7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 16 Summary

7th Grade Civil Servant this episode started where Phil Hoon was crying in Seo Won’s arms in the car right out side his parents’ house.

And then the scene jump to the interrogation room where J was still sitting alone.An officer suddenly came and released his handcuff. He was officially released.

Phil Hoon and Seo Won went into an exhibiton place where the theme was love. They had a serious conversation there, regarding the case. Phil Hoon asked what should he do with the document. SEo Won asked him back what would he think be the best thing. Phil Hoon offered to investigate it further together.


Phil Hoon shared an information with Seo Won. He said that he saw a memo when Mi Rae received an incentives. In the memo, there was a name of a Thailand based company chairman, Choi Heung Soo. Seo Won asked if that information was important. So he said the point: “JJ is Choi Heung Soo’s son, Choi Woo Hyeok.” Seo Won found the information as very important and she wondered why he had not shared this with others. Phil Hoon was considering his father. Seo Won tried to be a good girlfriend and colleague by saying that he could pray for the best for his father as a son and as an NIS. Seo Won was actually receving text messages but she didn’t tell Phil Hoon whom it was for. Then Phil Hoon told her that he had tried to search about Choi Heung Soo in NIS file, even hacked the database, but failed. Seo Won said she would help through a more proper way. So the next thing Phil Hoon wanted to do was to find out who actually Kim Mi Rae was, why they were trying to kill his father, and the most important thing was his father involvement matter.

Mi Rae was having a secret meeting with Mr.Oh in the park.So Mr.Oh actually knew that one of Mi Rae’s most important mission was to have Kim Won Seok die. Their deal was pretty much like this: Mi Rae gave the information about their international trade of secret hich tech weapon projects, and Mr.Oh would help them kill Kim Won Seok.


Seo Won and Phil Hoon were meeting their old batch who worked for international division to help them digging information related to Choi Heung Soo.

Kim Won Seok was having a down mood these days. That day he even off to work very late that his wife found that unusual. Then she asked about their plan moving to US. Mr.Kim said that they’re not going to US, he can’t go because he had something to do. His wife knew that she couldn’t get any reason for that, so his wife ended up very upset.

Phil Hoon was having a coffee with Seo Won when he heard Seo Won’s phone kept having a message alert. He was so curious about the sender, but Seo Won still didn’t want to tell him anything. Their conversation then lead to Phil Hoon’s demand to get Seo Won’s phone password. Seo Won refused. Phil Hoon agreed for their privacy,but still curious about the text sender which he knew that it’s not from Trainer Kim or Trainer JAng. Their date was finally ruined.


Mi Rae was meeting J. They knew their mission was not finish yet because Kim Won Seok was still alive.

In the office, Do Ha started to notice that he’s being outcasted. He felt that works had been less-busy, so he asked Trainer Jang if there’s really nothing important to do with the team. Trainer Jang just played her role well.

Phil Hoon was sending Seo Won’s home in a bad mood. Seo Won felt sorry, so she took Phil Hoon to have a grilled pork and a conversation with him. This time when Seo Won got another text, she finally showed it to Phil Hoon. Apparently, it was all card notice. So her salary was used for supporting the whole family’s life: the parents and Min Ho, including everything about their needs. Phil Hoon asked her to think about herself too,but Seo Won said he knew she couldn’t do that.

Sun Mi came to the office to bring Do Ha a lunch box of fruits. She asked what kind of a person he really was and if there’s something he did that he didn’t want to do. But Do Ha was acting as Do Ha, cold. He was about to go back to work when Sun Mi said sorry to him.

Phil Hoon’s father was acting weird. He put on the watch from his son and said something like “goodbye” words to his wife. He went to the police, to make a report. But the NIS, Mr.Oh, got this report soon and ordered his subordinate to cut it. So later on, Mr.Han was confused by the police who said that there’s no such a thing as he reported: the high tech weapon had never been found, Kim Mi Rae was not exist in the file, and even NIS said there’s no such a case.


In the office, Phil Hoon showed Seo Won the new bank account he had made: the couple account. He arranged an account for them to save a little bit of money from their earning, each the same amount, for their traveling abroad plan.Seo Won decided to keep the book, Phil Hoon argued her. And while they were arguing, Trainer Kim came in. They immediately pretended to argue about something else. Trainer Kim asked why they always fight and if they’re a couple. Phil Hoon and SEo Won of course said that they’re not. But then Trainer Kim said that being a couple is okay, but don’t ever live together because marriage was internal tortured.


SEo Won and Phil Hoon were out of the office to meet their old batch again to get the infor they asked. In the file said that Mr.Choi and his whole family was reported dead: he, his wife, and two sons: Choi Woo Hyeok and Choi Woo Jin. And Mr.Choi’s partner, Mr.Kim, also experienced the same case: he and his whole family was reported dead. And that Mr.Kim got a daughter, but her name was Kim Eun Ee. Seo Won seemed to get a clue about this whole thing. She shared her thought with Phil Hoon that the person they had arrested was Choi Woo Jin. And as the children were actually alive, this case had been a revenge mission for those children.
Seo Won asked Trainer Jang for a help to get the sample of Woo Jin’s DNA test result. Since Trainer Jang was upset of what Seo Won had asked her to do, Phil Hoon stepped in and explained everything.

Meanwhile Mi Rae and J, or now we should call him Woo Jin, was ready for their big mission: killing Kim Won Seok.

In his own marriage, Kim Won Seok was facing a crisis. His wife was talking about divorce. For Mrs.Kim, the point was not they’re not going to US, but the fact that Kim Won Seok always put her and their daughter as well as their marriage as the second most important thing in his life, not the first.


In the office, Trainer JAng, Phil Hoon and Seo Won were having a private meeting. The DNA test result showed that the mysterious young guy and JJ were brothers. They were Choi Woo Hyeok and Choi Woo Jin. In the middle of this meeting, while Trainer Jang was still startled, Phil Hoon got a report from his friend that Choi Woo Jin had been released. Phil Hoon and Seo Won realized that Trainer Kim’s life might be in danger,but they didn’t tell this to Trainer Jang. They let Trainer Jang went to the headquarter to ask about Choi Woo Jin’s dismissal. Then Seo Won tried to call Mr.Kim,but his phone was busy. So Seo Won and Phil Hoon ran out to search for Trainer Kim.


Apparently, Mr.Oh was setting up Kim Won Seok, saying that he would meet him somewhere in the park. He called Won Seok, pretending that he’s still on the way. From his expression, he seemed to feel sorry and he actually said sorry to Mr.Kim. Meanwhile at another part of the park, Woo Jin was ready with his gun to kill Kim Won Seok. Thankfully Phil Hoon and Seo Won could trace Kim Won Seok’s whereabout from their tracking signal. Kim Won Seok was looking at their family picture when Seo Won finally could reach his phone. She told him right away that the young man was Choi Woo Jin, choi Heung Soo’s son and the brother of Choi Woo Hyeok. Kim Won Seok just dropped his phone.

Not long after that, Woo Jin approached him and straightly pointed a gun towards him. Mr.Kim stood up and walked closer to Woo Jin. “Are you really Woo Jin?” he asked in teary eyes. He remembered the crying little Woo Jin along time ago. “You have lived.” Woo Jin hesitated to pull the trigger and seemed to be touched by Kim Won Seok’s tears. But he remembered his brother’s words long ago when they’re still in Thailand that one day, if he’s finally get in to a face to face situation with the NIS old guys and those guys were shedding tears, Woo Jin shouldn’t be distracted by their tears because it’s an evil tears.


Woo Jin was about to pull the trigger when suddenly Phil Hoon called out for Kim Won Seok’s name. He got distracted, but Mr.Kim didn’t do anything to tackle him.Woo Jin did shoot Kim Won Seok a couple of times, but none was directly towards his heart. Seo Won and Phil Hoon tried to save thier team leader first rather than running after Woo Jin.


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