7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 3 Summary

Seo Won was still on that chair connected to the lie-detector machine. She told Gil Ro that her father was a diplomat, her mother works in a gallery and brothers in high school, all complete information as well as address and ID number. And everything was detected as truth.

Gil Ro was surprised. Kim Won Seok decided to speak and scold Seo Won that she’s not suppose to tell such truth about her personal information, so he gave her a penalty.

When everyone is out of the room, the two trainers concluded that Seo Won might have be a person who’s in category A, which was the category of a psychopath. She could fool the machine, but of course not the trainers since both of them knew her identity. And as for Gong Do Ha, they concluded him as in category B: he kind of had the gene to be a liar. But anyway, the trainers saw both cases as an X factor which could be a benefit when both agents are put in a mission.


Gil Ro was still bugging Seo Won during the gambling training, but again, Seo Won managed to send him away. It’s during the shooting training was Gil Ro’s time to show off his great skill. But of course he had a tight competition with Gong Do Ha, who after the assessment was announced to get the perfect score.

While Do Ha was trying to make a good impression in front of Seo Won in the common room, Gil Ro came to Kim Won Seok to make a personal complaint about his shooting score. “I’m supposed to get 100 point,” demanded Gil Ro. He also demanded his trainer to re-check the target paper again and correct his mark for Gil Ro. Won Seok advised him not to put forward his ego and to remember that the important point was as an NIS agent he could protect his colleagues with the gun or not. But Gil Ro was so stubborn that his trainer must kick him out of the room to make him stop and go out.


And Gil Ro had to bear another bugging scene the whole day in the training: Gong Do Ha and Seo Won looked so close to each other.


Since Gil Ro and Do Ha seemed to have different oppinions in fighting training, Kim Won Seok told them to show whose opinion was most effective. Gil Ro won the fight, but just to later on be humiliated by Won seok when he put Gil Ro against him in the next fight. He kicked Gil Ro “down there” and made him K.O. and be dragged out of the training field.


Mr.Han was making a business deal with the most wanted terrorist Choi Woo Hyeok. Meanwhile Seo Won’s parents were arguing about taking important positions in village that they got offered from the villagers: the father as the head of village, and the mother as the head of women association.

In the door-unlocking training, Kim Won Seok asked Do Ha if he would do anything bad if it’s for the country’s sake. He told him to sing,but he sang the national antheme badly. So he challenged other people,but no one would humiliate him/herself singing in front of the batch. But not long until Won Seok said there would be a “500” bonus (he showed an envelope) that Seo Won instantly volunteered herself to sing and even dance. Everyone enjoyed her performance but when everyone started to leave the room and Seo won check on her money, it was really “500” instead on “500,000” won. Gil Ro enjoyed Seo Won’s embarassing moment.


In the standing party-training, inside a very high-tech virtual room, everyone dressed just like they’re in real ballroom. When the girls showed up, two people fixed their eyes on one woman only (Seo Won) : Gil Ro and Do Ha. Seo Won looked very gorgeous in that gown. And then the trainers told them to pick up their partners. Do Ha of course walked directly to Seo Won and they almost became a happy couple until Gil Ro came between them, “I’m not here for you,” he referred Seo Won, “i’m here to ask you to be my partner,” he said to Do Ha. “The number of woman are small anyway, so there should be a man partnering with a man.” While the three were still stuck in the boys’ quarrel, NIS higher found out about Gil Ro’s father involvement in something like large-vessel patent business and Gil Ro as the crown prince of the business.


Won Seok saw the scene in the ballroom and picked up Gil Ro and also managed to take Seo Won with him. Won Seok told Gil Ro to call his father as Mr.Han reported him as missing. After Gil Ro was out to call home, Won Seok told Seo Won to tell his father not to cause any problem: her father made a kind of protest in the town council. Both Gil Ro and Seo won made a call to each of their father. Gil Ro finished earlier so he could overhear Seo Won’s hardship with her father.


When they both were back to the ballroom, Do Ha was already a partner to another man, Soo Yeong’s admirer. While Soo Yeong had to be a partner of the sassy girl Sun Mi. There’s no option for them to be partner for each other. Meanwhile NIS highers were discussing what they should do about Mr.Han and one of them decided to dismiss Gil Ro from NIS.

It’s a pay day for everyone. Won Seok decided to hold a practical training: gambling. He joined the crowd and challenged every table and ended up winning. Then when people started to avoid him, he announced that anyone who could win over him would be granted a day-off, and Seo Won who got a personal agenda, immediately volunteered to take the challenge. But she’s born with good talent in gambling, she won the game. But as the game continued, Seo Won became over confidence and reckless. She lost the game and lost all her money. Seo Won begged for her money and cried, but Won Seok was no mercy.


Seo Won left the room with disgrace and Gil Ro couldn’t handle it seeing her that way. He caught Seo Won and scolded her for having no self respect for crying for money. So Gil Ro went back in to the room. Won Seok actually had call it a day, but Gil Ro challenged him. His challenge was: if Trainer Kim lose the game, he should return all the money he got from Gil Ro’s batch-mates. And Won Seok’s challenge was: if Gil Ro lose the game, he should be out of NIS.
Gil Ro took the challenge and managed to get more chips from his friends after he promised to return them whatever happened. The game was intense. Gil Ro lost the first round. Everyone started to get worry. On the second round, Won Seok’s confidence was high, and but Gil Ro stayed calm. The bet was getting higher. But Gil Ro was so good in identifying his opponent’s body gesture and read that Won Seok was actually nervous. So he decided to bring all his chips on the table and said the words: “All in.” Everyone was taking their breath.




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I know i’m behind the schedule as it’s already Monday but still have another episode to go from last week. But I stick to this drama and will never miss writing the summary, even though I’m a bit late.

In this episode, the x-factor of each leading character is shown more detail. We now know that the obnoxious Gil Ro aka Pil Hoon could be a gentleman when he’s needed and he’s a bright young man as well. Though he’s not calm like Do Ha, he had the gut to speak out his true mind and could keep his cool head in an intense situation. As Do Ha, the trainers made a good point when they describe this young man.

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