Baby-faced Beauty Episode 3 Summary

Baby-faced Beauty is getting more interesting. By the identity-lie, Seo Yeong’s adventure in The Style was getting more fun. Jin Wook was getting nicer to her, but his old love eventually came back right in front of his eyes.

Okay, let’s start this episode..

Director Baek allowed Seo Yeong to use the sewing mahcine. She didn’t take away her eyes on her all the time. I think she knew this girl had got some talent.

Seo Yeong managed to finish the sample on time. She practically saved everyone in the design team. But she’s fired anyway. On her way out, she walked pass President Ji. She said she’s very sorry and even though he thought she’s not qualified enough to have any responsibility, she still wanted to show him the best of her.

And there it was, the sample! Such a lousy Senior Jang. He forgot that he had put the sample on the mannequin underneath another sample. Park Na Ra felt sorry for putting all the blame to Seo Yeong.

Alone in his office, President Ji was examining the sample. Seo Yeong didn’t tell anyone that she had remade the sample, but as the real sample was found, I think Ji Seung Il started to consider Seo Yeong’s hidden talent?

Jin Wook was surprise when finding out that Seo Yeong wouldn’t work in The Style anymore. He took the hair band he found on Seo Yeong’s desk with him. He thought it was hers. Hey, look who started to keep thinking about the girl?

On the next day, Director Baek had a private meeting with President Ji. She brought along Seo Yeong’s works: the man’s unique suit and the yellow dress remake.  She acknowledged that the girl had some talent. I think she recommended Seo Yeong to President Ji to let her work again in The Style as the junior designer.

And yes she was called back to the office. Seo Yeong was hired as a junior designer with a 6 months of working contract. When she asked the Team Leader why she was rehired, the team leader said her highers told to do so. Gladly, the design team welcomming her warmly. Even Na Ra apologized for the previous misunderstanding. But she’s the maknae (youngest member) in the team, so her activity was not far from running here and there because the seniors had many demands.

However,there’s one big problem on the administration. She had to give the copy of her CV and ID. The CV was not a big problem, the ID was. It got Seo Jin’s photo.As soon as she gave the ID to the administrator, she ran away. So when there’s a man’s voice calling her out on the corridor, she freaked out. She stopped and started to act like a pick-pocket got caught by the victim. She cried, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to lie..i didn’t mean to lie..” Though the administrator men thought the picture was a bit fishy, the man who called her wasn’t one of them. It was actually Jin Wook. :D

Seo Yeong was told to go to this department store and senior Jang who was lending Jin Wook his car, asked him to give a lift to her. They’re avoiding the traffic jam and went through a short cut street, but there’s a steel bar blocking their way. Jin Wook told Seo Yeong to remove it. When he was waiting, he saw Yoon Seo from afar. Then without so much to think about, he forgot about Seo Yeong and went away to catch up with Seo Yeong. Seo Yeong was of course furious. And Jin Wook realized his mistake way too late.

So, it turned out that Kang Yoo Seo was Jin Wook’s first love. They were close when they’re younger,but Yoon Seo had to leave for USA without any notice.

It turned out that Seo Jin had sent Seo Yeong’s designs for the design competition. And  it’s Dir.Baek again who suggested that design to win the competition.

On her way up to the office, coincidently President Ji went into the same elevator as Seo Yeong. It was always awkward being around Ji Seung Il, but Seo Yeong encouraged herself to say her grateful that he had let her work again in the company.

Park Na Ra told Seo Yeong to welcome a new model while the rest of the team had to run out a bit. But she was mistaken. It wasn’t a new model who’s coming, but a new team leader. So Seo Yeong made a mistake and embarassed herself for the second  time in front of Yoon Seo.

The design team was requested to make the sample for the design competition winner. Seo Yeong was more than surprise seeing her own drawing on the table. She called Seo Jin and found out that her sister was already on her way up to the office.

When Seo Yeong finally got her, she tried to take her ID back. But Jin Wook interfered the fight and made Seo Jin get the ID back. Seo Yeong was about to run after her, but Jin Wook demanded a sincere apology. Thanks to Jin wook, Seo Yeong lost trace of her sister.

She thought Seo Jin was gonna be at President Ji’s room, but actually she’s not. Ji Seung Il was puzzled finding Seo Yeong was leaning on his door. Innocently Seo Yeong said that she came to give greeting and to show her gratitude and she’s about to read a math book (??) She’s so cute and funny.

Back to Seo Jin, where’s she? Seo Yeong went back to the design team and found the surprise. Seo Jin was there with team leader Kang Yoon Seo and was introduced to the rest of the design team.

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  1. hello. Can you tell me the english song played in the restaurant when the president eating with yoon seo

    • hey mark,
      it’s quite a long time so I didn’t remember the song. anyway, i’ll tell you as soon as I rewatch the episode. thanks for coming.

  2. i just finished watching Baby faced beauty. Quite funny and simple drama. BTW, have u rewatch it?

  3. Hey Mark, was the scene you refer to was the one in episode 2? That’s Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”

  4. not that one. Its in the episode 3..when president eating with yoon seo @ restaurant. what is the background music there

  5. Mark,
    you mean the restaurant where Yoon Seo gave a bucket of chocolate for Hyeon-i to Ji Seung Il? If that’s correct then the song is “Fallen” by Lauren Wood. I found one of the videos on youtube

    Really hope it answers your question ;)

  6. wa….thank you..thank you so much..this is the song..i’ve goggled it but cannot found…(bow) thanks ;)

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