Baby-faced Beauty Episode 5 Summary

This is a very tough episode for Seo Yeong. She had to get the blame for other people’s mistakes. Firstly for that department store MD matter and then for something her sister did. But she got one plus point here. The Style princess, Ji Hyeon-i, seemed to like her more than her father’s girlfriend, Yoon Seo.

The scandal with the department store MD was spread out because Choi Jin Wook was arrested. Yoon Seo put a blame on Seo Yeong and no one seemed to take the responsibility beside her. Ji Seung Il refused to do something for Jin Wook, but Yoon Seo used her connection and Jin Wook was released and got free of any charge.

President Ji got a phonecall from his lovely daughter. She’s in the office, but no where to be found. She wander the building and arrived at design team’s empty office. She found Park Na Ra’s cosmetic bag and started to play with it.

Park Na Ra was furious that her precious cosmetic bag was missing. She told Seo Yeong to search for it. Seo Yeong then found Hyeon-i was playing with it at an empty room. She’s doing make up for Jessica, her favourite doll. Seo Yeong asked for the cosmetic bag, but this little girl is a bossy-princess-typical. She told her she’s President Ji’s daughter and it made Seo Yeong got harder to get the cosmetic back.

Hyeon-i made Seo Yeong to be her model, instead. Seo Yeong had no choice but to play along. On the other hand, Seung Il was looking for his daughter here and there…and then he found her was having fun playing beauty salon with Seo Yeong. And he seemed to be impressed.

Seo Yeong got the cosmetic back, but Hyeon-i asked for a fee before she left. Ji Seung Il gave her a code to give his daughter what she asked, so Seo Yeong gave her 1000 won. Jin Wook met the clouny face Seo Yeong at the corridor. He was about to talk about something but President Ji showed up and paid 1000 won to Seo Yeong and said thanks. Jin Wook started to be curious, but Seo Yeong left it there.

Hyeon-i didn’t seem to like Yoon Seo. She said she’s the worst woman her father was dating with. She mentioned Seo Yeong on the table as the fun ajumma who gave Jessica the pink ribbon. That surprised everyone. Yoon Seo looked very dislike what that little girl was saying.

Seo Yeong asked Jin Wook to had a lunch out on her treat. They went to a small pig trotter restaurant. Jin Wook hate it for the smell, but Seo Yeong insisted the trotters are good in taste and smell.

Jin Wook said there’s nothing good about pig trotter restaurant. He said it’s even embarassing for a man to tell the girl he’s dating that he owned this kind of restaurant. Seo Yeong casually disagreed with it. She said it’d been her dream to marry a man who owned a restaurant. That statement somehow, pleased Jin Wook.

Meanwhile, on another side of the city…Ji Joo Hee was listening to her friend who got cheated by her man when they both overheard a couple’s fight from the next table. It was Seo Jin breaking up her man who turned out to be a married man. The man begged her not to leave him by saying that he had bought so many fancy things for her. But Seo Jin didn’t care.

Joo Hee brought her friend to this singging class for ajummas in which No Yeong Joon was the teacher. He was loved by many ajummas and he hated it. So he paid Seo Jin to come after class and pretended to be his girlfriend to make him free from those ajummas. Seo Jin introduced herself to those ajummas as a young designer at The Style. And unfortunately, Joo Hee witnessed the scene.

Seo Yeong was on her way back to the office after called out by Seo Jin who asked for some money and returned the umbrella. Seo Yeong saw President Ji and called him, thinking she could return the umbrella directly out of the office to avoid any more misunderstandings. However, her heel was stucked into the sewerage lid on the street. I think after the pantry accident on their first encounter, Ji Seung Il was no more in surprise for Seo Yeong’s clumsyness. So he volunteerly help Seo Yeong’s out and the scene was seen by Park Na Ra and Assintant Jeong. Seo Yeong had to lose her shoe heel.

But that’s not over. When she arrived at the office, Seo Yeong was also about to lose her job. The angry wife whose husband was having affair with Seo Jin posted her anger in the internet forum. Seo Yeong couldn’t defend herself, and people were getting nastier.

The scandal went up to the highers’ meeting. They’re considering about firing Seo Yeong. But Seung Il wasn’t sure about Seo Yeong as a girl who could seduce a married man to buy her fancy shoes and bags. He saw her lousy and cheap outfit everyday, so he hesitated to make decision. Thankfully Director Baek also had the same doubt. She asked President Ji to consider this matter carefully.

No one seemed to believe Seo Yeong, even Jin Wook out of anyone else. But Seo Yeong didn’t know that someone was silently put his eyes on her with a caring look. Seung Il watched as Seo Yeong broke her other heel to make her easier to walk.

Jin Wook felt bad that he doubted Seo Yeong. So he decided to investigate this matter in the first hand. He looked for the man’s address and waited in front of his apartment all night long.

The next day Seo Yeong was ready to be fired. Director Baek noticed her sneakers and I could say that she’s not buying the rumour. They sat down together and Director Baek tried to cheer her up in her way.

The scandalous man finally showed up. Jin Wook straightly blaming him for the trouble he’s making. He thought this man was the one who seduced Seo Yeong, not the reverse way like the internet said. But in the middle of their arguments, they realized they’re talking about two completely different girls. And when Jin Wook showed him the martini video, the man said she wasn’t the Lee Seo Jin he was having affair with.

Yoon Seo was firing Seo Yeong. In the same time, Ji Seung Il received an email from the man who had affair with Seo Jin. He declared that it was a misunderstanding that Lee Seo Jin his wife put an anger to wasn’t Lee Seo Jin who worked at The Style. He said he seemed to be conned by that (his affair) Lee Seo Jin.

So Seung Il went to the design team office, but he met the fired Seo Yeong on his way. He brought her back and told everyone the misunderstanding had been solved. Seo Yeong wasn’t fired. It was a good news actually, but not practically a relieve. Everyone in the design team started to talk about Seo Yeong behind her back, making speculation that she had seduced President Ji.

Seo Yeong heard everything and hid herself behind the column. When Yoon Seo asked her team to had a night out at the club, Seo Yeong wasn’t coming along.

Seo Yeong hid herself in the production office. She was fallen asleep when she’s working on her design. Ji Seung Il saw her there on his way out to the club to join the design team. He was curious about Seo Yeong’s drawing, so he tried to take it without waking her up, but he failed.

They both were surprised, but Seung Il tried to break the awkward situation by asking her to come along to join the rest of the design team.

Everyone was absolutely surprised to see their President coming together with Seo Yeong. But they didn’t say anything. They treated Seo Yeong like she wasn’t even there. Not until Seo Yeong was drinking like crazy.

She got drunk and started to yell at everyone. She blamed senior Jang for being irresponsible for the previous scandal with the department store MD, she also blamed Na Ra for her vicious behavior, and Seo Yeong took people’s breath when she pointed her finger at Yoon Seo. She said Yoon Seo was lack of leadership because she didn’t want to her her team member’s explanation.

And when Jin Wook and his senior came into the room to join the (ruined)party, Seo Yeong grabbed his hands and put him on seat and started to slap his head several times. Jin Wook tried to stop Seo Yeong by saying all the adults were there and she was suppose to behave and watched her language. But Seo Yeong said she’s also an adult.

Seo Yeong said, “I’m not 25. My age is actually 34! thirty with a four addition.”

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