Baby-faced Beauty Episode 2 Summary

Jin Wook straightly burst out his emotion of how his life turned into a mess after the incident. He complained about how he had to give up his baby (car) for paying the cafe damage. He asked Seo Yeong for paying him the half money. Seo Yeong tried to convince him that she didn’t have any money, but Jin Wook just didn’t care. They had to stop their quarrel because of the meeting.

Just before the meeting ended, President Ji Seung Il got a phonecall from a man whom he asked to watch his car for a while. The car was parked in a wrong place that it blocked others’ way. The poor man had to go on his own business. In the same time, Seo Yeong was asked to take something in her senior’s car. The curious Jin Wook tailed her.

When Seo Yeong stepped out on the parking lot, the anxious man asked if she knew the president. Seo Yeong said yes, so the man handed over the key car to her. The situation pushed her to park that fancy car in the proper parking lot. Jin Wook, who didn’t know anything about the car, concluded that it was Seo Yeong’s car.He did a revenge by scratching the car. Seo Yeong cried out desperately it wasn’t her car, but Jin Wook didn’t buy it, so he continued on making the scratch. And just in the right time, the real owner of the car showed up and he was busted. Seo Yeong quickly returned the key to the President and then fled. Jin Wook was a dead meat.

Jin Wook cornered Seo Yeong for the incident. He was so desperate. He asked Seo Yeong to pay him half of the payment and everything else. He also asked Seo Yeong to call him “oppa” because of course he thought that she was younger than him. Seo Yeong got upset. She refused to pay and refused to call him “oppa”.

But Jin Wook couldn’t give in. He made Seo Yeong paid him in every way possible. He took Seo Yeong’s drink and counted it as the debt-payment, made Seo Yeong paid for his ramyon and even made Seo Yeong paid for his meal at the ox-tail soup restaurant. While they’re eating, Jin Wook got a phone call from his buddy. He invited Jin Wook to join the group in the bar. He could have a free pass in the bar if he came with a partner. So he took Seo Yeong along.Disappointingly the beer wasn’t free and he had to pay for a couple of glass…for himself. He didn’t allowed Seo Yeong to drink any of them because he paid them.

He introduced Seo Yeong as far cousin and when his friends insisted Seo Yeong on drinking the beer, the stingy Jin Wook said, “Actually, she’s a minor (underage).” His friends did believe it.But his friends talked about a topic that very sensitive for Seo Yeong, so she spoke out her mind and drank half the giant glass of beer. Funnily, Jin Wook’s friends said, “Ahh, kids nowadays are very bold and straight forward.”

Seo Yeong got a very tough week. As a part-timer, she had to run here and there because everyone told her to do many things in the same time. Jin Wook also had a tough week with his boss. He just bought a branded suit to keep his job (because his boss kept critisizing his lack of fashion taste) when he got a crazy idea. He saw a man tried to return to the store a bag he had bought in another place to get a refund money. So he conned Seo Yeong by saying she had to do that (return this particular bag) to the store to ask for a refund. She refused at first, but Jin Wook lied by saying he had to use his mother’s operation money to pay their debt. The innocent Seo Yeong believed that so she tried her luck.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t get lucky. The customer service looked down at her and figured out that she’s lying. She told Seo Yeong that the bag was even a low quality fake. She was also accused to have stolen a lady’s wallet. Her self pride was torn.

Seo Yeong confronted Jin Wook who was having a lunch. She poured a kimchi on to his new expensive suit. Jin Wook was furious and intended to fight her back by throwing the seaweed soup onto her. But Seo Yeong had a good reflect and the soup was thrown right onto his boss’ face. He’s really finish.

Jin Wook cried for the wronged little child. He worried about two things: his fancy suit and his job. He got a meeting in the next one hour. It’s funny that this drama has the girl as the reasonable person, instead of the boy. She said she had a plan that could help him, but he had to keep it a secret.

The young lady who accused Seo Yeong stealing her wallet was actually Director Hyeon’s daughter. Oh, they looked like sisters. Her daughter was pursuing Ji Seung Il.

Seo Yeong rushed to the production division where she asked for a permission to use two things: some unused cloths and the sewing machine. He’s making Jin Wook a suit. At the meeting, Jin Wook surprised everyone with his unique suit. His other colleagues laughed at his suit, but the bosses seemed to be very insterested. Ji Seung Il asked him to bring along his suit again tomorrow because he wanted to see it further.

Seo Yeong got the permission to use a sewing machine for one condition: she had to work on the buttons of a sample dress.
The division manager caught her working there, but fortunately she just finished with the button. The Director Baek found Seo Yeong’s work as an experienced person’s work, but she just told her to give that to design devision. When she got into the office,no one was there. She asked the half-asleep senior Jang and he told her to put it anywhere. She put the sample on his desk.

On her way out of the office, Seo Yeong saw her old friend, Joo Hee, who worked at the university (in episode 1). It turned out that she had a relationship with Ji Seung Il, likely to be his sister because she knew Seung Il’s daughter’s name, Hyeon-i, and called him “oppa”. She also seemed to encourage Seung Il to date Yoon Seo, Director Hyeon’s daughter.

So our cold hearted Ji Seung Il was a divorced man with a daughter.  His ex seemed to be a very busy woman because when he just got home, she called just to say that she couldn’t have Hyeon-i for the week.  The upset Ji Seung Il yelled, “If you don’t have anytime for her you should consider on giving her up!”

The next morning Jin Wook’s mood was up again. He even called Seo Yeong cheerfully. They started to get along with each other. But the good day is not for Seo Yeong. She was blamed for the missing sample dress. Park Na Ra slapped her, but when Seung Il found out about the chaos, he said Seo Yeong just a part-timer so she didn’t have any responsibility on the mistake, while the permanent employees did.

It was very hard for Seo Yeong that her life turned into a complete misery just within a week. But she gave herself a chance.
She went to the production division again and asked the Director Baek to let her use the sewing machine once again.

She’s going to clean the mess and show everyone her real talent in fashion industry. :)

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