Baby-faced Beauty Episode 9 Summary

If you wish someone to finally tell Seo Yeong his true feeling, you really get it in this episode. A man was finally brave enough to say “I like you, Seo Jin.” Meanwhile, the competitor still hesitated though he started to be more expressive. This episode is my favourite so far ;) .

So this’s Yoon Seo’s evil plan. To make Seo Yeong admit her real identity in front of everyone, especially President Ji. The phone in Seo Yeong’s pocket kept ringing, but she stayed silent. Ji Seung Il got bored, he excused himself. Yoon Seo was upset because she failed to make him stay and that meant her evil plan wouldn’t go as she’d planned. So she turned the wheel. When the delivery man insisted it was Seo Yeong’s phone that was ringing, Yoon Seo cut him by saying, “Lee Seo Jin-ssi, i’ve told your ex-boss not to try to approach us this way. It’s a bribery.” Then she pretended to be upset by “the attempt of bribery”, while it’s actually because her own plan didn’t work.

After the barbeque, the design team spent a little more time together inside their room before going to bed. They decided to play truth or dare…by using a lie detector gadget. Looked someone was really well prepared for the game.

When the gadget turned to Seo Yeong’s turn, she was a little nervous. And Park Na Ra just worsened everything. Why couldn’t her find any question to Seo Yeong other than “Are you really 25 years old?” Of course when Seo Yeong said no the gadget bit her.

Yoon Seo seemed to be content for the result, the gadget did work well, but the rest thought the opposite. They complained that the gadget wasn’t that good.

The next turn went to Jin Wook and senior Jang had a jackpot question for him. “Was it true that you kissed someone the other day? Is she here now?” Senior Jang’s head pointing at Seo Yeong. :D

Jin Wook got panic, while Seo Yeong seemed to look uncomfortable more than worry. And the witty Jin Wook made fool of everyone when he succeeded to distract them and then grabbed the gadget to bring it away. He escaped the jackpot question.

What an unfortunate trip that Seo Yeong had to share the rooom with Yoon Seo. The team leader was pretending to be very friendly to her. She said she was most comfortable being with Seo Yeong, so Seo Yeong could call her “onnie” if no one was around. Then she really insisted Seo Yeong to call her “onnie” that it made Seo Yeong felt uncomfortable. So she excused herself from the room.

Seo Yeong was sitting alone outside when Hyeon-i suddenly made a call. She asked Seo Yeong to sing her a lullaby. Seo Yeong was singing together with Hyeon-i on the other line when President Ji was coming her way. He joined her soon.

They sat very close to each other that could make anyone saw them misunderstood. Jin Wook was out looking for Seo Yeong when he met Yoon Seo who was also going out. They decided to walk together to find the person they’re looking for. And yes they saw the Seo Yeong-Ji Seung Il scene.

As usual, Ji Seung Il always give the real explanation to Yoon Seo. And that girl also kept her smile wide. She then told Seung Il that she and him should be going and not to disturb the new couple. She also told him that they had kissed, so the relationship seemed to be serious. Seo Yeong tried to deny it because she thought it was quite embarassing to have her private life discussed with her boss.

And Ji Seung Il seemed to be upset about that information. He said Yoon Seo with a stern face, “I don’t think so. In man-woman relationship, it has to be agreed by the two parties. So if Seo Jin-ssi said it’s not like that, then we don’t know for sure yet.”

Jin Wook was very understanding about it was because Hyeon-i’s call. But he didn’t like to have Seo Yeong in a difficult situation because of her. They were eventually left alone, but then senior Jang called Jin Wook to ask him to pick up an employee who came late at the bus station. He brought Seo Yeong along.

But it turned out that the employee had taken a taxi to the hotel. Senior Jang confirmed it to Jin wook. So on their way back, Jin Wook was busy explaining to Seo Yeong that this whole thing wasn’t planned, that he really didn’t know that guy would have taken a taxi instead.

But he didn’t even finish explaining yet when suddenly the car broke down. And the heavy rain was suddenly pouring down. It was a series of unfortunate things…and that made Jin Wook and Seo Yeong blamed on each other. They thought bad luck would come along everytime they’re together.

Yoon Seo was on the phone with Seung Il and she addressed him “oppa” all the time. Seung Il said not to call him that in other people presence. Yoon Seo said she was alone and Jin wook hadn’t come back to his room either. The information somehow had made Seul Il upset. He seemed to be very anxious. He text Seo Yeong many times asking where she was, but received not a single reply.

SeoYeong and Jin Wook found playing Korean card might be a good idea for them to kill the time, waiting for the car to be picked up and the rain to stop showering. They were very drown to the game until the moment that Seo Yeong lost the game and Jin Wook had to hit her forehead and Seo Yeong had closed her eyes ready to be hit….he just couldn’t do it. Seo Yeong’s lips was a real distraction.

So Jin Wook placed a winning card on Seo Yeong’s side, then he was busy trying to convince Seo Yeong that she was the winning side. He hurriedly closed his eyes and told Seo Yeong to hit his forehead. Seo Yeong didn’t remember picking up the card, so she protested. But then Jin Wook started his speech while keeping his eyes shut.

“The truth is…when I said I was sorry for kissing you…I told you that I kissed you because I was out of my mind. But that’s not true. The real reason why I kissed you was because I like you. I like you Lee Seo Jin.”

Seo Yeong’s heart beating fast. I guess it was the first time in her life. She was absolutely touched, but she stayed speechless. Jin Wook finally opened his eyes and found Seo Yeong in a great shock. He hurriedly went outside, standing himself under the pouring rain…

They both walked they way back to the hotel till the sun rise. On their way, they met President Ji who was trying to ease his mind by jogging. He asked them where they’d been and why Seo Yeong didn’t answer his messages. Seo Yeong explained to him the real reason while Jin Wook made diagreed face which like saying: “You don’t need to explain to him anything. That’s none of his business.”

The workshop had to be over sooner because the highers had a sudden important things to do. So they all went home. On the bus ride journey, while Seo Yeong was asleep, senior Jang who was sitting next to her silently changed place with Jin Wook. He wanted to lend his broad shoulder to her again. And this time, Seo Yeong wasn’t really sleep yet when her head was placed on Jin Wook’s shoulder. She just made a quick tiny smile.

Park Na Ra was accidently informed by senior Jang that Jin Wook was the son of a wealthy family who ran a famous pig trotter restaurant. Other than that, his family also owned some high end properties and many other businesses. In a short phrase, Choi Jin Wook is the crown prince of his family empire. So Na Ra thought of getting a hook on Jin Wook. She started to act cheeky whenever Jin wook around.

Jin Wook was informed that Seo Yeong was sick, so he went to Seo Yeong’s house. He didn’t know what kind of hustle bustle he could cause by coming down there. On his way up, he stopped to confirm the address to Sun Nam who was passing him by. Sun Nam was worried this man was asking for “his Seo Yeong’s” house.

“Who are you really looking for in that house?” interrogated Sun Nam. He was quite relieved when Jin Wook said he’s seeing Lee Seo Jin. But Sun Nam’s worries didn’t stop there. He said, “Then make sure you don’t sway when you see her sister. She’s more beautiful than Lee Seo Jin.” Well, of course, Jin Wook said he wouldn’t.

Seo Yeong was home alone and was so shock when she opened the door for a guest. She couldn’t believe she’s seeing Jin Wook standing in front her door. Then the guest entered the house before he was really invited. So Seo Yeong had to push him out hurriedly before her mom came home. She warned him, “Don’t ever say my name when you meet my mom on your way out of this building, okay?”

But it was too late. There’s a clicking sound on the front door. Seo Yeong’s mom was coming. Seo Yeong rushed Jin Wook to her room and made his big body squeezed hiding under the hanging dresses.

They had to wait for the mother to enter her room after nagging Seo Yeong to take the medicine right away. When the mother finally went inside her own room and Jin Wook was ready to go out…the over-worried Sun Nam came in checking the house. He even knocked on Seo Yeong’s room. Everybody went panic.

The thing was there’s no enough space for Jin Wook’s body to hide. Seo Yeong couldn’t answer Sun Nam’s call either. So when they heard there’s a clicking sound on the door, both of them jumped on to the bed and hid under the blanket.

Sun Nam saw 4 feet under the blanket, so he thought it had to be Seo Jin and her boyfriend were doing their things. He hurriedly went out. He was thinking how great it was to be young and so on fire when he saw Lee Seo Jin just coming back from somewhere!

Thinking that it was Seo Yeong who was with that young man, he screamed, “NOOOOO!!!” and ran like crazy back to Seo Yeong’s house.

Meanwhile, Seo Yeong was trying so hard to make Jin Wook leave withiout her mother notice. They moved the hiding to the bathroom, which was closer to the front door. The mother was actually busy here and there and didn’t seem to care for the tiny noisy sounds. Jin Wook was about to go out when Sun Nam suddenly came back to interrogate Seo Yeong. So when Seo Yeong was trying to explain to Sun Nam and the mother wasn’t looking his way, Jin Wook managed to leave safely. He met Seo Jin in front of the door, but he had not much time to say more than hi.

Hyeon-i heard about her favourite ajumma got sick. The girl just wanted to ask her how she was, but her father made her ask more. Hyeon-i then gave the phone to her dad and made him told her by himself. Good kid ;)

President Ji made a stern face and voice when he was asking some caring questions to Seo Yeong. But he made this kind of smile when he hung up the phone:

The next day Hyeon-i gave Seo Yeong the apple juice she (actually more of her dad) had made for her. This cute girl was so kind and caring. And then she went tricky…

She lifted up her phone and asked her dad and Seo Yeong to see it together with her. When the three faces were on the screen, she hit the photo taking button. She purposely made a photo of three of them…oh, how cute, and smart.

And look who was watching from a far, jealously. Yoon Seo was really gonna make Seo Yeong’s life turned to hell just very soon.

Will it be a love triangle of Seung Il-Seo Yeong-Jin Wook? I don’t think so. Considering Ji Seung Il’s character and his position and also Seo Yeong’s character, they won’t let it be a love triangle. But yes, I have a bad feeling about the next episode. I think it’s gonna be Yoon Seo’s turn to make her evil plan finally work.

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