7th Grade civil Servant Episode 4 Summary

The tension on the poker game was high. Trainer Kim tried to discouraged Gil Ro till the very end of the game. But Gil Ro had no intention to give up and told him that he had a strong faith in his colleagues. And Gil Ro’s self confidence was paid off, he won the game.


When everyone was out of the room, Gil Ro approached Seo Won. He said all he wanted was for her not to cry because of money and because of other things too. He also said that he wanted to make a misunderstanding between them. Seo Won said there’s no misunderstanding between them. “I misunderstood you,” Gil Ro said.But before he could continue, Trainer Kim came hitting his head and said, “My ears didn’t move because I got bad cards.” And then he left. Gil Ro continued his conversation with Seo Won, “I misunderstood you because gilrs who did match-making with me all run away,but you’re not.” Then he suddenly realized what Trainer Kim was saying so he excused himself from Seo Won immediately and ran back to the gambling room. He found out that Trainer Kim not just got a pair of Kings, but got four Kings, which meant he actually won.

When Trainer Kim was back to his room, his higher awaited him. His main purpose was to make Kim Won Seok fired Gil Ro because his father was making a business deal with the terrorist. Kim Won Seok said he would find a way,but not to just fire Han Phil Hoon without any reason. And just in the right moment, Gil Ro came in. He complained about how Trainer Kim pretended to lose the game over him. Kim Won Seok said it’s part of the training. “You fell for my sign very easily. There’s no such a thing as an easy-to-get information. If there’s such, it must be a trap.” Gil Ro sincerely said thank you and pledged to be the best agent like him.

In the girls dorm, Seo Won was having a problem when Sun Mi challenged her for a private fight because she got a bad point for not supporting Gil Ro. Seo Won was ready with the rolled-newspaper. Sun Mi was ready in the shower room with water were flowing so no one could hear them from outside. Seo Won was ready but turned out that Sun Mi apologized and share Seo Won the reason why she’s being vicious.

That night, Gil Ro whose room was just above Seo won’s got an idea of making the wire-and-cup telephone. He told Seo Won not to pay him for the car. And then he continued what he couldn’t finish earlier. He started with the same sentence where he said that gilrs who did match-making with him all run away. “I thought if there’s a girl who’s not running away, she’d be my fate. But there you were, sitting there.” Seo Won kind of knew where it led, she tried to avoid the rest of the conversation but she stayed as Gil Ro continued.


“That’s why I hated you. My fate girl is someone who’s going around to get a rich boy.” Seo Won said it didn’t matter she is or is not that kind of girl. Gil Ro agreed. “I like another style. The woman who worked three types of part time jobs, who doesn’t ask money from home. The woman whose school loan is so high but she’s not interested in rich boys like me. I like that kind of woman.” Until this moment, Seo Won was still listening. But as Gil Ro continued and asked Seo Won to give him a reply, Seo Won was already gone.

That night, three NIS agent were following Mr.Han in the plan of busting him red-handed making a deal with Choi, the terrorist. In a glimpse, Choi had his reason why he hated NIS people personally. When he was a kid, his father was in danger and he begged NIS agents to save his father, but they didn’t care. Choi caught in one on one fight with Trainer Kim’s friend. He got shot, but with the help of his partner, he managed to kill that NIS partner. Choi eventually died in hand of his buddies, whom for him already like his real siblings. His last word to them was simple, “Kill him.”


Trainer Kim was so devastated by the death of his buddy. He almost lost control of himself refusing to continue as a trainer. But because Trainer Jang, who was also devastated, kept trying to convince him to stay, they both stay and continued their work.
The next training was drinking (alcohol). All trainees and trainers got drunk, except for Trainer Jang. For Trainer Kim it’s his way to overcome his sadness. But he ended up crying alone in the toilet. When he got back from the toilet, he made Seo Won sing and dance for her batch. And as Seo Won started to sing Secret’s “Starlight Moonlight” everyone joined her on the floor, dancing and singing.


In the training camp the training started to be more serious. This time they got a military training, especially for the skill of flying with parachute. Gil Ro had a plan related to paint he had asked a senior agent. Gil Ro and Seo Won’s got the last turn. Before jumping, Gil Ro turned off Seo Won’s signal to the trainers and he made it to be their private signal.
Gil Ro made that day to be Seo Won’s birthday. So he sang “Happy birthday to you” for Seo Won and flew down from Seo Wom so she could see his parachute from above. There’s a writing “Happy Birthday!” that he dedicated it especially for her. When they landed safely, Gil Ro just said, “Seo Won-a, the wind feels good.” And Seo won got Gil Ro bringing her parachute for her.


On their rest time, Seo Won discussed about her plan to leave NIS for pursuing her broadcast carreer. Gil Ro supported her, he said she should live the way she wanted to live her life. But he wanted to know more about her true identity: real name, real birthday, etc. He told her that his real name was Han Pil Hoon, but Seo Won just gave him a smile. He asked if the moment she told him the truth about her would come one day. Seo Won said maybe by the time she finally get out of NIS.

Kim Won Seok visited by his higher. He told Won Seok that Phil Hoon’s father contributed in his partner’s death.

Seo Won and gil Ro was enjoying themselves practicing ballroom dance for they’re having exam the next day. Suddenly Trainer Kim came and asked Gil Ro to sign a document. “From this moment, you are dismissed from NIS,” said Trainer Kim. He had lots of reasons why Gil Ro was suddenly kicked out and most of them were regulations which Gil Ro had violated during the training. Seo Won felt it’s unfair and all his batch cried while sending him away. Do Ha stopped Seo won from following Gil Ro, but she did run to catch him and bid a proper goodbye to Gil Ro. “I don’t know the real you, even your real name,” said Gil Ro. “I know your name,” said Seo Won. Gil Ro stepped out of NIS with his head down and tears streaming down his face. Heavy rain just worsen the mood.


Gil Ro spent the rest of his day in the night club. When he woke up in the morning, he found himself in a strange hotel room. Surprisingly, it was Trainer Kim whom he found just finished having shower. Then Trainer Kim said he’s under a top secret mission. Gil Ro was confused at first, but then was very excited that he wasn’t really fired and put in a very high-risk mission already. Trainer Kim ordered him to watch over someone special: his own father. Trainer Kim then explained the whole situation to Gil Ro. So all Gil Ro had to do was just go back home and started being the crown prince working for his father.


And Gil Ro started his day as Han Phil Hoon who worked for his father. He started as the head of a department, which Mi Rae, Choi Woo Hyeok’s loyal right hand, was the Director. Gil Ro just tried to work well in both his job and his undercover mission.

A year passed. The company was holding an interview for new employees. Mi Rae was a strict Director and Gil Ro (or should we call him Phil Hoon now?) kept his attitude well in front of her. Until he saw the next interviewee who stepped in the room. A familiar voice started to speak as she sat, “Hi, my name is Kim Jeong Won.” And Gil Ro saw a familiar face on the form in his hand: Kim Seo Won he once knew.


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Does anyone notice the music scoring which reminds us so much of Gaksital’s?

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