grade civil Service Episode 11 Quick Summary

Seo Won caught red handed by Phil Hoon and no escape for her.Phil Hoon was asking her if the reason she’s been hinting on him was because of this from the first time. Seo Won just asked him to gave her way. But Phil Hoon didn’t let her go, he fought her and got her stuffs along with the document she took from Mr.Han’s safe box.

Seo Won fought for that document, and Phil Hoon could not lay his hand on her. But Seo Won needed the document, so she had no choice but to withdraw her gun and pointed it to Phil Hoon. It’s all too overwhelming for Phil Hoon already,but Seo Won quickly pointed the gun to her own chest. She wanted Phil Hoon to know her sincere feelings and her difficult position taking the mission. She didn’t get the document and just left. They both cried on their own. Phil Hoon called Trainer Kim,but he just could say that he wanted to meet him.


Back to NIS basecamp, Seo Won confessed to her team that she failed the mission and the one who caught her was Han Gil Ro himself. Everyone got a headache, especially Trainer Kim. Trainer Jang asked if Seo Won cried. Seo Won said no. Trainer Jang said that’s what she had to do. Then Seo Won asked if she had to move out from her place since this mission failed. She remembered how Phil Hoon asked her not to move nor to change her phone number so that he could find her again. Trainer Jang there’s no need for her to move.

Trainer Jang asked Trainer Kim to talk to Phil Hoon. But Trainer Kim was still had no idea what to do with all this.

Mr.and Mrs.Han came home but their son was not at home. Mr.Han opened his safe box to look for the watch Phil Hoon gave him as a present. In the mean time, Phil Hoon was trying to calm himself down through drinking. Then he went to Seo Won’s place, sitting on the garden bench just below her apartment. He still had the couple-wallet with him and remembered sweet moments he had with Seo Won, especially when he was lying down on her lap on that bench. And by that time, Seo Won just arrived and watched him from a distance. After he left, it was Seo Won who sat herself on that bench, picked up the couple-wallet, and remembered the same memory.

The next day, Phil Hoon came to Mi Rae to ask why no action had been taken considering his father’s attack. Mi RAe tried to convinced him that nothing had been lost. And then Phil Hoon didn’t hesitate to dig more about she and his father really had been doing under the surface. He made Mi Rae a little upset. Then he came to his department and broke Seo Won’s desks but found nothing there.

Kim Won seok’s team was holding their update meeting about the terrorist and what they should do next. Sun Mi was still showing her resentment to Seo Won, so Seo Won had to drag her for a private conversation. Seo Won told Sun Mi that Do Ha was just a colleague for her, a good friend and nothing more. But Sun Mi was still upset and left.


Suddenly Seo Won’s phone was ringing and it was Han Gil Ro. He demanded an explanation and he came straight away to the basecamp, this time with definitely a different mood. Seeing Han Gil Ro was on his way, the team was panic. And as soon as Phil Hoon stepped into the room the NIS man started his acting while Seo Won hid behind boxes. Phil Hoon started to show his curiousity over that place. The man asked if he’s a police or a prosecutor or something. Phil Hoon said that he worked for the NIS. He was making a call to Trainer Kim, but since Trainer Kim’s position was impossible to take his call, so he pretended to get a call from his wife. The NIS man finally managed to make Phil Hoon get out of the place.


Trainer Kim finally had a meeting with Phil Hoon. That young guy asked him to do something for him and he said that from now on, he didn’t believe in anyone. Phil Hoon came to Seo Won’s place and found a couple already moved in to that place. But the truth was the couple were Seo Won’s seniors at the NIS that she asked for help to make Phil Hoon believed that she had moved out.Meanwhile Seo Won could only cried alone.

NIS team started to follow Mi Rae’s movement. That night she took a taxi, which actually had that J guy behind the wheel. That J guy tried to convince Mi Rae that everything would go well.

The next day, Seo Won gave Phil Hoon an instruction to come to a certain place for them to meet. It’s a public place nearby the river. Seo Won tried to explain that she’s not a spy. But Phil Hoon said she could say whatever she wanted beacause he didn’t believe her anymore. Seo Won told Phil Hoon to go to a certain spot which actually just to let her place the wallet above Phil Hoon’s car. After she finished her mission she just got back to her car. “I call you now because I want to see your face,” said Seo Won. “I’m sorry. And thank you for the picture.” Phil Hoon noticed the wallet above his car, and realized that Seo Won was around there. SEo Won was about to leave but her lousy skill of parking was easily noticed by Phil Hoon. When he approached that car and Seo Won found him there, she had to drive backward and fled the parking lot.


Trainer Jang seemed to be the only person who understood Seo Won’s feelings. She asked her to go out having a drink together. And not surprising that their topic of conversation was Han Gil Ro. Then Seo Won introduced Trainer Jang to her friend who run the match-making company. But as that friend assessed Trainer JAng, she was only a C-rated woman for match making category. It upset Trainer Jang, but upset Seo Won more. Seo Won finally exploded and wept for her own complicated love life.


After throwing the wallet that day at the parking lot, Phil Hoon also got rid of their framed picture. He then was about to go home when he got into his car, but turned out to be gassed by that J guy. Phil Hoon fell unconscious right away. In the same time, SEo Won was visiting the office and check her tracking device. She was about to get into the building when she saw Gil Ro’s red car with J guy behind the wheel and Gil Ro was sitting beside him looked sleeping. Seo Won followed them.

Phil Hoon was definitely kidnapped and tried to free himself. But this J guy was smart and merciless. He beat Phil Hoon everytime Phil Hoon refused to cooperate when he asked for the document.Seo Won used her tracking device and got to the place where J guy held him. J drew his gun and pointed it to Phil Hoon. But thankfully Phil Hoon had managed to cut the rope tying his hand right on time. So before J pulled the trigger, Phil Hoon already attacked him. They fought and Phil Hoon got the gun. But J managed to get away.

Seo Won made a report to the basecamp and had her team as her back up, but as she approached Phil Hoon it was too late. J had fled. So it left her and Phil Hoon and they both faced each other with guns pointed to each other. Seo Won asked who was the man with him. Phil Hoon still was not sure on whose side Seo Won was standing. Seo Won lowered down her gun point. Phil Hoon kept asked her who was he worked for. Then he said that he worked for the NIS. Seo Won told him to get his right mind back and stop talking about weird things. Then she kicked him down there and as he dropped,she went to run after the bad guy.


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