Baby-faced Beauty Episode 10 Summary

I knew it’d happen sooner or later. Seo Yeong was in a real trouble. But she’s a brave girl. Before Yoon Seo took an action, Seo Yeong confessed her sin to everyone. I don’t like this episode…to many cries :(

But we’re not getting there yet.

Kang Yoo Seo, with her evil plan recommended Seo Yeong as the employee of the month at the company anniversary event for her achievement. Yoon Seo brought along Seo Yeong’s tracksuit design to convince President Ji. They’re gonna promote Seo Yeong  to be a permanent employee. Yoon Seo pretended to a proud team leader when she informed it to Seo Yeong.

After the love confession, Choi Jin Wook was very confident since Seo Yeong didn’t reject him. Well, woman’s silence is always taken as a yes?? But Seo Yeong was very cold to him the next day at the office. When Jin Wook brought her pig trotters for lunch, she said she felt burden with his over-kindness. “So please, stop it,” she asked.

But Jin Wook didn’t give up easily. He thought he just needed to work harder to gain her heart. so he started to tailed her everywhere and paid everything Seo Yeong was about to buy. Seo Yeong already had the feeling that everything had been so wrong and her time was almost over. She kept refusing Jin Wook. Meanwhile, she asked for President Ji to spend a little private conversation for her because she had something to tell him.

Seo Yeong cruelly let down of Jin Wook’s invitation for a date. She said she had an appointment. And at that very moment President Ji called her, so Jin Wook found out with whom she had a meeting with.

The real reason Seo Yeong asked to have a private conversation with her boss was that she asked for the best winning prize was given to Director Baek and Choi Jin Wook instead. But things just couldn’t be as she wish. That request was unlikely to happen. Jin Wook, who was apparently watching from the outside of the restaurant might misunderstood the situation, but he didn’t dare to step inside.

President Ji informed her that she was then officially a designer in the company. He presented the bussiness card to her.Seo Yeong was speechlessly touched. For a moment, I guess, she wished to lock the lies forever. Jin Wook waited outside, asking for an explaination to Seo Yeong. But President Ji was coming outwith his car, ready to drive Seo Yeong home. Seo Yeong decided to go with her boss. And before President Ji dropped Seo Yeong at her stop, he took Seo Yeong’s business card and said, “With this I’m the first person you give your business card to.”

Seo Yeong walked home with her head kept low down.But what a surprise she found Jin Wook awaited her in the corner of the stairy road. With a touching teary eyes he desperately asked, “It can’t be me? It can’t be me, can it?” Then he asked whether it’s because of Ji Seung Il.

Seo Yeong tried to explain, but she couldn’t say much. She just said sorry.

Jin Wook finally gave up. He stood up and slowly walked away. And Seo Yeong seemed to regret it all. She dropped down in that corner and started to cry. Surprisingly, just came back and looked more guilty than worry. With a tremble voice he asked, “Do you cry because of me? No…don’t cry. Don’t cry…” Seo Yeong ended up crying in Jin Wook’s arms.

So the next day Jin Wook was optimistic everything would be alright between he and Seo Yeong. He volunteered for the invitation work since he knew the design team would have assigned Seo Yeong to do that too. But Seo Yeong was cold…colder. She drew a strict line, finally. She made things clear that she didn’t want to be with Jin Wook. Poor him :( .

I think it was positive that Yoon Seo was planning a grand evil plan. She invited an old friend, a documentary director, to make a “congratulation video” for the award receiver. But she told him the employee name was Lee Seo Yeong, not Lee Seo Jin. The mission was to have people related to Lee Seo Yeong: mother, ex-boss, and Joo Hee to say something to congratulate her. She was going to play it on the day of the event.

Yoon Seo told Joo Hee that her brother might have a feeling to Seo Yeong. She told her that she’s been trying to seduce him. But Joo Hee thought she knew better. She said Seo Yeong was not that kind of woman. But Yoon Seo tried her best to take Joo Hee into her side.

Hyeon-i asked Seo Yeong to go to the amusement park together. And how surprising it was when she came with Jin Wook. So apparently she had called Jin wook, too. She really like them both. Things were pretty awkward for Jin Wook and Seo Yeong, but for Hyeon-i they tried their best to have fun.

Look how cute they were… :)

When Ji Seung Il came to pick Hyeon-i home, Seo Yeong had asked Jin wook to go first. She didn’t want everything turned to be more complicated. Seung Il thanked Seo  Yeong for what she had done to Hyeon-i, but Seo Yeong said it’d be the last time she’d be playing with her. She gave Hyeon-i a doll to be Jessica’s friend. Ji Seung Il respected Seo Yeong’s decision.

Seo Yeong’s jacket finally out in the department store. Look how Jin Wook looked very proud of the work..his hard work. But he hadn’t finish yet. He asked the noona a friend of him from the department store to do one more thing for him.

On the other side of the city, The Style people were busy preparing for the anniversary event. It’s the day. Yoon Seo seemed to be impatient to make the drama with Seo Yeong’s mother and ex-boss had showed up. She had invited them to come.

Seo Yeong was busy too. But suddenly she saw the noona from the department store passed her by wearing  her jacket. Seo Yeong immidiately rushed to Rosemary Department Store.

There it was. Her design was out in the store. She had to be the woman of her word. She’d resign from the company.

Seo Jin found an invitation in her house, knowing that her mother was leaving for that event. She called her mom to get out of there, but she couldn’t expected anything, could she? So she rushed to The Style’s anniversary event and persuaded her mom to go home. But her mom refused to go.

And there Seo Yeong came back. Yoon Seo was more than ready for the show. Seo Yeong’s name was announced to receive the award. She slowly walk up to the stage…looking nervous and shameful. The video was about to be played, but Seo Yeong said, “Wait a minute. I have something to tell everyone.”

So she stood behind the microphone and started to say, “Actually, my name is not Lee Seo Jin. My name is Lee Seo Yeong. My age is not 25. I’m 34.”

Yeahh, of course everyone was surprised by her public confession, except for Seo Jin, Joo Hee and Yoon Seo. Well, the good thing was, Yoon Seo didn’t win.

Honestly, I don’t know why it was very important for everyone to judge her by the age. I mean what’s the relation between her good work and her age?? Though yes, lying your whole identity in order to get a job is wrong…but, is it THAT important to announce to the public that your are 34??

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  1. Thanks so much for all your summaries! I read them in one go! :D

  2. Thanxs for summaries and do keep up the good work

  3. sleeplessinwgtn

    “…but, is it THAT important to announce to the public that your are 34??”

    Agree with you on this one. Why does she have to do it in such a a gathering?

    Altho having said that, it was timely because if she has not done so… then her Team Leader would have humiliated her with the video greetings. The way it was done, at least she owned up to her lies.

    She was already preparing to resign anyway… she was just waiting for her design to be released in the market.

    I guess revealing her lie this way is more dramatic :)

  4. I don’t think it’s a matter of making a public statement about her age but I think she’s getting tired of having to act like she was 25. At her age, having people always put her down or belittle her existence because she looks young can be taxing. And actually, it’s been said many times already about how old she is, so I guess this is dramatic finality?

  5. I liked your review, it was simple to read and not tiring at all, you just got to the main point! ♥

    Thanks God she revealed the truth..!

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