7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 20 Summary (Final)

Kim Mi Rae lived. She called Woo Jin, telling him to flee and live. She also said she’s actually scared.

Feeling hopeless, Mi Rae reached out for the parapet. She’s thinking of throwing herself down the building. But thankfully Phil Hoon came right in time.  He rushed her to the ambulance. Seo Won was taking care of the gun. Meanwhile Do Ha was sweeping the rooftop and collecting items he thought important. He got the harddisk in his hand. Woo Jin saw when Mi Rae was brought to the ambulance. He also saw that Seo Won was one who was carrying the gun case.


Returning the gun to Do Ha, Seo Won asked for a simple explanation. But Do Ha refused to tell them what his order was. He just took it and went away.

Going back home, Seo Won and Phil Hoon were followed by Woo Jin. Seo Won’s hands were still shaking. She broke plate while washing dishes. Phil Hoon tried to comfort her, ensured her that it was not her fault alone. Outside the house, Woo Jin who was ready with his gun almost pushed the door bell, but he refrained.

While Seo Won and Phil Hoon were in the hospital, Woo jin managed to break into Seo Won’s place. Seo Won and Phil Hoon visited Trainer Kim’s ward first but then came to see Mi Rae. It was Seo Won who did the apology. But Mi Rae didn’t accept it. Seo Won was not part of what happened in the history. Seo Won said she knew that, but still, she thought that as part of NIS she had to apologize to Mi Rae of what her mentors had done in the past. Mi Rae’s reception was still very negative. Phil Hoon told Mi Rae that their position in this case was the same. He said as her father was used by the NIS, she also used his father for her revenge. As she expect an apology from the NIS, he also. But for him now forgiving is better than taking apology.


When Seo Won and Phil Hoon were having a conversation nearby the river, Seo Won was picked up by some NIS people. She was interrogated by Mr.Oh. Seo Won talked as least as she could. So Mr.Oh kept her there until she tell him what he asked. Meanwhile in her house, Choi Woo Jin was waiting for Seo Won and Phil Hoon, ready with his gun.

Finally it was Do Ha who traded Seo Won’s freedom with the harddisk he got. He agreed to do what Mr.Oh told him to do if Mr.Oh let Seo Won go. And his request was granted. Seo Won went home first. She was welcomed by a pointed gun. Phil Hoon came not long after that but found Seo Won was not there and the house was a bit messy. He saw blood on the floor and then a call came in. It was Choi Woo Jin speaking through Seo Won’s phone. He took Seo Won as a hostage. His demand was Kim Won Seok’s room. He made Phil Hoon rode his bike and Seo Won followed Phil Hoon with Phil Hoon’s car. Meanwhile Do Ha came into Mi Rae’s room to be the reaper. He had a probably deathly shot in his hand.

Phil Hoon did bring Woo Jin to Trainer kim’s room. When Woo Jin was distracted, the couple tried to fight, but Phil Hoon got a shot. Kim Won Seok woke up and approached Woo Jin. He asked for apology and admitted that the person who made him became like this was him. Woo Jin actually remembered Kim Won Seok as the only NIS agent who was kind to them. He even once asked Woo Hyeok if they also had to kill Kim Won Seok. But then he remember the way Woo Hyeok said about not trusting any of NIS agents’ tears. So Woo Jin decided to brace himself to kill the man crying in front of him. Phil Hoon found a gun under Mr.Kim’s bed. So when Woo Jin was about to pull the tirgger, Phil Hoon shot Woo Jin’s shoulder. Seo Won got Woo Jin’s gun, and Mr.Kim was holding Woo Jin.


In another ward, Do Ha injected the liquid into Mi RAe’s IV. But it actually just made her fall asleep. Trainer Jang came after Mi Rae was sleeping.

And life after that incident was…

Kim Won Seok recovered well. Even his relationship with his family got much better.

Mi Rae underwent an interrogation with Traine rJang in the NIS office. Mr.Oh was packing up his office. After that he was drinking with Mr.Kim as old pals.

Phil Hoon was also packing up from Seo Won’s place. Phil Hoon was busy reminding her about food. Then they argued about Phil Hoon decided to leave a sweatshirt just in case he would spend night sometimes. To stop their typical never ending argument, Seo Won asked Phil Hoon when their traveling would start.

Phil Hoon and Seo Won went traveling together to the beach…finally, as they were planned. Seo won said her next project would be abroad, to Germany. Probably a year or two. Meanwhile Phil Hoon was also appointed to work on a mission in Jeju Island. But they promised each other that their relationship would be okay, and they would maintain everyday communication. And they went to bed. (i don’t know how to elaborate the last sentence :p )

Sun Mi returned the harddisk to the owner. He was the person Mr.Oh talked  to the other day. And it was actually Do Ha who asked her for a help. After the man left, this couple was also talking about going separate ways as the team rotated. Do Ha kind of want to make sure if Sun Mi really would not try to hold on him. Sun Mi told Do Ha that she’s a cool girl who would never do that to a man. Then Do Ha just coldly say “Okay then, i’m leaving.” They bid goodbye, but just a few steps away, Sun Mi turned around and run to Do Ha then climbed his back. She said she wanted a piggy back, but only for as far as 10 steps. Do Ha agreed and counted his step. In the 10th step, Sun Mi said she needed just 6 more. And Do Ha started counting again, but his counting never reach more than 4 because he maintained his counting as, “Four, three, two two…” just the way armies do in their exercise.  :)

And Ms.Jang was meeting Seo Won’s friend. For a matchmaking meeting of course. And the person she’s introduced was actually Director Ma. But Ms.Jang went away as she disagreed with that man.

Phil Hoon was sending Seo Won away with a sad face in the airport. On the gate before really parting, Seo Won who dressed beautifully that day said, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t say this word all this time. I love you.” Phil Hoon demanded another louder confession of the three words. Then he said, “I love you too, very much.” And they kissed.

Mr. and Mrs. Han went to the country side. Mr.Han was thinking of having a peaceful life after retirement far from the city. On the way they met Min Ho who went back from military training and asked him for a direction. Mr.Han asked for Village Leader Lee’s house. Of course Min Ho knew, “I’m Village Leader Lee’s son!” When the parents finally entered the village leader house, it was only Mr.Han who was not surprise seeing the village leader and his wife. Mrs.Han straightly said, “Honey, I can never live in this area.” And Mrs. Lee said, “Min Ho, get me a salt.” (salt to throw as a symbol of throwing away bad luck).

Phil Hoon and Seo Won kept in touch.And Phil Hoon was working under the new higher replacing Mr.Oh, and he’s none other than Mr.Kim Won Seok. He was sent to a laboratory to work as a disguised scientist. And to his surprise, when he was introduced to his labmates, there he found Seo Won as one of them. Having their private conversation alone, they started their never ending arguments, about who lie first and what’s the most important thing for them. And it was Phil Hoon who ended their quarrel by saying, “The most important thing right now is that we get together.” They kissed, but then interrupted by the cleaning lady who turned to be Ms.Jang.

Everyone gets a happy ending…(except probably Ms.Jang :D )


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In general opinion this drama actually the only light drama among other two dramas showing in the same time slot, and I like the fact that we had it. “That Autumn..” is teary weary (though I liked it alot too) and “IRIS2” is as serious as you expected. It’s a drama that you watch without any heavy thoughts in your mind…a pure entertainment.

I know many fans disagreed with the pairing of Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee. Well, I didn’t really like it either. But I always love CKH’s acting as she’s always witty and cool in the same time. I thought if it had not been her who got the role, the big age gap between the actress and Joo Won would have been so obvious and really mismatched, just like the case in “Faith” where Lee Min Ho was paired with Kim Hee Seon.

Since competing with two “big names dramas” this drama became less popular among the same time slot. But I think they did a good job to maintain the story line and characters consistency.

Hope everyone enjoy this drama and enjoy reading my summaries. I’ll see you guys soon in the next project. I’ve been considering about Lee Seung Gi’s up coming drama. I’m not really into sageuk setting, but since it’s Lee Seung Gi, I think I will make it a priority :D .

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  1. I love The whole drama Civil servant and am a big fan of joon won hang tae

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