Arang and Magistrate Episode 3 Summary

The young Magistrate woke up and found Arang wasn’t in front of him. Of course it was just a dream. But Eun Ho was more awkward when he saw the make-over Arang. The Lady Shaman had given her the new clothes and she’s changed from a shabby ghost into a goddess beautiful spirit. Eun Ho found it hard to even look at her in the face, so he just told her to stay with the Shaman until he come.

But the Shaman felt in a great burden having Arang around her. She told her to go away and Arang decided to do so. She get into an old house she thought would find the spirit who sell the magic medicine to  make them appear before man. Unfortunately, instead of finding the spirit she’s looking for, she was caught by some vengeful ghosts from the food-for-ghost fight incident. Arang fought as best as she could, but she’s outnumbered. Suddenly a savior showed up: Eun Oh. “What is this?” regarding Arang’s dirty clothes. “Do you how much did I pay for it??” And then he fought those ghosts just like he fought real bad guys, but they’re still outnumbered. The fight stopped when Reapers finally come.

Before finding Arang in that house, Eun Oh had sent a letter to Choi Joo Wal to meet up. But Arang, knowing now she’s a mess, said she didn’t want to go to meet Mr.Choi. But it was raining and Choi Joo Wal wasn’t a patient man. When Arang and Eun Oh got there, Choi Joo Wal had left.

The rain fell so heavily as The Jade Emperor and The Underworld Lord were in their Go battle. Whenever these two Heavenly lords were playing that game, an incident happened. This time, the town was shocked by the finding of a corpse of the missing Miss Lee. Eun Oh confirmed the poor dirty body was Arang. Strangely the corpse wasn’t rotten at all. And when he saw Arang was there, he prevented her from looking, but she saw and she was in shock. Arang ran away, crying.

Choi Joo Wal who also got the news came there too. He insisted the body should be taken to Choi’s mansion. But Eun Oh, as a Magistrate didn’t let it. He ordered to take the body to his place.

Later that night, Arang came to see her body. It’s the first time she saw her own figure. She was crying in front of her body, wondering how could her life be so sad and she couldn’t even remember what had happened to her. Then she sat on the roof and prayed to Jade Emperor, asking him to tell her what had happened to her.

Feeling desperate, Arang went to the only person who could help her. She asked the Shaman to help her catch another spirit in promise she would never show up in front of her anymore. The Lady Shaman did help, without knowing that the spirit she helped Arang to catch was The Reaper. Arang had made the Shaman set up a trap, which was a deadly whole for the spirits if they’re sucked in. Arang tried make a deal with the Reaper. She wanted him to get her to meet Jade Emperor in promise she would turn herself in to the underworld.

In the Heaven, the two lords were playing the Go again. The Underworld Lord lost from Jade Emperor again and asked for a re-round. The price was he had to let the Reaper granted Arang’s wish. So he brought Arang to where she asked him to take her. Meanwhile Eun Oh was here and there looking for her. What he didn’t know was, Dol Soe who was in charge of guarding the corpse would face a big problem because Mr.Choi’s men were going to take the body out of there.

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