Baby-faced Beauty Episode 8 Summary

Seo Yeong just got lucky with Joo Hee, but Yoon Seo just didn’t let her go. She was meeting Seo Yeong’s ex-boss and she found out that Seo Yeong had worked there for 14 years before she worked at The Style.

Speaking of Joo Hee, last episode she owed us an explanation. So she’s giving it to us here. Remember the day when Joo Hee told Seo Yeong to meet her in a small cafe but Ji Seung Il suddenly showed up out of nowhere? That day Seo Yeong hid behind a plant in front of the cafe entrance to avoid Joo Hee right? So it turned out that Joo Hee caught her. So she told Joo Hee everything and asked her not to say anything because she’s resigning right after her design was on the store.

Yoon Seo, knowing the truth secretly, still in her elegant attitude asked Seo Yeong about her skill in fashion industry. She praised her for having such talent just a couple of years after college. (considering the age : 25 years)

After the kissing incident Jin Wook – Seo Yeong relationship was still a bit awkward. Thoug he had cleared the situation the day before, he asked for another apologized this time. He also gave Seo Yeong the phone he bought for her…he determinely insisted when she refused several times. Seo Yeong give in at last and very thankful for the new phone.

And the first caller was Hyeon-i. She asked Seo Yeong to make Jessica a new clothes. But Seo Yeong refuse it politely by saying that Hyeon-i should ask Yoon Seo instead. The little girl looked very disappointed, while Jin Wook couldn’t hide his please.

Because of Seo Yeong’s rejection, Hyeon-i was reported missing. President Ji called her and asked if she knew her. Seo Yeong went in a rush to children’s play ground with Jin Wook. They had to take off their shoes in this place. So when Seo Yeong was about to run to Hyeon-i’s home, she forgot to change the slippers. She warned Jin wook not to call her or go to President Ji and humiliate her like last time. So when Jin Wook realized he still had Seo Yeong’s shoes, he had no other choice…

Seo Yeong found Hyeon-i hid under her own bed. She looked very lonely, such a poor kid.

When Ji Seung Il arrived home, Seo Yeong was giving Hyeon-i piggy back to make her sleep. And I could see how much this man was touched.

Ji Seung Il was very thankful to Seo Yeong. He told Seo Yeong about his burden after the divorce where they had to split Hyeo-i and how much it hurt the kid. Seo Yeong just took the story as a common sad story, but Yoon Seo who overheard their intimate conversation looked so displease.

Knowing Yoon Seo was around, Seo Yeong, as usual, hurriedly excused herself. When Ji Seung Il saw what she’s wearing, he was more touched. Seo Yeong said she’s okay going home with those slippers.

And yes that’s what Jin Wook did. Not allowed to call or went up, he waited downstairs. He’s very loyal…and Seo Yeong was touched with that.

They also had the “sleeping-on-the-man’s-shoulder-on-the-bus” scene. It was of course a very hard day for Seo Yeong. So when she fell asleep on their way home, Jin Wook was more than happy to give her his broad shoulder.

Joo Hee came to the apartment worriedly. Unfortunately, Hyeon-i was asleep with Seung Il accompanied her. So she was stuck with Yoon Seo. Joo Hee was quite surprise when Yoon Seo asked why she backed up Seo Yeong’s lies. Joo Hee asked her to help Seo Yeong considering her tough situation. She also told Yoon Seo about Seo Yeong’s plan of resigning soon.

When Seo Yeong and Jin Wook was thrilled about the factory started to produce Seo Yeong’s design, they received a very bad news. Seo Yeong’s design manual was missing.

Yoon Seo and her mother suggest they should just drop Seo Yeong’s design. Director Baek tried her best to defend Seo Yeong. But the bravest man was Jin Wook. He stood tall saying that he’d find the factory that could produce Seo Yeong’s design within the next 3 days.

Seo Yeong was about to give up. But Jin Wook asked her not to. He said she should be responsible for her design…her dream.

And nothing was impossible for Choi Jin Wook. He went here and there to find a factory that was willing to produce Seo Yeong’s design in 3 days, but he found none. Until he met this guy, ex-employee of The Style who looked miserable with his unsold clothes.

Jin Wook asked for a help since he needed to help his friend. He said if he could sell those clothes in the next 2 hours, that man had to agree to help him.

And looked what he did. He dressed himself in one of the woman’s dress and acted like a transvestite attracting ajummas …and finally succeeded to sell most of the clothes. So the man proved his words. He let his factory to produce Seo Yeong’s design.

They worked very hard for the clothes. And Jin Wook couldn’t be more grateful to the kind man. He even didn’t go home and slept in the factory.

Seo Yeong got the news from senior Jang who was worry about Jin Wook. He told Seo Yeong about what her guardian angel had done for her. And when she arrived at the factory, the factory owner ajuhssi immidiately recognized her, “So it was you, wasn’t it? Who made that man did all this.”

Seo Yeong was so touched seeing Jin Wook had to get through all this for her. She bought him breakfast and started to be lot nicer to him.

Yoon Seo was actually upset knowing that shoes Ji Seung Il was holding wasn’t for her but for Seo Yeong. He said he wanted to give her a grateful-present for what he did that night to Hyeon-i.

Yoon Seo handed the shoes to Seo Yeong, but the girl refused it politely. Even though she put a big smile on her face, Yoon Seo was so upset. She had a very evil plan for Seo Yeong.

Hyeon-i was checking her aunty’s purse while the aunty was too busy trying to hold the donuts tempation. Hyeon-i said, “Aunty, you’re also a whale! how could you be a professor with an IQ this low?” Joo Hee was surprised of the idea. she then explained to Hyeon-i what the 78 really meant.

The company was having a workshop out of town. After the formal workshop, they had some entertainment show. Each team had to show something. and as for the design team 2, they had their belly-dance-certified-maknae to show them her real talent. Seo Yeong tried her best on belly dancing. Seo Jin taught her. But belly dancing just so not Seo Yeong… So when it turned out to be a flop, Jin Wook helped her by doing a collaboration for a silly break dance performance.

Jin Wook and his team performed some martial arts previously. I was quite impressed seeing Choi Daniel bent those iron stick..well, it could be fake, but he still looked amusingly cool. ;)

They set a campfire on the field outside. Everyone gathered. They asked the maknae to sing something and when she succeeded to charm everyone with her nice singing…ultimately Jin Wook.

And then a pig trotter delivery suddenly came with so many food for them. Jin Wook was speechless knowing the delivery must be her mother’s and senior Jang was the one who informed her about the workshop activity. But the surprise didn’t end there.

Now it’s time for Yoon Seo’s evil plan. He had someone delivered something for the name of Lee Seo Yeong. Everyone insisted that no such a name among them. But the delivery man was so determine to finish his job well. So he started to make a phone call to the given number..Lee Seo Yeong’s number.

Seo Yeong looked very tense and worry…and her phone was ringing.

What actually Yoon Seo’s plan?? Will Seo Yeong get caught finally? Well..i don’t think so. It’s still too early. But let’s just wait till episode 9.

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  1. I actually watched the episode last night and spent a whole day today browsing youtube for the series! Your summaries are amazing. Out of such complicated stories you made one abridged eps without losing subtleties and humor! I’m now officially crazy abt choi daniel and his addictive dorky smile.

    • Hey Surti, thanks. I’ll keep doing my best. ;)

      • I’m a newbie at KDrama. Since there are so many of them, dyou hv any suggestion which drama shld i watch? Think Korea is vr successful in spreading its soft diplomacy trough the world. A friend told me its hugely popular in Iran and even Pakistan! I seriously think of taking Korean lesson since watching Choi Daniel in eps 8 of this series *wink

        • Hey Surti,
          wow that’s a good idea for you to start taking Korean lesson…
          Anyway, if you ask me which drama to follow, that’s quite tough. I don’t know where to start since there’re many good ones.
          If you want to start from this year’s best one then go back to the years behind…maybe you can start with Secret Garden? It’s like a must see Kdrama ever!
          It was a buzz in its home country during the season and the aftermath wave was still huge. If you like spoilers, well we have SG summaries :p
          Happy watching and welcome to the club ;)

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