Baby-faced Beauty Episode 15 Summary

Everyone was ready for the final competition, and so was this man. The MD leaked some information to the public about Kang Yoon Seo’s design cost.

Lee Seo Yeong stayed with her old design eventually, and so did Kang Yoon Seo. They did the presentation in fornt of their voters, women in their 20s. Seo Yeong said her design was to  make women feel comfortable in their date because they never coordinate with their date what they’re gonna wear. That dress was also suitable for going to a baseball match.

Surprisingly, most of the voters gave their vote for Kang Yoon Seo’s design and Team 5 had to accept their lost.
But when Seo Jin called her friend, who was one of the voters, she found out that they (the voter girls) had already known the price of the dresses and Kang Yoon Seo’s cost less.

Jin Wook was arguing with Senior Jang whether or not he should let Seo Yeong be alone at this time when suddenly Seo Jin came.

At the meeting, Director Hyeon’s real intention was to get rid of Director Baek. But President Ji had had a meeting the issued company and got the prove that the mistake was all in Chief Ho. It had nothing to do With Director Baek.

And suddenly Jin Wook came abruptly to interfere the meeting. He announced that there had been an unfairness in the competition.He handed the prove, which was an article publish in the company’s web page that told about Kang Yoon Seo’s design’s cost. The MD defended himself by saying the invoice did tell Seo Yeong’s fabric cost more than Yoon Seo’s. But Jin Wook also good in this matter. He said though the invoice said so, the fact was the fabric Yoon Seo’s using cost more than Seo Yeong’s, though she got the fabric in a lower price. It’s something Yoon Seo got a discount.

Jin Wook gladly informed Seo Yeong that she had won the competition. Seo Yeong was confused, but Jin Wook told her to see it herself.

Seo Yeong met Seo Jin and her sister told her what happened. Senior Jang and Jin Wook watch the girls from a far and what men always do when they see girls: examining their physical appearance. Senior Jang wondered how could the older sister seemed to stay in her junior high schooly’s body, while the younger one had grown up to have such a perfect body. Jin Wook insisted that junior high schoolies were cute and the elder sister is prettier than the younger one. :D

Jin Wook asked Seo Yeong out for a date to the movie in a way high school boys asked their girls for a date.

Meanwhile, Mr.Kim thanked Joo Hee for her opinion on his sketch the other day that he said he then knew women could also have (a bulging) tummy(after they eat). :rolleyes:  And that’s just his entry point to ask Joo Hee out for dinner. Joo Hee agreed, but she said her brother would come along.

That was why Mr.Kim asked his team to come along for the dinner. But because he didn’t say that the president would also come, Senior Jang and Park Na Ra had already refused the invitation. Seo Yeong couldn’t escape this one because Mr.Kim said there’s no way a red carpet celebration without the red carpet celebrity.

So Seo Yeong had to cancel her date with Jin Wook. He protested like a little kid, as usual, but Seo Yeong just hung up the phone, as usual.

Kim Joon Soo couldn’t be more annoying as a person. His weird character made him interested in asking people general things he was curious about rather than to eat his meal. He asked President Ji this and that, but thankfully Ji Seung Il could always give him good answers.

Joo Hee’s phone suddenly rang an alarm. I think it was a reminder of her marriage anniversary or sort of. That made her felt unwell all of a sudden, so she excused herself.

Mr.Kim insisted of accompany her home, though Joo Hee kept saying she needed sometime to be alone. Mr. Kim een tried to impress Joo Hee by performing his skill in shaolin kung fu (he said she’d be safer going home accompanied by him at that hour)….but ridiculously he broke his pants. So he really needed to go with Joo Hee.

Jin Wook met senior Jang at the office and found out that President Ji was the one holding the dinner. Jin Wook arrived at the restaurant just in the same time as he saw Joo Hee and Joon Soo were leaving. He rushed inside.

The situation between Seo Yeong and Ji Seung Il turned awkward. Seo Yeong brought up the topic about Hyeon-i by saying sorry for making Hyeon-i to be in such a mood as at the present time. Seung Il said he should’ve done that earlier, because he wanted Seo Yeong to see him not as Hyeon-i’s father. Ji Seung Il was about to continue his words when Jin Wook burst in.

You know, Jin Wook act like he always did. He asked Seo Yeong what they’ve been talking about. Seo Yeong said about Hyeon-i. And then Jin Wook started his chattering. He said Hyeon-i called him earlier to ask him and Seo Yeong ajumma go to the park together again sometimes. Jin Wook then said, “She said the reason why she likes Seo Yeong ajumma so much is because her unsophisticated manner that was absolutely not his father’s type.”

Surprisingly, Seung Il argued that. Jin Wook’s emotion was a bit up. Then he asked about the 10,000 won he gave the other day. Seung Il said it’s for the money he had borrowed her to buy boiled eggs and soda. So Jin Wook finally knew Seo Yeong and Seung Il went back to Seoul together. SeoYeong and Jin Wook started to have couple’s argument. Seo Yeong tried to explain to him that President Ji had accidently left his key car inside his car.

Another surprise…Ji Seung Il said he purposely did that. It was a very jaw dropping moment for everyone. So that man, the cool President Ji, officially declared a love war to Jin Wook. He then informed Seung Il that he and Seo Yeong were dating and he didn’t want Seung Il to sneak around his girlfriend next time. He wouldn’t care even if Seung Il was his boss.

But Ji Seung Il just responded cooly. He said he was sorry for putting Seo Yeong in a difficult situation. He said this time he was the one who had to leave first, but he couldn’t be sure who’s gonna leave first next time. Wohooo Jin Wook got a competition.

He started to nag Seo Yeong and lose his confidence which led to make Seo Yeong felt he didn’t trust her. When Seo Yeong left Jin Wook said he wouldn’t feel sorry at all…

…but look who came begging for forgiveness. He cutely explain to Seo Yeong the reason he got so angry…

And when they were saying goodbyes, Seo Yeong asked Jin Wook to lower his body.

Jin Wook confusedly lower his body and then suddenly Seo Yeong kissed his nose! Awwww that was cute.

Okay, another problem was solved. But the episode is still running and we still have Seo Yeong’s problem with her numbness and all the symptoms he got after her experiments with the chemicals.

So as promised, Seo Yeong was promoted to be a permanent employer. She handed her resume and it’s just about the time she could have her official business card, but the HR man needed Seo Yeong’s medical check up result.

Senior Jang reminded Seo Yeong that she couldn’t wear such different-color-on-each-foot socks, but Seo Yeong was confused of what he was talking about because Senior Jang only said, “You cannot wear that kind of style to work.” Seo Yeong asked him, “What do you mean?” Senior Jang said,” the socks.”

Jin wook found Seo Yeong was having problem with her eyes. They went to the drugstore together to buy something for her eyes. But Jin Wook was too worry about her that he insisted to buy her some more vitamins and thought that she might get a bad effect from the experiment with chemicals.

And confusion also happened in the production team. They weren’t sure if Seo Yeong gave them the right fabric colors: a pink polcadot for top dress and a shocking green for the mini skirt?

It’s a coincident that Yoon Seo was there to give them her design manual. At first she didn’t see anything really strange in that, just a thought that it was true Seo Yeong was not that good in design taste. But then she saw  Seo Yeong was putting an eye drop to her eyes and saw Seo Yeong’s socks.Yoon Seo started to smell something fishy. To confirm herself, she came to Seo Yeong’s desk pretending to borrow a couple of color pencil. She asked Seo Yeong to give her a purple one, but Seo Yeong gave her a brown one.

Seo Yeong had made an appointment for medical check up, but she was summoned back to the office because the production team needed a confirmation about the color selection for the shirt and the skirt. When Seo Yeong confirmed the colors were correct, she was late for the appointment. On her way back home, she finally realized there’s something wrong with her sight. So she immediately had her eyes check.

Seo Yeong confessed to Director Baek that she was suffered from color blind just in recent time. But everything was too late. The dress had been produced and the magazine had been published. The company suffered a great loss…so, what were they gonna do with Seo Yeong?

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  1. “what men always do when they see girls: examining their physical appearance.”

    indeed.But I’m so glad Jin Wook still she his girl as the most beautiful one no matter what

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