Arang and Magistrate Episode 1-2 Summary

I’ve been paying attention to Arang and Magistrate drama, but since its airing time is the same as “Gaksital” I have to put it aside for awhile. But not until today I had time to write the summary of this amusing but touching drama.

I’m gonna make it quick.

A young man named Kim Eun Oh was walking in woods the middle of the night with his maid. He’s walking far away from home to look for his mother who had been gone for three years. Meanwhile in the same area, some ghosts were trying to flee from the angel of deaths after those ghost were making a scene with humans. And there she was Arang, who was also running for her (after)life from the Reaper. She and the Reaper were running towards Eun Oh, and that young man, who actually could see them just pretended not to see anything.

Suddenly it was raining and Eun Oh and his maid found a shelter in a shed. They’re staying for the night there. Meanwhile Arang, freeing from the Reaper, she also got wet from the pouring rain and found a shelter in the same shed as Eun Oh. Being able to see Arang who was going to strip down her hanbok to dry it, Eun Oh was almost got caught by Arang for seeing her. But he did his best in acting to be indifferent. He kept saying in his mind, “I don’t see. I don’t see.”

Thankfully Arang put on her hanbok back and decided to share her story to the young man, even though she thought he couldn’t hear her. Eun Oh found it annoying and kept saying in his mind, “I don’t hear anything. I don’t hear anything.” She told him that she’s been lingering in this world as a ghost for 3 years without remembering anything, not even her name, let alone how she died.

Eun Oh pretended to get sleepy and thought it’d make him free from Arang. But he’s wrong because Arang decided to lay down just right next to him.

Next day when he woke up, Arang wasn’t there anymore. So this young man finally arrived at a town called Milyang to look for his mother. When he got there the city just got its arrogant homecoming Lord Choi, who thought he acted as if a King of the territory reminding that Milyang was far away from the capital city, and his mystically weird but handsome only-son, Choi Joo Wal. This man was looking for a woman to be his wife, but sometimes I thought he’s just looking for a particular woman, and he as well as his father was so concern about the full moon that is coming soon.

There’re many ghosts in that town and Eun Oh couldn’t avoid when a group of them asking him for a help. Eun Oh told them to just go away and helping them is not his business nor his interest at all. And Arang saw the scene and found out that the young man could actually see her. But to her surprise, he wasn’t just be able to see ghost, but touch them as real as touching flesh. Knowing his ability, Arang begged him to help her finding out about her past, but Eun Oh just told her to go to the town’s Magistrate instead of him. The problem was, the town has no Magistrate yet, and Eun Oh just indifferently said, “If I were the Magistrate, I’d help you.” So Arang found her way.

The town was looking for the Magistrate. They’re kind of desperate that they didn’t even set any requirement for it. This responsibility was on the shoulder of these three town-administrators. Arang went to the lady Shaman who could hear her but couldn’t see her. She told the Lady Shaman to go to these three men and told them there’s a young man they could take as a Magistrate but his life would end in the hand of Arang soon that very night.

The desperate 3 men kidnapped Eun Oh and kept him in the room inside the Magistrate mansion. Arang came to Eun Oh, but still Eun Oh refused to help her and dislike the idea of him as the town Magistrate. The next day, the three men just found out that Eun Oh was the son of Lord Kim from the capital, who was the former Prime Minister. So they decided not to touch him anymore.

Arang talked to the Lady Shaman about Eun Oh’s refusal and that Lady Shaman said maybe it’s because she wasn’t pretty. So Arang made the Shaman steal some women stuffs in the market that she would make as an offering for Arang…which was going to be Arang’s new clothes and stuffs. But too bad she got caught and Arang helped her by knocking down the guards. So there they come again the angel of deaths. Arang had to run away again from the Reaper.

Just when Eun Oh thought he could go back to his personal matter, he was seeing Arang was running away again from the Reaper. He was about to ignore the scene when he was Arang’s hair skewer, which he recognized as his mother’s because he was the one who gave it to her. So Eun Oh decided to save Arang from the Reaper.

Without telling Arang the truth about the hair skewer, Eun Oh told her that he would be the Magistrate and would help her. His first task was to draw her face. But Eun Oh was no artist and his efforts was useless. His drawings were terrible. Even calling a painter didn’t help. Then he told Arang maybe instead of trying to get her picture, they just need to know the place where she died. Arang said she had no idea about that because when she woke up she’s already on the road to the next world. She managed to flee from the Reaper because the red rope was loosen itself so she could be free. When Arang said she sometimes felt her hurt on her side chest, she thought maybe she was murdered, was stabbed by something. So Eun Oh ordered the 3 men to get him all the last 3 years autopsy records of women murder cases. But he found nothing.

The 3 men reported about the new Magistrate to Lord Choi. Apparently, Eun Oh’s father was the person who made Lord Choi demited back to his hometown. But Lord Choi let Eun Oh be the Magistrate but told the 3 men to keep their eyes on him.

On the Heavenly world. The Jade Emperor got another failure report from the Reaper. It seemed that the Heavenly Lords really wanted Arang to get there soon. She sounded very important, but still didn’t know why. The Underworld Master (something like Hades) asked how her red rope could loosen in the first place, but Jade Emperor just gave a smirk and said, “I will finally get her.”

Arang was out fighting for the food-for-the-wandering-ghosts with other ghosts when Eun Oh was looking around his new Magistrate mansion. He finally found an empty girl’s room but someone kept it neat and when he met the mansion keeper lady he found out that Arang was the missing daughter of the late magistrate, Lee Seo Rim. When Arang came back, Eun Oh immediately showed her her old room. But too bad, she still couldn’t remember anything.

But another story they heard from the 3 men. They said rumor had it that Seo Rim went missing three years ago went running away with a low class man, even though she’s engaged with someone. Seo Rim father went insane and then died after she’s gone. Hearing the sad story of her life, Arang or Seo Rim felt sad. Then she thought they should meet her fiancee. Eun Oh strictly refused the idea, but seeing that hair skewer again, he changed his mind and agreed to help her meeting her fiancee. “But then he will find out that you can see ghost,” said Arang. “I’m gonna work on that matter,” said Eun Oh, but regretted his word after turning back.

Lee Seo Rim’s fiancee was the mysterious Choi Joo Wal. Arang and Eun Oh were already out side Choi’s mansion and could see that man from behind the fence on his quarter. When Arang saw him, she felt her heart thumping like crazy, so she pulled back Eun Oh from there…by force. Eun Oh was so upset. It was so hard for him to agree to meet that man, but when they’re there, Arang said she couldn’t see him now.

In the drinking place (Eun Oh got a private drinking room), Arang drank too many makgeolli. “I don’t want to see him in this condition. I want to look like a lady in front of the man I liked,” she said desperately. Eun Oh tried to hold his emotion when saying, “He DOESN’T see you. He cannot see you!” But Arang insisted. She wanted someone do a service for her to give her some new clothes and woman stuffs so she could look more beautiful. Arang was totally drunk and it left Eun Oh no option but to take her to the Lady Shaman. It’s so funny that Eun Oh had to carry the drunken ghost on his back in a full effort. “How could you be so heavy when you’re drunk, but you were as light as the air when I grabbed you up to the horse the other time?” complained Eun Oh as he was trying to cross the bridge to reach the Shaman’s house.

Eun Oh gave lady Shaman a good money to do the service to give Arang new clothes and stuffs by tomorrow. But she needed Arang’s measurement. As a bachelor man and virgin ghost, Eun Oh and Arang felt awkward about touching and being touched. The first measurement needed was the breast! Arang decided to do it herself and then whispered her numbers to the Shaman. But funnily, the lady Shaman screamed it out. She’s 33″. Eun Oh couldn’t hold his giggling. And he had to do the rest of the measurement. As he was doing it, they’re so close and the Magistrate felt something weird inside his chest. When they’re finished, Arang left first and Eun Oh was going home alone trying to shrug away the feeling, “Ahhh, I must be crazy. I must be crazy.” Arang watched him from the roof.

Later that night, Eun Oh was already asleep when he felt the familiar breeze. Arang appeared right in front of him. Eun Oh just responded her indifferently. “Every ghost has its grudge to linger in this world. Magistrate, do you what is my grudge?” asked Arang. Eun Oh just asked her what in a sleepy mode. “Being never been kissed is my grudge,” said Arang. She leaned closer and Eun Oh opened his eyes widely.

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I finally got a chance to summarize Arang. I like the characters where no one was trying to have a good image. I like the fact that Eun Oh was an indifferent and opportunist man, instead of the cold and harsh typical of KDrama. And Arang is a thick-faced and brave ghost. Yoo Seung Ho as the Jade Emperor didn’t fail to amuse me.

And the story was getting more interesting in the episodes ahead.








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