7th Grade civil Servant Episode 8 Summary

This episode, 7th Grade Civil Servant, started with the emotional hug under the snow. And as we knew, Do Ha watched the scene…definitely officially broken-hearted.

Seo Won walked back with Phil Hoon after Phil Hoon’s wounds were treated, at the hospital I suppose. And then the idea of get some dinner came up. Seo Won offered a dinner in her place..but wait, the parents were still there. The hilarious couple Mr.& Mrs. Kim were caught in an intense serious card game. So quickly back to our new couple, still on the street.Phil Hoon was making a try to get a kiss from Seo Won, but she wasn’t that easy.



She said, “Let’s just like other, but don’t get to love.” And Phil Hoon noted it, checking the exact date and time of that moment, “Let’s remember. This is the first time the word ‘love’ came out of your lips.” Then Seo Won said her favorite man was Won Bin in the movie “Ajeossi.” Well, yeahhh… And Phil Hoon got this idea of buying Seo Won new clothes. Wait, really? Aren’t you the one whose shirt covers with blood? AND,do they really have to have this kdrama-must-have-scene where the guy bought nice clothes for his girl??


Then I guess it’s about as soon as the next days. Seo Won already sat in one table with Phil Hoon in a meeting. So that means she was back to her position in the company, that fast. Oh yeah, when your bf is the crown prince of the company.

Trainer Kim and Trainer Jang still discussed about Han Joo Man and Han Gil Ro/Phil Hoon’s situation, especially after the previous attack on Phil Hoon.

Seo Won and Phil Hoon were having their first official date: they were on the wheel, but unlike their previous drive. This one was romantic. Phil Hoon tried to get Seo Won’s hand to hold it, but Seo Won let it go in Phil Hoon’s several attempts. But at the end she gave up and let Phil Hoon get her hand. Phil Hoon came up with an idea of traveling. “I won’t go for 2 Days 1 Night. I’m okay with 3 Days 2 nights or 4 says 3 nights.” Seo Won surprisingly agreed on the traveling idea. Phil Hoon was so surprised that he suddenly stopped the car. When he finally ran the car again he asked for confirmation, “We’re really going? Traveling.”
Seo Won said yes. “3 days 2 nights? 4 days 3 nights?” asked Phil Hoon. Then Seo Won gave him a good challenge, “Which one is good?” As a man, of course Phil Hoon enthusiastically said, “5 days 4 nights…!” “You like it? Okay then, I just need to meet your parents first.”
And Phil Hoon suddenly stopped his car for the second time. When Phil Hoon objected the idea, Seo Won asked if she’s embarrasing for him. Phil Hoon said it’s his parents. But he promised to talk to his mom and then they could rearrange their traveling.

The couple finally stopped in a restaurant. Phil Hoon knew that he also had to meet Seo Won’s parents once again, this time in a proper manner. But the picture was already scary for Phil Hoon remembering the last time.
In their conversation, Phil Hoon asked if they would still have quarrel moment in the future. Seo Won said they will, even the big quarrel moment. “When that day come, please trust my sincerity,” said Seo Won. Phil Hoon then said that he thought that day won’t come. Because for him their quarrels were always because him not trusting her, “But now I trust you in everything.”
Seo Won let Phil Hoon drank beers, but it was kind of too much. Because of this, Seo Won had to drive them both back. But the problem was, Seo Won was a really really bad driver and almost got them both killed. Phil Hoon scolded her and it just made Seo Won upset and got crazy driving that red car.

Seo Won was not yet finish with the car until she could park it well. Phil Hoon was giving her guidance in parking,but kind of lost his patient easily and it frustrated Seo Won. She decided to leave. Phil Hoon had to persuade her not to get upset…in a more mature way.
Phil Hoon’s intention was actually good behind his scolds, that’s what he was trying to remind Seo Won. She got the point and stopped being upset. She said they should have kimbab after this. And Phil Hoon literally scooped her and carried her running back to the parking lot. This time Phil Hoon persuaded Seo Won to finish the parking in a nicer way. And when he opened the car door fo her he said, “Whenever I opened this door for you in the future, you should know that means ‘i’m sorry’ ‘i was wrong’ ‘i’m not going to do that again’.” “When in the future I don’t say anything, that means you don’t have to apologize and my heart is saying it all,” said Seo Won. And that left Phil Hoon thinking and asked her in a serious confusion, “So this moment, are you saying or not saying it?” Seo Won just said, “Are you getting on or not?”


Mi Rae was having dinner with the guy. They’re discussing about what to do with their plan. The guy said if they just killed them all, they wouldn’t get what Woo Hyeok actually wanted. But Mi Rae said they didn’t need their apology. They just need to have Han Joo Man did his job well, so they wouldn’t be needing Han Phil Hoon in anyway.

Phil Hoon was back to his room and checked on the notebook he got from Seo Won’s father when he beat him last time. The notebook turned out to be his proposal on green conservation –sort of– in their village. And Phil Hoon seemed to be interested in the idea.

The NIS team was having a meeting. The indicate that Mr.Han, the late Woo Hyeok, Mi Rae and the guy I still didn’t get the name yet, as one team. But they still wasn’t sure about the young guy until Seo Won told them that she saw him talking with Mi Rae before.

Meanwhile Phil Hoon, in his office, was trying to talk to his mother about his girl friend. Phil Hoon didn’t tell is mother the whole truth when she asked about Seo Won and her family. Then she said that Phil Hoon should go to her parents first. In her traditional way of thinking about man-woman relationship, a man should meet the woman’s parents first, then the woman should go to the meet the man’s parents. If both families agreed on their relationship then they could continue on to the next level.
“It’s not that we are getting married,” said Phil Hoon. “Then why are you in a relationship? So you’re just dating without getting married?” asked Mrs.Han. Phil Hoon said they would, but still didn’t know yet. When this mother and son’s conversation was not over yet, the father came out. Mrs.Han told her husband enthusiasticaly about their son’s having a gf to introduce. But Mr.Han seemed not to care. What he said was that Phil Hoon to go abroad to study more about their business with in his friend’s company. And he’s very serious in what he’s saying.

The NIS small teams were off to mission because Mr.Han and Mi RAe were making a move. Sun Mi and Do Ha were in charge for tailing both people.  Apparently, behind Won Seok’s back, Do Ha was meeting NIS Higher. That man asked Do Ha to make a separate report to him everything about their mission, because he knew Kim Won Seok wouldn’t do such a thing to him. So he kind of asked Do Ha to ‘betrayed’ his Team Leader Kim and it’s a difficul secret mission for Do Ha. But he owed that man his life before, so Do Ha had no option. Do Ha was making the report about Mr.Han and Mi Rae’s meeting, when suddenly he saw Han Gil Ro walked in to the restaurant.


Phil Hoon came in to the room in the middle of meetinf, saying that he was meeting a friend there when he saw his father’s car, so he just wanted to say hi. Mi Rae invited him to joined them, but Mr.Han hushed him away in a harsh possible way. He even threw Phil Hoon a cup. The upset Phil Hoon was having a hard time trying to understand his father’s real intention.


Meanwhile Trainer Jang and Seo Won were out having a drink. Trainer Jang was trying to dig Seo Won’s feelings towards Gil Ro. Then Trainer Jang shared her sad love story in the past. For women like them, having their men trust their true feelings is a really difficult thing. But Seo Won believed Phil Hoon would trust her because her feelings was sincere.


The young terrorist guy was on his action again. From the top of a nearby building from the restaurant, he was ready as a sniper. From his tele, he could see Phil Hoon and both agents. And what he did was to hit Do Ha’s car for a distraction, so they would miss when the meeting was over.

The tired Kim Won Seok came home just to find his wife being so lovely for she had a favour to ask. She asked him to make a spare time to check on schools for their daughter. But then they found out that their daughter had a box of cigarette in her bag.


Seo Won came to the office that morning and found a box of present from Phil Hoon. It’s a Samsum tab. And when she turned it on, the screen showed her the step-by-step instruction of parking a car. Ooooowwwh so sweeet. And that night, Phil Hoon walked Seo Won to her house to make a proper greeting to her parents as a boy friend. Phil hoon introduced himself as Han Gil Ro. The parents required the official bow. Gil Ro did it joyfully, but the parents couldn’t hold themselves from commenting Gil Ro’s incorrect hand folding during the bow and they did make it a big deal. What Gil Ro did was he had his left hand below the right hand, which was actually supposed to be the opposite. Because in Korean bowing culture, the way man and woman bows is very different and it goes to the detail of every gesture. Seo Won’s parents acted like they always did, including the never-ending argument between themselves. Seo Won had reminded them not to call her Kyeong Ja in front of anyone, but to call her Jeong Won. Her father was a having a little problem remembering that, and it made him nervous that he said accept Gil Ro’s greeting so he could go then.


But Gil Ro had something to tell him: the proposal for the green conservation project. Seo Won’s father was more than happy and full spirit listening to Gil Ro’s presentation. Gil Ro got Seo Won’s father’s heart right away. And that’s not all yet. Gil Ro also knew how to get the mother’s heart. He gave Mrs. Kim a present which was a cosmetic that if she used it for a month, she would look much much younger than her real age.

When Seo Won walked Gil Ro downstair, Do Ha saw the scene. Seo Won showed Gil Ro that she had learned the parking instruction well. And Gil Ro leaned towards her, nicely saying, “Seo Won-a, thanks, for keeping the doll’s sleeping position.” But Gil Ro didn’t know that he forgot his mobile on the table.
After Gil Ro left, Do Ha showed up in front of Seo Won, saying that he came because he worried about her. Do Ha wanted Seo Won to get his gun. He told Seo Won that Gil Ro was there during Mr.Han’s secret meeting. “And one more,” said Do Ha. “Please don’t do this one thing with Gil Ro anymore.” “What kind of thing?” asked Seo Won. And Do Ha hugged her. in the same time, Gil Ro was already back to get his mobile and saw the scene right before his eyes.



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