Baby-faced Beauty Episode 13 Summary

I love this episode that it has all the optimisit atmosphere and love…My favourite part is the ending of this episode :D which made me couldn’t wait to write down this summary right away…

Seo Yeong got a brilliant idea after she had a lunch with Jin Wook in the last episode. She came up with the idea of having each different material for different function: hand that wouldn’t have foldings, armpit that wouldn’t get wet, waterproof, etc…

But then the problem was: the fabric. It was quite hard to find the exact fabric they needed in the market. If there were, the price would be the next problem. But then Mr.Kim had an old fabric that was reproduce by adding some particular chemicals to make the fabric he wanted…and there Seo Yeong got the idea of making her own fabric!

Seo Yeong did her research very seriously. She did some experiments using some chemicals…until finally she got the kind of fabric she needed. She immidiately made the sample using that fabric.

The next step would be the testing. They needed to make sure that the fabric worked well with sweats, the heat of the sun, the rain, and the mosquitos. They had Jin Wook for experiments.

Did the jacket work well with an over sweat condition? would it turn to wet or absorb the sweat?

Would it be UV protection?

Would it water resistant? (Hard to get rain on summer, so they make Jin Wook stood under the shower for over half an hour)

Would it mosquito repellent?

Poor Jin Wook. He got mosquito bites everywhere except for the body part where the jacket saved him. And he did the “ouch ouch” like a child when Seo Yeong treated his mosquito bites. Ohh, look at his smile :p

They were too intimate that when senior Jang suddenly came to give him some medicine and saw all that, he said, “Oh, should I go away right now? So, my question in the elevator the other day was true? (the kissing guess)” Then both of them said, “Nooo it’s not like that.”

Ji Joo Hee was introduced as the new design consultant. Kim Joon Soo recognized her as the attractive woman in the airport. He tried to get a hit on her..but failed right away.

The day of the judgment had come. At first they would have executive votings. There would be 3 judges here: someone named Director Han Dong Hoon, Manager Ahn Jeong Nam (the department store manager), and President Ji. Except for President Ji, the other 2 judges didn’t know which design belong to whom.

And in anyone surprise, Manager Ahn turned out to vote for Design Team 5. He was upset himself. He didn’t know that Design Team 5 could have such a good fabric. When it turned to President Ji’s vote, he asked both teams to present their design in details. Unfortunately, this time, President Ji was on Yoon Seo’s side.

But they still have the costumers vote. With 10 points ahead, Yoon Seo and her team was very confident they would win the competition. but they were wrong, the costumers loved Seo Yeong’s design best.

And looked at how Jin Wook and Seo Yeong forgot about their awkwardness and burst into laughter and hugged each other so tightly…

Yoon Seo was upset she had lost from Seo Yeong. But she was happy that Ji Seung Il was on her side. And that afternoon, Ji Seung Il said he wouldn’t make her wait anylonger. He led their relationship into the next level: marriage.

Seo Yeong’s time at The Style had finished. She even avoided Jin Wook’s invitation to celebrate their victory. Instead, she went to the department store to see her baby. There she met the nice lady. She told Seo Yeong how her jacket was so popular and how lucky she was to have Jin Wook. She told her Jin Wook was the one who told her to wear that jacket to the event.

Another problem occured. Chief Ho admitted his crime for stealing some design samples for money. He needed money. And then he submitted the resignation letter.

Director hyeon used this issue to attack Director Baek. She asked her to resign as well. She set her up by making Chief Ho write a testimony that everything he did was under Director Baek’s direction. President Ji didn’t buy the story but had no proof to defend his teacher. Director Baek went to Chief Ho in the hospital where his son was hospitalized. He begged for another forgiveness that Director Hyeon threatened to put him in jail if he didn’t do what she asked him.

Seo Yeong brought her portfolio to President Ji. But he coldly refused her by saying that he had no intention of taking her back as an employee. He didn’t even want to see the portfolio, but Seo Yeong left it on his desk.

Seo Yeong finally accepted the team’s invitation to celebrate their victory. This time, Park Na Ra came along. It’s so obvious that she wanted to get hook up with Jin Wook. The problem was, she kept bringing up the age issue that it made Jin Wook silently upset.

Senior Jang asked Na Ra to start calling Seo Yeong onnie. She refused, of course. But then Jin Wook was also asked to address her as noona. That’s insanely awkward…Jin Wook stayed quite.

Hyeon-i was talking to herself about Seo Yeong’s IQ was the same as the whale. She suddenly stopped when her father caught her. Ji Seung Il asked what’s going on. He asked him if she had known Seo Yeong’s real age and why she didn’t tell him earlier. Hyeon-i said, “Because I don’t want you to be angry because you hate her. You would hate me, wouldn’t you? Because someone said that you would be angry if I talk about Lee Seo Yeong ajumma because you hate her. I don’t want you to be angry because the last time you were angry, the next day you and mom started to leave separately.”

Hyeon-i cried a stream. Seung Il was so surprise. He asked her who had told her such a thing.

Joo Hee who came to see Hyeon-i slipped her words talking about the video. Ji Seung Il just found out that his sister had known Seo Yeong for a long time and she backed her up all this time. He then asked her what video she was talking about.

Ji Seung Il watched the video and found out Yoon Seo’s evil plan. He was angry. He was so disappointed that he was even breaking up with her. She asked why she’s unforgiven for this slight mistake. Ji Seung Il said, “For the video matter I can forgive you, but for what you have said to Hyeon-i I can’t.”

Director Baek submitted her resignation. But Ji Seung Il couldn’t lose the only person he could rely on in the company. He asked her to stay for another week after they clean the mess by launching the new romantic-theme under her design team.

Meanwhile, the party moved to karaoke. Park Na Ra didn’t stop bringing up about the age gap and how she tried to attract Jin Wook. Seo Yeong just stayed calm while Jin Wook just kept drinking. Seo Yeong excused herself to the bathroom and then left for home by texting Mr.Kim. The drunken Jin wook off too.

President Ji had waited for Seo Yeong on the street near her house. When Seo Yeong got into his car, Jin Wook just arrived and saw it. So President Ji had finally seen Seo Yeong’s protfolio and decided to have her to help Director Baek for the romantic theme design. It’s gonna be for another week.

Oouugh this company is so rude! They keep having Seo Yeong for “week contract”…what the?? But it’s a too prestige company to refuse the offer, from the CEO himself! I don’t blame her for that.

Jin Wook was still there when Seo Yeong arrived. He just couldn’t stand it anymore. He grabbed Seo Yeong body and hugged her so tightly like he was so afraid that Seo Yeong would run away and never comeback. He started to say, “I don’t care the fact that you’re 7 years older. I don’t care if I have to call you noona. If I have to call you my noona then be it. I don’t care because I…”

“…I like you, Lee Seo Yeong.”

Hohohoo…he did it! The love confession once again…

[by Rizz]

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  1. sleeplessinwgtn

    I loved the ending, too. JW did not waver for a long time, unlike other k-drama leads. He knows in his heart that he likes LSY and has been helping her and caring for her all along. And it did not take him long to own up to his feelings after he found out the lie.

    LSY also feels something special for him. I wonder how long before she admits it to herself and to JW.

  2. This was the best episode so far!! I loved Yoon Seo getting her comeuppance!! As Ji Seung Il said, the video was forgivable but what she did to that baby was not!

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