Arang and Magistrate Episode 6 Summary

The opening of Arang and Magistrate episode 6 revealed to us that Mr.Choi was not only not Choi Joo Wal’s father, but also the previous “hunter” just like Joo Wal. He used to work for the mysterious gisaeng too looking for victims for her.

And then back to the surprising time when Eun Oh found his mother’s hairpin. Dol Soe suddenly brought him to a suspicious grave. At first they thought it’s a hole with rocks,but under those rocks were bones..human bones. It’s a mass murder grave and all the victims were female from the accessories Eun Oh found among the rocks. The Jade Emperor seemed to be pleased while the gisaeng started to be anxious. The gisang sent Joo Wal to check on her important place and when Joo Wal got there,he saw Eun Oh was with his subordinates taking the bones.

Arang woke up and was confused about her own condition. She was sure she’s dead but then came back alive. Then she tried to stab on her own arm. She bled,but no marks of stabbing as she clean the blood.

Moo Yeong, the Reaper, was summoned by the JAde Emperor. He said that it’s been 400 years since the mysterious case of missing bodies and souls occured,but soon the human opened the grave. Then the Reaper asked if the one who untied the red rope was him. The Jade Emperor just smiled.

Eun Oh was going to take Arang back to the creepy mountain again because he thought her lost memories would come back if she was there because Lee Seo Rim died there. Eun Oh told her that he found his mother’s hairpin there, but he didn’t find his mother’s corpse among the bones. But Arang refused because it’s too scary for her now to recall the memory of her dying moments.

Arang was clearing her mind on the field somewhere. Above all memories, she actually could only remembered Lee Seo Rim’s dying moment. Then she figured out if that meant her first death was the beginning of the whole thing. So she ran herself back to the creepy shed in the mountain. She laid on the altar table again,but it didn’t bring back her memory until she slipped her way and knocked her head to the wall. She suddenly remembered taking off a lady’s hairpin from her hair, Eun Oh’s mother. But she didn’t see the face of that lady.

Eun Oh waited for Arang to come back home. Meanwhile Joo Wal was sneaking around to kill Eun Oh. Thankfully Arang suddenly came running towards Eun Oh to tell him the goodnews. “I remember something! I remember something!” Then she told him about she remembered grabbing the hairpin from a woman’s hair and nothing else. Then they met Choi Joo Wal on the way. Arang looked so happy meeting him,but Eun Oh disliked it.  He just grabbed her back to the mansion. Arang was about to go to Eun Oh’s room because she was afraid sleeping in a blanket with her own blood. But Eun Oh said he had cleaned it.

The 3men worried that what their new Magistrate had done would make the mountain’s ghost get angry and brought them no good. So they started to plan on some murder scenes,but since they’re not brave enough, they’re planning to make it look like an accident.
Meanwhile Eun Oh was going to back to the mountain to see the grave alone because Dol Soe was still upset at him. Arang was looking for Eun Oh and went straight to the mountain after Dol Soe told her where the Magistrate was. And Dol Soe, her encounter with the shaman lady was always bad.

Back to the grave in the mountain, Eun Oh found some black talismans around the area. They’re all kind of sealing the place from all the cardinal directions. Eun Oh realized there’s something not right. With so many corpses but no ghost around there. If Eun Oh could gather all the talismans, he could find the answer of his questions.

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