7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 9 Summary

As we have seen in the previous episode, Do Ha suddenly hugged Seo Won and Phil Hoon/Gil Ro who was on his way back to Seo Won’s place to take his mobile, had to watch the scene too. Thankfully Seo Won asked Do Ha to stop it and let them be just good friends like they always have been. She also said that she could protect herself well. Do Ha said he came to find out whether today was their beginning (of a new level of relationship) or their end. Seo Won was about to say something for a confirmation about the decision related to their relationship, but Gil Ro cut the conversation acting so cold. He just said that he just came back to take his mobile and then left. After Gil Ro left to Seo won’s house, Seo Won told Do Ha that it’s not gonna be their beginning nor end. But Do Ha coldly said, “If it’s not a start, it’s the end. I’m not someone who does one-sided love.”


Seo Won waited for Gil Ro to come down again. And when Gil Ro finally came down and joined her in the garden bench after he drank some alcohol with Seo Won’s mother, Seo Won asked if she had to explain what actually happened with her and Do Ha. Gil Ro said no need.But then he complained that hugging 32 seconds is too much, so she shouldn’t do that.At first he said hugging male-friends around 10 seconds would be okay,but then he quickly changed his mind, “No, 10 seconds is still too long. 5 sec, no 3 sec, no no! Just don’t hug any male-friends anymore.” And then Gil Ro asked to lie down for awhile on Seo Won’s lap. They were having their romantic moment when Seo Won’s mom suddenly came. She invited him to come back in to have more drinks. So the whole family was having their night party with Gil Ro, didn’t forget to even make Gil Ro sang for them.

Han Phil Hoon was having a meeting with Trainer Kim. He asked why Trainer Kim didn’t get any documents to show him the profile and analysis of the bad guy who attacked his father. Trainer Kim said there’s no such a thing. For Phil Hoon the job to stick around his father was difficult. But Trainer Kim said there’s no better job than to keep the safety of their own family.


And Mr.Han was having a private meeting with Mi Rae about they should leaving no traces of documents and what to do soon to seal their deal.

Mi Rae was in the middle of exercising (kind of showing off her -korean version of- hot bod) in the gym when the ‘little bro’ approached her. She told him to stop dragging Han Phil Hoon in this case because it could lead the NIS to dig his information more. If his identity to be disclosed and NIS found out about his past,their mission would be blown out. What Mi Rae cared about was not her own safety, but his. She said it didn’t matter for her to die since that meant she could meet Woo Hyeok sooner.


Phil Hoon dismissed his team earlier and asked Seo Won to come to meet his mother.Seo Won told Phil Hoon to go first to avoid gossips among her colleagues.In this way she could have time making a report to basecamp while was preparing herself to look good in front of Mrs.Han.

Seo Won wondered what she had to bring to his house. She asked Phil Hoon what his father liked, Phil Hoon said money. “And what you mother liked?” “Expensive goods.” Phil Hoon said she needed no worry about that. The only thing he asked her was to agree to his lie to his mother that Seo Won was born in the year of Tiger (while actually she was born in the ear of Cow).
Mrs.Han’s reception to Seo Won was not that good at first, especially after Seo Won told her that her father was a farmer who owned less than even a half hectare of land. But it was Phil Hoon who saved the conversation with a quick lie that Seo Won’s father used to be a diplomat who decided to go back to live in his hometown after retirement. Seo Won just needed to add the story. She said her father used to work as a Korean diplomat in Chile. And it seemed that Seo Won had learned something about Chile, especially the wine. And it happened to please Mrs.Han. Seo Won brought a floor cleaner robot as a disguised present for Mrs.Han. That robot was actually an espionage device so that the NIS could have an inside screening of Phil Hoon’s house.


Being inside Phil Hoon’s room, Seo Won took that moment for taking pictures with a camera that’s connected directly to the NIS basecamp. So when Phil Hoon nagged her to take a picture of them together instead of his room only, and the picture was directly sent to the office, Do Ha was the only one who was unhappy.

Do Ha buried himself alone in his car for a contemplation. And the next day, he asked Trainer Kim to dismiss him from the team. Trainer Kim asked for his reason and he said that he didn’t want to be in the same team with SEo Won. So Trainer Kim right guessed him for liking Seo Won and being jealous to Gil Ro. Do Ha said that’s his disqualification for their mission. But Trainer Kim refuse to let him go. Sun Mi overheard the whole conversation and she felt betrayed since it’s the first time she found out about Do Ha’s real feeling.


Seo Won’s parents nagged her to help them in their business. But Seo Won tried so hard to make them just go back home soon…but she didn’t mean right away. So she felt so sorry when her parents decided to leave right then.Seo Won cried on her mother’s shoulder like a little child,saying that she’s having a hard time so she asked her mother not to give her hard time too.

Seo Won made a good friend with Phil Hoon’s mother. She taught Mrs.Han how to use a make up product for her daily skin care. It made Phil Hoon a bit upset because both women tend to enjoy themselves and ignored him. But Seo Won’s real mission was of course greater than just “hang out with my bf’s mother.” But Mrs.Han got to really like her that she even invited Seo Won to come by everyday. And she made her son to prepare some tea and fruits for them. Then Mrs.Han came up with the idea of showing Seo Won childhood pictures of Phil Hoon. While seeing the pictures, Mrs.Han told Seo Won about the story behind a burnt picture. She said that their house was once burnt by fire and that’s the only picture she could save. During that fire, Phil Hoon tried to save his father and that’s when Phil Hoon got the scar on his back.

And right in the middle of the story, Mr.Han came home in an upset mood looking for his son. Earlier he got a report from Mi Rae that Phil Hoon was digging about their secret business of high tech things and asked if they should include Phil Hoon in this case. That report of course worried Mr.Han. That’s why he was upset when coming home. And he was more than just being upset. Phil Hoon greeted him cheerfully and introduced Seo Won as his girlfriend. But his father just directly said that he should stay away from his (the father) business and just do what he had to do. He didn’t forget to tell Phil Hoon to go abroad and stayed there, don’t even think of going back home. Mrs.Han tried to talk to her husband and Seo Won tried to cheer up Phil Hoon. But what Phil Hoon needed at that time was to be alone and Seo Won could understand what he wanted.


That night while Seo Won was having a quality time with her mother talking about mother-daughter stuffs, Phil Hoon decided to leave home in silence. Meanwhile the operation was getting more intense and Trainer Jang reminded Seo Won that she had a limited time to get documents from Phil Hoon’s house. But Seo Won got a bad news when Phil Hoon showed her his luggage saying that he’s leaving home. Seo Won tried to talk to him to make him go back home and be a good kid. But Phil Hoon asked her to let him stay at her place for a couple of days because he no more had a place call home.

Phil Hoon was meeting Trainer Kim. He asked Trainer Kim to find someone else to tail his father because it seemed to be impossible for him. Trainer Kim actually slipped his tongue saying that Phil Hoon was dismissed from being an NIS agent,but when Phil Hoon asked about that, Trainer Kim got an emergency call. Phil Hoon tought they would go to a cool 007 mission as he asked Phil Hoon to drive him. But it turned out to be an emergency call from Kim Won Seok’s daughter’s school. His daughter was caught in school bullying and took money from another girl. The victim’s father was a police and he requested Mr.Kim’s daughter to be dispelled from school. It made Kim Won Seok kneeled down to ask for forgiveness for his daughter’s mistake. Phil Hoon saw the scene from behind the glass door. He remembered what Kim Won Seok told him about taking care of family as someone’s priority. This made Phil Hoon think hard about his own case with his father.

Phil Hoon came to Seo Won’s place and Seo Won was already panic. But Phil Hoon just wanted to hug her and say “thank you for everything.” Then they both sat on each edge of Seo Won’s bed, awkwardly.

Meanwhile in another place, at a drinking place, Do Ha was having a conversation with Sun Mi. She was upset that Do Ha didn’t tell her about his feelings to Seo Won. She said she didn’t like to love someone one-sidedly. But Do Ha said he now really dislike Seo Won. Sun Mi tried to make Do Ha stay in the team. And finding her tipsy, Do Ha decided to carry her on his back.


Phil Hoon tried to make a move, but Seo Won kept avoiding him. Phil Hoon even came up with the subject of what public said about the most common place where couples had their first kiss. Third place was in the car, second place was park, and the first place was not on the bed,but at the door. But for Phil Hoon the spot was not the matter. Seo Won knew where it led,and still tried to hush Phil Hoon away. Phil Hoon already caught her and leaned to kiss her,but still Seo Won avoided him, making Phil Hoon thought someone was hiding somewhere. Seo Won proved him no one was hiding anywhere by opening her cupboard. Then Phil Hoon said, “If that’s so, should I sleep here tonight?” Then he leaned again to kiss Seo Won. This time he made sure to keep Seo Won stay at her position and they finally kissed.


And see what the preview showed us? the hope is high…but you got to prepare for something unexpected. You know this drama won’t give viewers what they want just like that :D

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