Baby-faced Beauty Episode 20 Summary (Final)

Here we are at last…the final episode. This drama has been entertaining for me. It’s a nice come back for Jang Na Ra, always good to watch Ryu Jin, Kim Min Seo did a good job too as an antagonist, but for me personally…Choi Daniel saved the whole thing. He’s a naturally witty man.

Though generally everything was obvious for the ending and not really much to really describe about, i still try to make a fun writing about it.

So let’s start with the episode.

Mr. Choi said that he’s not the type of parent who would at the end fall for his kid’s request. But Seo Yeong was optimist he would change his mind. She asked for a month, for him to know her better. She would show him that she was the right woman for Jin Wook. Seo Yeong said she’d come to see Mr.Choi every-single-day.

And she did. She was very determined and whole-hearted helping in the restaurant. Mr.Choi was annoyed at first, trying to ignored later…but as time went by, he got used to Seo Yeong’s presence.

Meanwhile, regarding Shil Ah’s necklace “incident” arranged by Yoon Seo, Team Leader Go didn’t let her go. He asked for more money by blackmailing her.

That afternoon, Senior Jang and Park Na Ra were having an “in-the-office-short-date”. They were worried to get caught by other employees, but what they would see was beyond their expection. They witnessed the confidential conversation between Team Leader Go and Kang Yoon Seo. Yoon Seo refused to give him money and the conversation didn’t really end up smooth. Yoon Seo was anxious that her sin would be brought up to public.

Later that night, Senior Jang and Na Ra agreed to forget what they saw on that roof top garden. If they said anything, their jobs were at a stake. But Jang Gi Hong forgot that he had a housemate who could come home anytime. So instead of having the secret a secret, his conversation with Na Ra on the phone revealed the truth to Jin Wook: Seo Yeong’s lost in the last competition was because Yoon Seo and Team Leader Go hid the neckalace for a while.

The next day Jin Wook didn’t wait long for telling Yoon Seo that he knew her sin. He told her that for Seo Yeong the competition was her fight for Director Baek’s good name. Yoon Seo begged him  not to tell President Ji. But Jin Wook couldn’t do that. He got to do what was right.

Yoon Seo called Seo Yeong for a meeting at the roof top garden. She admitted her mistakes, but begged her not to expose anything, especially to President Ji. She promised to stop giving her hard times, but her begs didn’t work at all. Seo Yeong was upset. But most importantly, that very moment was bare witnessed by Ji Seung Il himself.

Director Hyeon was protesting to President Ji that he decided to dismiss Kang Yoon Seo, her daughter, from the company. She tried to threaten him, but apparently President Ji had enough of her. He secretly invited Chief Oh  to give a testimony about what really happened in the incident that caused Director Baek leaving the company. So the truth was revealed clearly. Director Hyeon had threatened Chief Oh to make him give a false testimony that everything happened was Diretcor Baek’s responsibility. So Director Hyeon was also kicked out of The Style.

Yoon Seo was packing up her things and ready to leave when Ji Seung Il came toher office. With a smile on his face, he said, “No matter what happen, you’re still my lovely little sister, Yoon Seo.” So…it’s just “little sister” all these times? Ohh, men should stop doing this kind of thing. They shouldn’t be almost marrying their “lovely little sister” in the first place. Please, choose: your woman or your “like little sister” woman.

Sorry I get a bit emotional. That’s just my opinion.

Anyway, Yoon Seo refused having Seung Il drove her home. On her way out of the office, she met Seo Yeong. She apologized and eventually acknowledge Seo Yeong’s good design. She said she loved her design and it was beautiful. That’s why she knew she’d lose the competition over her, so she decided to play dirty games.

Finally, the issues with Kang Yoon Seo and Director Hyeon was closed. Ji Seung Il went to pay a visit to his teacher, Director Baek. She had opened her own business in fashion, a nice little shop.

Seo Yeong was on her way home when she stopped by this shop, too. She was touched by the designs that they reminded her of what Director Baek once told her, “Every woman, regardless their age, love to look pretty.” She then thought she saw Director Baek, but she was wrong. The lady at the shop wasn’t her teacher. But she bought the dress with the first price offered.

Apparently it WAS Director Baek’s shop and the lady Seo Yeong had mistaken was Director Baek’s employee. That employee told Director Baek about a customer who paid a dress in the first price. Director Baek protested that and ran after the customer to tell her that the price wasn’t actually that expensive. (un)Surprisingly, the customer turned out to be Seo Yong.

President Ji rejected Jin Wook’s resignation letter and told him to get back to work in The Style. He said the company needed a talented MD like him.

On the other hand, Seo Yeong decided to leave the company. Ji Seung Il was kind to her till the end. Though it’s hard for him to let her go, as a man and as a boss, he still wished her the best with a bright smile on his face and a offered a warm hand shake.

The farewell party was attended by three couples: Senior Jang-Park Na Ra, Seo Yeong-Jin Wook and Kim Joon Soo-Ji Joo Hee. The first hour they had to listen to Team Leader Kim’s boring story about his life in Shaolin China, but then Senior Jang saved them all.

Seo Yeong gave her short speech saying thank you to everyone. Jin Wook was supposed to kiss her on everybody’s request, but Jin Wook-Seo Yeong decided just to sing for everyone. And it turned out to be no one was listening to their song. Each couple was busy with themselves.

Seo Yeong’s father had a serious conversation with his former boss. He knew that the problem in Seo Yeong-Jin Wook was him! Since he loved his daughter so much, he decided to leave. He told Mr.Choi to let them get married and he’d go away from their lives. He would go having a life on a ship. He’d work on a ship.

Mr.Choi then summoned his son. He asked Jin Wook if all the underhand plan he told him ( the toilet incident last episode) was really gonna be done if he never gave them his blessing. Jin Wook said, “Seo Yeong didn’t want to do that. She said we could do that, but we won’t be happy. So we’re going to work hard to get your blessing.”

And finally, that strict cold-hearted man agreed to give them his blessing.

Well, generally there’s no more obstacle in Seo Yeong-Jin Wook’s relationship. They’re really getting married. That night, after their date, Jin Wook gave Seo Yeong the red-colored lipstick he had promised to give her on their first date. (Seo Yeong was still color blind that time but she’s holding a red balloon and Jin Wook told her the color and promised to give her lipstick with the same color).

Seo Yeong’s eyesight was okay now. She recovered  from her color blind.

It’s cute when Jin Wook asked her to start calling him “Honey” (yeobo) instead of “Boyfriend” (namjin). Seo Yeong cutely called him “Yeobo-ya!”

The couple was busy preparing for their wedding and marriage life. Buying hanbok and accessories for the family made them argue about the price. Jin Wook couldn’t put aside his MD nature by calculating even the price of a button. Meanwhile Seo Yeong insisted they had to make the family wear nice things.

And then when it came to home appliance…Jin Wook wanted a TV-game player set. An expensive one with a small explanation as, “To make me not boring waiting for you coming home from work,” to Seo Yeong. Of course she said no. So when it turned to Seo Yeong wanted to buy a new expensive sewing machine, Jin Wook disagreed.

But when they went to wedding dress fitting…Jin Wook had his jaw-dropping moment when he saw Seo Yeong in her wedding dress. Jang Na Ra really looked amazingly cute and beauty like a doll!

The Lee family started over too. The father tried to pay the times he lost with his daughters. He helped Seo Jin to practice for an ads audition. Seo Jin still worked hard to be a successful model.

And a year later…she was successful! She was in the place where Chae Shil Ah the year before. Lee Seo Jin showed up as a famous star, an anticipated beauty on the red carpet. She wore Seo Yeong’s last year design and also  the necklace Shil Ah was supposed to wear the year before.

And ever since Seo Jin’s fame was rising, Seo Yeong’s fame as well. She was a well known designer who got many loyal customers.

And Seo Jin became the model for The Style…

On the other hand, our former model, Chae Shil Ah lingered in The Style for another reason. She’s trying to get Ji Seung Il’s heart. The cool President Ji ignored her of course, but not the daughter. Hyeon-i confronted her saying, “Ajeomma, chasing after my father, you’re the worst!”

Jang Gi Hong become a team leader. But he’s still him. He blamed on his team for losing a sample, told them that he never did that in his entire career, BUT turned out -again- to be the one who forgot that the sample was right behind his chair.

Jin Wook became the team leader in MD. He’d been giving a hard time to this newbie MD by telling him that adding a button in a design could be a great different in the production cost.

The newbie MD was quite cute.. :D

And Park Na Ra had fast eyes on him. She’s still bullying maknae, but soon to be distracted by the presence of that new MD guy. Especially when she was told that the guy was 26 and the prince of a family who ran many chicken feet restaurants and owned many properties.

Na Ra’s “prince hitting” radar worked fast. She targetted that man, but her boyfriend, Jang Gi Hong always knew how to win her heart. As soon as he showed her their luxurious holiday ticket to Maldives, she totally forgot about the newbie MD.

Jin Wook and Seo Yeong had a daughter and they shared the parenting very well. But it seemed that Seo Yeong worked a bit harder than her husband that he went nagging about they’re having no more time as a couple since she was too busy with the baby and work.

So the three of them went out for a date that lovely afternoon…The sky was beautiful, i liked it.

As for the closure, we could hear Seo Yeong’s lovely narration:

“Darling, I think I was a super hero woman in my past life. I must have saved many lives. Therefore, to acheive my dream, to give a birth, to treasured a child with a very good husband. If that’s not the case, how could something so miraculous happen to me? I must’ve saved the world in my past life.”

It’s a sweet ending, everyone…with a very beautiful scenery. This drama didn’t hit a high ranking among other dramas, but for me it’s still entertaining. Hope you enjoy the show too. Hope you like my writing as well. :)


Rizz ;)

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  1. Thank you for your lovely recaps. I agree with you that daniel choi was the shining star. this was my first time seeing him in a drama and I really like his acting and I hope to see him again soon. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. I love this drama that when it ends I just simply cry…for some cliche reasons, that I would never find such a sweet and endearing drama like this, that the characters are really believing, that how smitten Jin Wook to Seo Young. It’s a typical of K-Drama of course-with hand grabbing, tears and lies…but I don’t care. I treasure this drama, I tell all my friends to watch it, some of them fall for this drama, some just feels so-so…but Babyfaced Beauty is a drama that warm-up my days, it makes me smile and in strange ways it makes me feel better…thanks, I hope we all see these two again.

  3. thank you for ur recaps. i read every one of them. and i like the ending so much.. but iam a bit sad for president ji..

  4. Thank you for all your recaps,it was a very beautiful drama and i love it all the things in this drama seemed to be real and nothing was so big or unbelievable it was all about normal persions and thier sadness or happiness.and i really fell for Jang Nara&Choi Daniel thier relationship was really so beauutifull
    and i just wanted to say that i saw the rate of this drama at and it was first and had a good support and i dont get it when you say it didnt hit the high ranking
    afterall im very thank ful for all of your recaps and i always read them

  5. me to i love this drama, but the last ep.20 is not working… _D

  6. i am around episode 6 but i always read recaps first. Yours was so amazing! I really loved this drama! Really! It gave me some hard times, moments to think about my own life and all… it was very entertaining. Oh, there were parts i cried ç.ç

    i am 20, but i’m so short and tiny that people usually mistake me as someone younger. I wonder if i’ll still have a baby face in 10 years xD

    anyway… thank you for the recaps <3

  7. Thank you for the recaps. I really enjoyed it.

  8. Hi everyone,

    I do love asian dramas and asian actors, already watched a lot from hk, japanese and korean. But with this one I do really have huge mixed feelings, only keeping to watch because love the side kicks actors and the main guy. Laughed a lot in many of their acts. As for the main role, I have to be frank that sucks, I don’t know who should I complain to : the writers or the lead actress ? Let me explain it; in all the entire drama she is purely plain, weak until the end (we expect her being strong when she argued and kicked in the beginning the guy but turned she has no characters), having no self esteem, totally stupid (everytime someone ask her or make a comment she only knows how to reply by “what” even during a committee prez, WTF with that stupid attitude ?), no common sense… in fact the list is too long…seriously which sort of people could be like that and work at the same time in the fashion industry as a designer ??? and for the actress, I apologize to her fans but during the whole drama I no feelings for her play and got totally bored and frustrated when she showed up for each act…
    So as a recommandation, just watch this drama when you finished all the interesting one such as “protect the boss” and for the lead actor and the supporting comedians.

  9. Thax for the recaps…

  10. Me, of course, I didn’t interested in this drama at first. However, I got really addict to Soeyong n Jinwook…. I love them so much now…….

  11. I discovered by pure hazard that I had KBS world on my tv in Paris, in september when after a hard working day I couldn’t sleep all the night. So I had zapping all the night on my tv. I discovered KBS world and this this drama and quicklly I understood episode after episode that Korean language is very beautifull and that Choi Daniel is a BIG ACTOR !!!! He’s so natural that every body on earth would like to have a good friend like him. I think he can become a famous actor internationnaly know like Won Bin( before discovering Kbs world Won Bin was the only Korean name I knew….)
    Congratulations Choi Daniel and I wish you to reach the summits of this profession.
    From Paris, SD.

  12. thank you so much. your recap was very good it helped me to avoid watching another 10 episodes of predictability and getting infuriated by it. to be honest the drama is “OK” at very best

  13. Thanx for the recaps m hurt though i was hoping Seo Yeong and the president would mary instead of Wook

  14. I am disappointed with the ending; would have preferred her marrying the President with the young daughter. The pig trotter restaurant owner son was too young for her; when she reaches menopause he would still be in his early 40s and would be sexually deprived.

    Moreover, I would liked to have seen her blossomed into a famous clothes designer and living the high life with the President.

    • I totally agree with you Shinubi, 7 years is way too much..She deserves to be famous,she’s worked hard all her life. Pretty disappointing..
      The last episode(20) will be aired later on today 4:20pm Nigerian time & repeat at 10:50pm..I won’t be upset if I don’t get to watch it.

    • Are you kidding me? Menopause does not mean a woman stops having or even wanting sex…how ludicrous to even think this way. It astounds me how many people saw the CEO as a better fit for her. There may have been an age gap, but 7 years is nothing if it’s an older man and a younger woman…no one blinks an eye at that. But why is it so taboo for the situation to be reversed? It’s not as though she couldn’t have children. In none of their interactions did I ever think the CEO was a better candidate for her, they had barely a thing in common besides his daughter, zero chemistry, and always seemed completely awkward together. He never really tried to date her, just proposed out of the blue when he knew her heart was filled with another man. Honestly, that was so skeevy of him in my opinion.

  15. I love this drama but I’d prefer Lee Soyeong to end up with Ceo Ji..I think Daniel Choi is too playful but that doesn’t take the shine away from the series-it was worth my time!
    Thanks for the from Nigeria

  16. It utterly disgusts me that Yeon Soo continues to call Jin Wook ‘oppa’ and he lets her continue to do it, even after all he knows about her. She should have stopped calling him that early on since she was also calling Seung Il that as well. It’s almost as though she wanted all the men to only like her. Nasty trash…I am so over these overly simplistically nasty and one dimensional kdrama characters.

  17. It utterly disgusts me that Yeon Soo continues to call Jin Wook ‘oppa’ and he lets her continue to do it, even after all he knows about her. She should have stopped calling him that early on since she was also calling Seung Il that as well. It’s almost as though she wanted all the men to only like her. Nasty trash…I am so over these overly simplistically nasty and one dimensional kdrama characters.

  18. I forgot to mention that I wish all of Yeon Soo and her mother’s misdeeds would have been laid bare and shown to everyone. It irritated me that somehow Seung Il still thought Yeon Soo was a ‘sweet girl’. Seriously? A sweet person would not do the things she did to a child or any of the other scheming, underhand and dirty things she did. If she was ever sweet, and I doubt it, it was most likely only to him. Her character struck me as the nasty, mean girl who puts on the false show of being nice when in reality she is rotten to the core. I noticed that she didn’t truly seem to feel bad about the necklace incident (or anything else she did) until she was going to be found out. At any rate, I never once had a scrap of sympathy for her.

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