Baby-faced Beauty Episode 12 Summary

Seo Yeong is back to  The Style, this time was because of her talent. She’s back as Lee Seo Yeong…

Director Hyeon opposed the idea of having a scandalous ex-employee in the company once again. But Kim Joon Soo said, “Director Baek, wasn’t you who told me that i’m free to pick anyone as my team?”

President Ji looked surprise as well, but I could tell it wasn’t a happy look. To decide if Seo Yeong was quilifed enough to be a two-week part-timer in Design Team, the meeting set a 24 hour challenge for her. She had to make a design sample for outdoor outfit.

Seo Yeong really needed to show everyone that she got the talent of becoming a good designer, despite her age. Senior Jang, who was very reluctant joining Design Team 5 at the first place, tried to persuade her not to work hard on it. If she failed then the Design Team would be dismissed and he could go back to his old team. But Seo Yeong didn’t come back to beg for forgiveness. She’s back to prove everyone that she could do the best with her design. And she did it for Director Baek.

A sudden meeting with Choi Jin Wook was of course unavoidable. When they met at the corridor, they’re awkward and Jin Wook acted a bit cold. He’s been struggling to call Seo Yeong in her real name.

Seo Yeong tried to act normal. She thought Jin Wook would’ve been the same as well. But when she asked for some outdoor design references, Jin Wook coldly said, “I can’t give them to you. It’s not something that non-employee can see.”

She actually had come up with an idea and surprisingly finished her sample long before the due time. But she was too tired that she fell asleep and when she woke up, she lost her sample. Senior Jang did it. He thought it’s for everyone’s sake.

It was 7 hours before the presentation. Seo Yeong went here and there looking for the sample. But no one just supportive to her in the first place. Even Jin Wook acted cold, though as soon as Seo Yeong left he started to look worry.

But it’s not Seo Yeong if she’s not talentedly creative. With not much time left for her to look for the fabric in the market, she looked around the company’s outdoor property and there she found a tent. The tent had the right fabric she was looking for.

And there it was the sample…

She was a bit late for the presentation. Kim Joon Soo had put everyone’s career in the line. He said if he failed this time, it’s not only Dir. Baek who’d resign. He and Senior Jang as well. So Lee Seo Yeong’s creative rain coat impressed everyone. She was accepted as the two-week part-time designer for Design Team 5.

Yoon Seo was upset that she, with her international level, had to compete against a high-school diploma designer-wannabe Lee Seo Yeong. But in order to help her mom win the competition, she went for it. And they already got the best fabric anyway. So they’re very confident that they’d get an absolute victory.

Yoon Seo tried to buy Hyeon-i’s heart in her own way. She didn’t play nice like letting Hyeon-i did what she wanted. She applied discipline. She said Hyeon-i had to forget about Lee Seo Yeong if she didn’t want to make her father angry. She said she’d raise her to be a good quality girl.

Design Team 5 was about to go for hiking for research on their sample. Senior Jang turned around his focus to make his team win the competition since his team leader had dragged him to the bet of losing their jobs if they lost the competition. He tried to persuade Jin Wook to be in their team and came with them to hike. Jin Wook was reluctant.

But his mind couldn’t stop thinking about it. So he decided to go. But when he arrived there, senior Jang and Mr. Kim weren’t there yet. They had miscommunication of the meeting point, so senior Jang asked Seo Yeong to go up first and waited for them on the shelter.

Jin Wook still played cold. He convinced Seo Yeong that he did all this for work and senior Jang. Seo Yeong didn’t care either, she’s too busy with her research.

Meanwhile…the comical Kim Joon Soo gave a bit hard time for senior Jang because he did the research just too much. He could stop in the middle of the track to try the pants in various position and caused some other hikers upset.

Jin Wook outrun Seo Yeong too far. When he realized that Seo Yeong wasn’t on his back and didn’t show up after a moment of wait, he rushed back down the mountain. It turned out that Seo Yeong had cramps on her foot that she couldn’t move it.

Jin Wook didn’t hesitate to open her shoe and helped her foot got better. He just couldn’t stay cool any longer or pretend that he didn’t care about her because he still care for her. So they decided to start over.

From then on, they promise to work hard together as a designer and an MD. They did a handshake and introduced themselves to each other.

And when Mr.Kim and senior Jang arrived at the river, they saw Jin Wook and Seo Yeong was playing in the water. They just got along with each other very well like they never had any issue. I kind of like their kind of relationship :) .

Ji Joo Hee was back as a divorce woman. She quit her job as a university professor and worked as one of the directors in The Style. She need time to heal herself. When she met Yoon Seo she asked about how’s Seo Yeong going. She told her that she worried about her and showed her care. She also regret for taking part in the video, but Yoon Seo said she never showed it anyway.

Meeting Seo Yeong, Joo Hee gave her support. If there’s someone who acknowledged Seo Yeong’s design ability from the beginning, it’s her. She was a very good friend to Seo Yeong.

So everyone in the Design Team 5 started to work hard. Seo Yeong had finished with her sample that made a jacket that could be folded as a portable pocket. Jin Wook was so proud of Seo Yeong that he was taking her to meet Dir.Baek to show this.

And just when they’re on their way…they met this familiar face! The Rosemary Department store’s manager. He was the one who had put Jin Wook and Seo Yeong’s life in trouble. The worst of any news during the deadline period was…that Manager Ahn was going to be one of the judges for the competition.

When Manager Ahn saw the small pocket Seo Yeong was bringing, he made a right guess that had to be the sample. He said that kind of design was outdated.

Seo Yeong was so down hearing what Manager Ahn said. She even had no appetite when Jin Wook treated her lunch at a restaurant to eat beef. But when Jin Wook offered her which part of the cow’s stomach she wanted to eat, Seo Yeong suddenly got an idea!

Ideas could come anywhere…anytime. And when it finally pops  up into your mind, don’t hesitate to put it down on your working media. And that’s exactly what Seo Yeong did.

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