7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 6 Summary

7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 6 Summary

7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 6 started with the scene in the movie theater when Phil Hoon grabbed Seo Won’s hand and said sorry to her. Meanwhile back in the NIS basecamp, Sun Mi was teasing Do Ha because Seo Won was on a date with Gil Ro, and Trainer Jang didn’t give up on arranged meeting with her probably-future-husband.

After the theater, Phil Hoon and Seo Won was having bubble tea in a cafe. Phil Hoon explained how he decided to go back to his father and work for him and how his view on getting money has changed a bit. And then Seo Won tried to talk to Phil Hoon that their relationship is impossible. “The talk about you liking me is forbidden, and me liking you is also forbidden.” “What is the reason?” “The reason is…” Seo Won didn’t answer him and just kept eating the bubble which left some foam on her right side of lips edge. “Because you don’t believe me,” said Seo Won. “I do believe you now,”insisted Phil Hoon.
And when he’s about to help her clean the foam, Seo Won’s trained spontanious arm tackled Phil Hoon’s that he was tumbling over the chair. Phil Hoon got cranky like a child and told Seo Won that she got foam on her lips. Phil Hoon asked if Seo Won really hated him that much. “Just like making things that you dislike, I can also make you like me,” said Phil Hoon. Seo Won said she did not disllike her nor have the possibility to like him. Phil Hoon got confuse, “Why is it so complicated?” Seo Won said her position now had made her impossible to receive love from someone she loved. “Now I understand what that onni feels like?” “Who’s she?” “This onni couldn’t date like she wants.”
So the scene moved to Trainer Jang’s date with a half-bald aggresive man. Back to Seo Won and Phil Hoon. Seo Won had refused Phil Hoon’s offer for dinner when in the right timing Trainer Jang called her and ordered her to go out with Phil Hoon well and should go having dinner with him. And as Seo Won hang up the call, she said, “Let’s go to my house.” Phil Hoon asked why suddenly she changed her mind. “And you said you wouldn’t let any man coming to your place besides the man whom you would get married with.” And Seo won started to get the nerves that she yelled, “Eating in my place going or not?!”

Seo Won was literally hectic cleaning up her room before letting Phil Hoon get in. As soon as coming in, Phil Hoon went to the bedroom joyfully. Seo Won tried to pull him off and already rolling a newspaper. Phil Hoon remembered that mode so well that he said he had a present to give her: a very cute monkey doll. He placed the monkey on the right side of the bed and told her that its place is there from now on and she couldn’t remove it. Then Phil Hoon saw something underneath the blanket: a black underwear. He was innocently playing with it “Sexy sexy sexy…” and that triggered the panic Seo Won to spontaniously hit him with the newspaper until his nose bled.


Seo won tried to make Phil Hoon stayed still, but he couldn’t as he saw Seo Won could not make him any proper dinner but ramyeon and instant rice. So Phil Hoon took the initiative to cook for both of them with poor grocery in Seo Won’s fridge. Then Phil Hoon said Seo Won was the first woman he ever cook for. “Are you afraid of that?” asked Phil Hoon. Seo Won, who had been trying to hold herself from laughing, couldn’t hold it anymore. She said the foods’ taste were funny. and the monkey doll was still in army-like-detention-mode pose.

Phil Hoon came home and gave his mother the cosmetic presents (which just like Seo Won told him actually was not cosmetic but skin’s supplement), but his mother ended up nagging him that he wasn’t supposed to give her double set and bought one for his father. But Phil Hoon knew his father needed nothing, even when he asked him directly when he got home.

While NIS members were busy spying on their target, Phil Hoon came back again to that fake cosmetic office. This time he bought many sets for men and women.

Sun Mi and Do Ha were going on mission together. And to kill time, Sun Mi was sketching Do Ha’s face.

Coming to office, Phil Hoon brought all cosmetic set he bought and gave it to everyone in his department, including Seo Won. Then Seo Won went into his room, complaining about the cosmetic. She acted like being offended for his action and tried to pay him back. Seo Won made Phil Hoon upset as usual, but when he said, “Okay then, just pay me. 675,000 won!” Seo Won hesitated, as she didn’t have that much money. And during his conversation with Phil Hoon, her mobile rang several times, but she kept cutting it off. Phil Hoon was demanding for a cash instead of card. But after getting the call from her bestfriend, Seo Won fled herself.


Her friend, Jin Joo, came to her to make her go meeting a man this time under the request of Seo Won’s own mother. And her conversation with her mother on the phone just made Seo Won more desperate with her parents. Her father became the head of the village.

Just as she was still sitting there, Mi Rae came out to make a call under the stairs. She’s ordering someone related to Han Ju Man. Seo Won got caught, but she pretended not to hear anything and just greeted her and fled. Meanwhile Phil Hoon was still struggling to write a lovely message on the card for his present when Trainer Kim called him to follow his father. Han Ju Man was on his way to a secret meeting. A young man in black, the guy who met Mi RAe in the previous episode, tailed him so close and then stabbed him and saying that the next person would be his son. Phil Hoon saw his father on the floor bleeding. He gave his father a coat and ran after the mysterious guy. Phil Hoon fought him on the stairs but that guy managed to get out. Phil Hoon immediately report it to Trainer Kim.


And that report followed by a change in plan for Do Ha and Sun Mi. Do Ha was already next to the man who’s supposed to be meeting with HAn Ju Man, but he ran back to the basement. It was in right timing. Sun Mi was fighting with that guy and she was injured. Do Ha saved her but the guy cut Sun Mi’s wrist. So isntead of running after that guy, Do Ha took care of Sun Mi.

Seo Won also got the message from NIS. When everyone was out, she decided to sneak in Phil Hoon’s office to find Mi RAe’s profile. After getting information she wanted, she saw Phil Hoon’s present for his father as well as the card with finished writing.


Phil Hoon stayed in the hospital and Trainer Kim came to visit him and discussed the matters. Seo Won came when Trainer Kim was leaving. She’s supposed to see him,but still was not sure. She just saw Phil Hoon from a distant and then refrained and walked the opposite way.

Sun Mi was taken care in the hospital with Do Ha with her and she kind of expected that Do Ha had special feelings for her.

Phil Hoon stayed with his parents in the hospital that night. He loved his father sincerely but always held himself from showing it in front of his old man. Mr.Han was actually worrying his son remembering the bad guy’s threat for Phil Hoon. He sent his son home through rough words which Phil Hoon took it wrongly. And When Phil Hoon stepped out of the room, he found Seo Won was sitting there.
They talked outside. Phil Hoon shared his childhood story with Seo Won, about how even since he was a kid, his father had never been there for him. His father just gave him money because he was busy and once an old man asked Phil Hoon if he had no father. Seo Won asked if he was okay. Phil Hoon convinced her that he was really okay.
Then she bought him a couple of shirts. Phil Hoon’s first comment was, “Your sense of fashion is really post-modern!” But he refused to give them back to Seo Won. Instead, he said, “Thank you,” in soft voice and sincere eyes. “I will wear them. And then 675,000 won!” But the last sentence was joking.

Trainer Kim got a hard time with his higher, but his trainees (Seo Won’s batch) greeted him warmly.

The next day, Phil Hoon did wear both the shirt and coat Seo Won gave him. But as soon as he checked on his cctv video, he found Seo Won was breaking into his room secretly.

In Seo Won’s place, Do Ha visited her. Seo Won said she felt sorry for Phil Hoon but it didn’t mean she liked him. Do Ha said that the person she had to feel sorry about was not Han Gil Ro, but her colleagues. Then she told him Sun Mi was injured in the fight. Do Ha insisted Seo Won to take his gun, but she refused. AT that time, Phil Hoon was on the door. After hiding Do Ha in the cupboard, she opened the door. The angry Phl Hoon burst in and saw two tins of beers. “Why did you come to our office?” asked Phil Hoon.


That time, Do Ha’s movement caused the cupboard door opened. Phil Hoon at first was not really curious, but as second sound heard (DO Han closed the door), he went to check it. But Seo Won tried her best to prevent him from coming near her cupboard. Then the two was engaged in a fight…on the bed. “What is your mission?” asked Phil Hoon.  Phil Hoon’s position was above Seo Won. He hold her hand so hard that Seo Won knew he was really angry. As the tense was high, Seo Won’s parents came. Seeing the scene, Seo Won’s father didn’t hesitate to grab Phil Hoon’s hair. Seo Won was busy trying to save Phil Hoon when suddenly Do Ha fell out of the cupboard. And Mr.Kim didn’t hesitate to grab Do Ha’s hair as well. Thinking her daughter as a naughty one, Seo Won’s mother also grabbed her daughter’s hair. The house was in emergency situation.



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  1. hi,thanks so much.

    • hey nazli. finally, at least someone gives a comment for this drama. I’ve been wondering about the response of this drama outside korea. it’s a bit weird if an excellently hilarious performance by Choi Kang Hee and Joo Won do not get any good response abroad.

  2. I like your recap so much… and the fast one
    btw, why you didnt recap FBND?? Thanks

  3. helloo Rizz,
    it sounds lie you reaaaaally worked hard on those summaries, but first i wanna thank you so much for taking the time to write them here coz i’ve been looking like crazy for the past week while all i had to do is just change “7th grade civil srvant SYNOPSIS” BY “SUMMARY” lool anyway i like how you describe every single scene in every episode thought it must be hard [you deserve a prize ;)], keep up the good work girl & even if i don’t know you but when i found the summaries i cheked ur name & just yellerd [I LOVE YOUU RIIIIIIIZZZZ] hahahahha thank you & FIGHTING :D

    • hey saoussane, thanks for coming here ^^. Well what I do is pretty much summary. and well, i always like Joo Won, and this drama is interesting too, not too heavy like IRIS franchise but not shallow comedy either. But recently hopefully I can get back to my fit condition so I can start doing it in “quick summary” mode again or at least much sooner. ^^
      Have a good day :)

      • we hope you get back to ur fit condition too & yes ur right it’s an interesting serie with a beautiful light comedy i really liked it, first i was watching it for Chansung but after the third episode i started being in everyone not only him :D [to be honest i like the detailed summaries if possible :p]
        have a good day too :)

        PS. i’ve never seen IRIS but do you that this word is the meaning of my name in frensh & in english :p

  4. I also like Joowon. First discovered him through 2D1N, then saw him in Bridal Mask. Looked for his first drama baker king then ojakgyo brothers…am hooked. Have tons of pics of him and my girls both like him as an actor and an entertainer. Have downloaded his recorded ost songs…. Unfortunately mbc does not have eng sub… I just wait for episode recaps

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