7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 15 Quick Summary

This episode of 7th Grade Civil Servant started when they made out on the snow, and then they went back to Seoul together. Phil Hoon tried to hold Seo Won’s hand while other two passengers were sleeping. Seo Won refused to give her hands, but they argued and then ended up the car was moving unstable.


Phil Hoon walked Seo Won home and thought about stopping by, but SEo Won said she’s tired and he should go home. That night, Seo Won was so happy and she brought out back the box and took out the monkey doll to sleep with her.


Sun Mi was still upset. She refused to speak with Do Ha, at all. Do Ha asked her what really happened to her,but Sun Mi didn’t say anything. But she saw Do Ha was trying to call someone but seemed no answered. So she approached Do Ha and asked, “Don’t you have anything to say to me?” Do Ha said he had nothing to say. And it made Sun Mi was more upset.

Trainer Kim was waiting for Mr.Oh in the office, but he had not been there. The reason was because he was actually unconscious and bleeding somewhere else, and Mi Rae was behind this incident. So, Trainer Kim insisted to interrogate J without waiting for Mr.Oh.
Meeting J, that young boy welcomed him with a scold. Trainer Kim asked where JJ was and what his relationship was with Kim Mi Rae. But that young guy knew how to pissed off Mr.Kim.

Meanwhile Phil Hoon was still trying to access the file he needed inside the NIS database. He was looking for someone named Choi something. In the office there were only him and Do Ha. Phil Hon was doing the search thinking that Do Ha was sleeping upstairs. Frustrated of failing to get the info he needed, Phil Hoon hacked the NIS system. Do Ha was suspicious and checked what Phil Hoon was doing. When he found out that Phil Hoon was hacking the system,he reported it to Mr.Oh.

Phil Hoon picked up Seo Won to work. He said from now on he would go to work and from work together with her.Arriving at the office, Seo Won set a rule about their relationship in the office. She made him agree to wait 10 minutes after her going into the office, and that made him coming late and running an errand for the others.


In their private conversation, Seo Won gave him a paper where she had written the rules for them. One of the rules were that Phil Hoon had to listen to her well and not to be upset more than twice. Phil Hoon tried to bargain and then he asked her to share her password with him in case in the future something wrong happen to her. Seo Won refused to give her password and then a topic about Phil Hoon’s father’s document came out. Seo Won said it’s her initiative, not under anyone’s order, and it’s for the best for everyone. Phil Hoon was upset and refused to obey the rules at all. He said that love is not about following rules,but following heart.


Mr.Han was picked up by the police at his office but weirdly suddenly the police got a call and they released Mr.Han. Meanwhile Trainer Kim was meeting Mr.Oh, finally, but weirdly Mr.Oh seemed to be not supportive about catching Mr.Han or investigating Mi Rae. But of course, Trainer Kim didn’t want to go along with it. He’s sharing this to Ms.Jang and Sun Mi, and telling them that he knew Mr.Oh was using Gong Do Ha. But he was determined to finish their mission till the end, until they caught the terrorist and Mr.Han.


Sun Mi was back to her cheer face in front of Do Ha. She’s responsible to handle him. She had to give false information to Do Ha that everyone was taking their vacation so Do Ha could comfortably making reports to Mr.Oh. Meanwhile Mr.Oh was actually had a secret deal with Mi RAe that night after he gained his consciousness. That’s why he seemed to be not supportive about chasing Mi Rae and Mr.Han.


Seo Won and Phil Hoon were going out together, but endedup having a fight and Seo Won left upset. Seo Won brought up the topic about Phil Hoon father again.


Then later that night Phil Hoon brought Seo Won dinner,but instead of asking to go in, he just said he’s going, and Seo won was reluctant to invite him. But she found there were two chopsticks with the expensive sashimi. Phil Hoon tried to find a reason to keep coming back to Seo Won, until the last round was when Seo Won lied that there’s no soysauce in the sashimi. Phil Hoon brought her a big bottle of soy sauce and it made Seo Won felt bad. She finally gave Phil Hoon the password of her place.

They were having dinner together,but then suddenly Sun Mi showed up in front of her door. Seo Won made Phil Hoon hid in the closet. Sun Mi came to Seo Won because she had something burdening her heart and mind. She brought many alcohol and had a heart to heart conversation with Seo Won. And the night was longer as Sun Mi invited Ms.Jang to come down there and join them. So Phil Hoon was stuck in the closet listening to the girls had a heart to heart talk all night. But he got to know Seo Won’s feelings better as she intentionally spoke out her feelings and thought with Sun Mi and Ms.Jang to let Phil Hoon listen to what she was saying. And Phil Hoon did spend the night in the closet.


In the morning, before going to work, Phil Hoon stopped by his house while Seo Won was waiting for her in his car. Phil Hoon’s parents thought their son just came back from traveling,but Phil Hoon just went straight to his point. He asked his father if he knew JJ. Mr.Han got panic and asked where he heard that name. Phil Hoon showed her father the picture of Woo Hyeok and then asked who was Mr.Choi. Mr.Han said that JJ was Mr.Choi’s son. And then Phil Hoon confessed to his father that he was an NIS agent. “Your son, Han Phil Hoon, is an NIS agent. Are you, Father, a bad person(criminal)?” Mr.Han was upset and just left the room.
This event was very hard for Phil Hoon. As he came back to the car, he couldn’t hold to cry. Thankfully Seo Won was there to hug him while he was crying.



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