Baby-faced Beauty Episode 11 Summary

This is one of those know, the kind of episode in dramas that you wish you could omit one from the story line. There’re many tears, heartbreak…but there’s also a hope. A new person has arrived…and who knew he could be the God’s hand for Seo Yeong…

The previous episode’s ending was when Seo Yeong said, “I’m not Lee Seo Jin.I’m Lee Seo Yeong. My age is not 25,i’m 34.” So it was a shocking moment for everyone. I guess in his heart Jin Wook kept saying, “please tell me you’re lying” over and over… Seo Yeong continued by saying that she admitted it lying about her identity was a very wrong thing to do,but she still ask everyone to see her as a talented person and to forgive her.

President Ji was watching with a stern face, though surprised.

Seo Yeong’s mom was definitely hurt the most. It was suppose to be a day of pride,but it turned out to be just the reverse situation.

And who has the winning smile? Well of course, she’s the one and only Kang Yoon Seo.

Seo Yeong packed her things at the office. On her way out she met Director Baek. Seo Yeong apologized for lying to Dir.Baek about her identity, but she was thinking about telling Dir.Baek everything. She said her age shouldn’t have anything to do with her talent. Dir.Baek said she’d probably right, but “You have sewn the wrong button.”

Seo Yeong’s mother begged to Yoon Seo not to sue her daughter. Yoon Seo was about to play nice Yoon Seo’s mom,but as soon as she saw Seo Yeong came in to pick up her mom, she changed at the sudden ans said coldly, “the executive meeting will decide it.”

The Style highers immidiately held a meeting to decide what they’re going to do with Seo Yeong. Should they sue her Or should they just let it go. Director Hyeon, of course, insisted on bringing this case up to a serious legal action. The meeting ended by Director Hyeon put on a competition with Director Baek. Director Baek said if Director Hyeon won the competition, she’d resign from her job. But if Diretor Baek won, Director Hyeon should forget about suing Seo Yeong or bringing up this case ever.

After all the mess, have we forgotten someone? Yes, Jin Wook. He’s meeting Seo Yeong, a bit beg her to tell him that it’s all a lie. He even asked to see her ID…and he did see it. So he had to face the fact that the woman he liked was  really 7 years older than him! Gee he even had told her to address him ‘oppa’, he felt so upset about it.

He then asked Seo Yeong, “Why, above all people, didn’t you tell me the truth?” Seo Yeong said, “You’re I’ve been worried the most to find out the truth.”

Jin Wook asked, “Why??” Seo Yeong said,”Because I like you.”

Jin Wook had his speechless moment for a while,but then upsetly he left.

Arrived at home Seo Yeong was having a hard time with her mother. She was so upset that she was cheated by her own two daughters. She then told Seo Yeong to forget about her dream as a designer.

Seo Yeong’s mom was going to break her sewing machine, but Seo Yeong defended it with all her strength. She got really furious that she said to her mom, “I don’t think you’re really my mother. Do you know why i’m doing all this for? What do you know about my dream? Have you ever asked me do I have any dream? Frankly saying, to me you’re only a mother to Seo Jin.”

It was a heartbreaking moment. I think I could feel her pain. Being the eldest of the family…had to give up on her dreams for her sister and mother and all received was all this? Yeah.. and I guess, Seo Jin felt that, too. She seemed to be selfish and spoiled, but she’s not that ignorant. She loves her sister too.

And Seo Yeong and Jin Wook was struggling with their own feeing of missing each other’s presence…They need more time to  adjust to the situation.

The competition between Dir.Baek and Dir. Hyeon was set. They’re competing on outdoor product, which the company had been having some issue on the marketing record. They would have a design team each of their own. Dir. Baek of course had her daughter’s team, while Dir. Baek asked the President to form a new team.

Ji Seung Il was actually unhappy with the competition idea. He really didn’t want to lose his teacher, his most reliable person. He asked Dir. Baek not to lose the competition.

There’re some application submitted for the new design team. They still needed one more member. Meanwhile, they already had a new team leader. This man was one of the Style’s directors’ nephew who was stationed in the Chinese branch office. He was not a new person for the company…but he was known for his clumsyness.

Okay, back to the application…Dir.Baek found one application under the name of Lee Seo Yeong. She phoned her and found out the woman was the former Lee Seo Jin/Yeong she knew in the company. She just asked if Seo Yeong had submitted an application, and Seo Yeong said that’s true. But Dir. Baek kind of thought hiring her would just rise a more complicated conflict. So she didn’t say anything much.

Ji Joo Hee had a shocking phone call from her friend. Her friend told her that her husband had remerried to a younger woman in the US. Joo Hee went freak out. She rushed to airport to go to the US.

In the airport, she accidently met this man when she just get off the taxi. He’s one of the queue people waiting for the taxi. After helping Joo Hee took out her suitcase from the taxi, this man got on to the taxi right away……….leaving all his suitcases behind without even realizing it. :rolleyes:

Meet Kim Joon Soo, the team leader for Design Team 4. And there his new team member, senior Jang, who was very unwilling to leave his old team.

So Dir.Baek would go on with only  two person for her design team. She just knew she’d do the best and believe her team would work hard.

Yoon Seo talked some sense with the rejection Hyeon-i. She said Hyeon-i had to stop asking for Lee Seo Jin ajumma. She also told her about Seo Yeong’s real name and that she’d been lying to everyone and President Ji was angry to her. So she told Hyeon-i to stop talking about that woman otherwise her father would be angry. She said she’s going to be her father’s wife soon and so Hyeon-i had to learn how to respect her.

And the smart Hyeon-i had no choice but to obey Yoon Seo.

Seo Yeong had a private time with her mom. Mrs. Lee said sorry to her daughter that she’d been very ignorant. She said she didn’t know that being hungry and tired didn’t stop people from the need to be loved. She told Seo Yeong to pursue her dream from then on and to leave the family matter to her.

Seo Jin came as a support too. She bought that jacket and wore it proudly in front of her family. So the family issue had been cleared at the dining table.

Kim joon Soo accidently saw Seo Yeong’s red jacket design and also the application. But we didn’t know for sure what he was doing with all that until this meeting where they’re about to officially start the competition. Firstly Kim Joon Soo surprised everyone by interrupting President Ji when he said “I’m sorry, President, it’s not Design Team 4. It’s Design Team 5.” Haha, this man was really amusing. He had that cool look but turn out to be amusingly comical. As we know, Asian people don’t like the number 4 because it sounds similar to “die”. Superstitiously it’s considered as the number that brings bad luck. That’s why if you notice, most building in Asia don’t have any 4th floor. You’ll mostly find 3B Floor instead in highrise or they just skip it to 5 directly.

Second suprise from Mr. Kim was at the almost-end of the meeting when he said, “Wait it a minute everyone. Please meet our new member, Ms. Lee Seo Yeong.”

And there she came, our lovely Lee Seo Yeong. Ooh she’s so cute…Jang Na Ra really makes age as a mere number. Don’t you envy her?

I’m so optimistic the next episode will be more interesting. I like it when a drama do not linger too long on the dramatical conlfict to gain viewer’s sympathy…Fighting, Seo Yeong-ssi!!

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  1. I’m watching this on TV and the last episode that they put was episode 9. I couldn’t wait to see the continuation; that’s why im reading this xD
    Thanks for this btw =]

  2. So sorry to all readers, i think i’ve mistaken a line on Seo Yeong-Ji Seung Il conversation in the elevator from the next episode. That’s why I omitted it.
    [deep bow]

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