Arang and Magistrate Episode 5 Summary

Eun Oh didn’t talk much to Choi Joo Wal after Arang fled herseld. He just hurriedly back to his mansion and yes, he found Arang was in the room.

Arang refused to tell the truth about her going out with another clothes. Eun Oh was looking for the clothes here and there abruptly including under Arang’s hanbok. Apparently she didn’t wear any underpants. So Arang slapped him.

They’re awkward to each other, but that just lasted for a few moments. Eun Oh immediately asked about Arang’s hairpin. Arang said she left it in the underworld and Eun Oh started to be mad at her.
Eun Oh harsh words upset Arang. She started to also say harsh things to Eun Oh. “Your mother must have left you because you’re such a son with sharp tounge!” Eun Oh was really angry. He left and went to calm himself around the cliff. They both stayed awake the whole night.

When Eun Oh came back, Arang looked terrible as she didn’t sleep the whole night. She said as both of them wronged each other,they should just say sorry to one another. Eun Oh said he never said sorry. So Arang said they should just forget about it.
Eun Oh then told Arang the hairpin belonged to his mother. He finally told Arang the truth that all this time he was helping her not because he’s a considerate person. He did it because Arang was the key to find his lost mother.

The Magistrate finally announced to his subordinates that he’s not leaving the town as he said before. He’d be the Magistrate for the time being and he told them he also brought a girl with him, his master’s daughter. Dol Soe was so upset because he really didn’t like the master Eun Oh was talking about.
Some time ago Eun Oh went to a particular mountain and stayed there for a year to learn something. It took Dol Soe his greatest effort in life to be able to find his young master again. “And now you say that girl is that quack master’s daughter??” Dol Soe was so upset and kind of jealous.

Arang told Eun Oh that she’s agreed to what he’s saying. Eun Oh gave her a peach as he also had one. Arang was so afraid at first,but Eun Oh convinced her that she’s now a human and could eat the peach. Arang was so happy about it. She started to called Eun Oh as  “Mommy’s boy.” Before she headed to her room, she said, “Magistrate, did you always a mommy’s boy even before your mother left you?”

Arang’s question made Eun Oh stay in a deep thought that night. He recalled his memory when his mother was still around. One day he came to his mother to tell her how his life at school had been hard because his friends refused him because of his status as a slave’s son.
But his mother didn’t seem to heat it at all. She just started to talk about her family who had all died in the same day. And that day was the anniversary of their death. “That guy…because of him your granfather, grandmother, and all your uncles were dead, leaving me all alone. One day I will get a revenge. I will rip him off when the day comes.” And then she collapsed.

That night, a mysterious man broke into the Magistrate mansion and went to Arang’s room.He’s definitely Choi Joo Wal.He’s going to stab Arang with a dagger given by the mysterious gisaeng. Eun Oh somehow coukd sense something bad happened,so checked oh her.
Eun Oh found her room was empty and saw blood and the trace. He followed it.

Choi Joo Wal brought Arang to a certain place in a wood, a shed where there’s a sacrifice altar.

Apparently Choi Joo Wal had been doing this since he was a kid that the gisaeng gave him the red ring and gave him his name. And when the gisaeng finally showed up, she turned out to be Eun Oh’s long lost mother. When she’s ready for her “new soul”, the altar turned out to be empty.She’s furious to Choi Joo Wal.

Arang kind of resurrected from her death and managed to run away. She ran and ran until she reached the town.

Eun Oh finally got her, but Arang was too freak out that she’s just blabbering “I was stabbed…I was brought to that place…” and then collapsed. Eun Oh brought her to his room. When he woke up and checked on Arang’s chest. There’s still a stab mark there, as well as some blood. He asked for a woman clothes to the 3 men and they could only gave Eun Oh an old dress belonged to a female detective the town used to have. He left the clothes in the room letting Arang kept sleeping. Dol Soe freaked out seeing Arang’s shoes outside his master ‘s room. “Don’t tell me you slept together!” he said. Eun Oh just casually said, “We slept together.” :D

As Eun Oh heard about the mountain which is rumoured to be a mountain of ghost, he went there to have a check. He brought Dol Soe along with him. They found the mysterious shed and Eun Oh could see the blood trace on the altar. “It’s weird that there’re no ghosts here, but the yin energy is so thick here.” When Eun Oh was inspecting the place, surprisingly, he found his mother’s hair pin there.

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