Arang and Magistrate Episode 4 Summary

Magistrate Kim Eun Oh was looking for Arang at the Shaman’s house. In the right time, the Shaman just got back to her house. The Shaman told Eun Oh what had happened to Arang.

Arang crossed the river that would lead her to the after life world. There’s no way back for her once she crossed the river with the Reaper. She thought about Eun Oh,but stick to her plan. She bravely crossed the wide river with the Reaper.

Meanwhile in the Magistrate’s mansion, Dol Soe was in trouble trying to guard Seo Rim’s body as he’d promised Eun Oh. Choi’s bandits were fighting roughly and didn’t hesitate to draw his dagger to Dol Soe. Thankfully, Eun Oh came on time. He threatened them with his father’s power and his own position as Magistrate. Choi’s men left.

Kim Eun Oh wasn’t really sure what to do, but since he thought Arang had left, he decided to hold a 3 days funeral for Lee Seo Rim. He announced people of the town to pay respect and come to ask forgiveness to her for their badmouthing, but the people were more afraid of Lord Choi.

So after 3 days, no one appeared to pay their respect. On the third day, Eun Oh was ready to bury her body. After the burial, he would leave the town. But just when the coffin was ready to be brought out and Eun Oh was ready to go to for the burial, a girl suddenly came running. Eun Oh was so surprise to see Arang again. But his surprise didn’t stop there. Dol Soe came out of the room and asked, “Oh,who is this girl? Are you going to pay repsect to the late Lady?”
Eun Oh send Dol Soe away to talk to Arang. He couldn’t get it all. Arang told him that she became a human.

She finally met both Jade Emperor and Underworld Lord. At first she disbelief that the Jade Emperor, whom she always addressed as “Old Man”, turned to look so much younger than she thought. But the point of her insistence on meeting him was to make him tell her what the cause of her miserable death. Jade Emperor said he didn’t really know, too many humans to handle :D
But than Underwold Lord told her that both of them had agreed to give Arang one more chance. They sent her back to living world as a human, her case was the first in the history of Heaven and Earth. She could go back and found out herself about what had happened to her. She should find out her answers, otherwise she would be doomed in Hell. Arang took the challenge bravely.
The Underworld Lord and The Jade Emperor sent her back to the world as human with their power. This whole scene was very fantasycal.

She’s thrown to the world as a yin-yang ball and then landed in a lake where she turned into human, just like a newborn but in an adult body. The first think she complained as she emerged from the water was, “Aish, those two prevert old men! Why didn’t you at least give me clothes!!”

Then Arang stole a piece of clothes from the first house she saw and wander around the town enjoying her time being seen, experiencing bumping into someone and being called “pretty” by a little boy. She saw the announcement about the burial event and went to the Magistrate mansion.

Eun Oh ordered Arang to just stay in the mansion while he attended the burial. But Arang was not that type of obedient girl. After enjoying seeing herself in the mirror in her old room, Arang decided to go out under a disguise of a guard. She remembered how the Jade Emperor actually just gave her three months to find out the truth. A bell would ring when she found her murderer. Underworld Lord thought she could never make it, but Jade Emperor was optimist. They’re making a bet of switching bodies and their plan was actually a bit fishy. Arang determined to prove those Lords that she could find the truth less than three months.

So Arang decided to go to see her own funeral. But in the middle of the way, she bumped into Choi Joo Wal. That man never saw Seo Rim’s face and neither Seo Rim. But as Joo Wal touched Arang, his red ring suddenly showing some glow.
I think it’s suppose to mean that he finally found the girl that’s related to his “due-date” on full moon. Something like sacrifice ritual that needs a sort of victim? Anyway, Choi Joo Wal then followed Arang to the funeral.

At the funeral, Arang was noticed by Eun Oh, but the trouble started when she’s noticed by the 3 administrators. Since they know the town doesn’t have enough budget, they didn’t have many guards so they knew most of them. This resulted ARang being chased by those 3 men and other guards, and Eun Oh also ran after her, as well as Choi Joo Wal. Arang managed to flee herself from the guards, but came to a blind alley. There Choi Joo Wal got her. As Arang kept pretending to be a man, Choi Joo Wal tried to figure out who she really was because his ring was glowing.

Arang asked him to help her climbed the fence to get away and he did. She was already on the fence when Eun Oh saw her. But as he ran after her, she already jumped off the fence. There Eun Oh was on face to face again with Choi Joo Wal.

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