Baby-faced Beauty Episode 19 Summary

It’s only one more episode to the finale. I had guessed this drama should have a predictable ending, and watching this episode assured me that i’ll get the kind of ending i’ve expected.

Ji Seung Il didn’t punch Jin Wook or involve himself into a fight. Instead, the security came and he ordered them to take Jin wook out. He said, “Choi Jin Wook, I think this time it’s you who must leave first.”

Jin Wook was dragged out. Ji Seung Il offered Seo Yeong to drive her home, but Seo Yeong said she needed time to be alone.

At Mr. Choi’s restaurant, Seo Yeong’s father asked to borrow some money. He said he knew someone that could multiple his money in a short time. He was sure this time he would shoot big. That statement was just upsetting Mr. Choi. He said Mr.Lee had ruined his daughter’s life and that ruined his son’s life.

Mr.Lee finally found out that Seo Yeong was dating his boss’ son and he didn’t approve it because Seo Yeong was his daughter.

Mr.Lee got drunk and made a scene. When Jin Wook was visiting his dad, Mr.Lee said bad things about him and that just made Mr.Choi got angrier. Jin Wook was confused. But Seo Yeong came in the right time. Mr. Choi told her to bring her dad home. And Jin Wook finally understood what actually was going on.

After sending her father home, Seo Yeong had a talk to Jin Wook. She said then he got the issue he should understand. If the problem had been on her or him, it would’ve been much easier to figure out. But it’s about her dad and there’s nothing she could do about it.

Seo Yeong was actually the first to leave, but Jin Wook caught her. He hugged her tight for a while and then released her. He said, “Go home. It’s the last time i’m sending you home.” And then he left first…

…leaving Seo Yeong with this expression:

So, it was actually harder than she expected. It’s harder to see his back walking away from her and would never come back. It would’ve been way easier if she was the one who left first. Yeahhh it’s always like…Oh okay, i got a bit emotional here.

Anyway, the next day, Jin Wook apologized to President Ji for what happened at the event. He also submitted his resignation letter.

Meanwhile, Shil Ah got a chance for jewelry sponsorship for the red carpet event. So she changed the competition theme. She needed dress that would match the jewelry. Everyone got different theme of jewelry. Seo Yeong got the necklace, Team Leader Kim got the ring, and Yoon Seo got the earrings. Shil Ah would pick the best dress matched with the appointed jewelry.

And everyone worked hard for it…

The competitors had to make a first round presentation: they brought sketches of the design and the sample fabric. Seo Yeong’s dress theme was again to let Shil Ah looked sexy. She made this design of a long neck, open shoulder dress with a fabric that looked like skin color.

Yoon Seo seemed to be sesperate seeing Seo Yeong’s design. So she made a sketch with a quite similar-but different in detail design. She summoned Team Leader Go and asked him to do the dirty job. She asked him to give the design to model Sung Joo’s manager. Sung joo was Shil Ah arch competitor.

Jin Wook talked very seriously with Seo Yeong’s mother. He asked him to give him a little more time to handle the matter. Seo Yeong’s mother asked him to stop everything and forget Seo Yeong. He said he couldn’t that.

Seo Yeong was surprised that Sung Joo appeared on the internet wearing the similar-but different in detail dress like her design. She got a protest from Shil Ah’s manager. but Seo Yeong had no time to get angry or cry or feeling desperate. All she needed to do was to make a new design and finish the sample in a very short time.

Jin Wook had a creative idea of making his father listened to him. He locked his father in the toilet because he said he had no other option. He said he wouldn’t give up on Seo Yeong. He said he could’ve just run away with Seo Yeong and registered their married, or get Seo Yeong pregnant first so his father would’ve had any choice but to approve their marriage. But Jin Wook said he would show his father that he could be a good son. He would be a very good son to make his father approve their relationship.

Seo Yeong was late coming to the presentation. Yoon Seo almost thought that she could win this round that easily. Fortunately, Shil Ah seemed to prefered Seo Yeong’s dress. However, the result would be the night of the red carpet event. The designers would know the winner by seeing whose dress she’d be wearing there.

Seo Yeong got a visit from Hyeon-i that day at the office. The little girl asked Seo Yeong to help her in Parent-kid creative day at school. Ji Seung Il came at last, but he just watched from out side the class.

Yoon Seo’s plan wasn’t so smooth. She did get Sung Joo wore the design she gave Team Leader Go, but the information was leaked. Team Leader Go asked for more money to cover things up. And as for Seo Yeong’s new dress, they got to do something about it too. Team Leader Go suggested there’s only one way they could do to make Seo Yeong’s dress loose: they should hide the necklace for awhile. If there’s no necklace, Shil Ah would wear Yoon Seo’s dress and the earrings instead. After that model went to the red carpet with Yoon Seo’s dress, they would put the necklace back to the place. Yoon Seo opposed this idea.

Team Leader Go got announcement that he would be transferred to the overseas office in China. He begged Director Hyeon not to do that. He said she shouldn’t do it after all he did, those dirty things he did, for her. But Director Hyeon just disappointed for his failure in missions, so she didn’t care.

Jin wook really bugged his dad by being a very good son. He worked hard at the restaurant and helped his dad in other things.

Yoon Seo was so desperate. she decided to do Team Leader Go suggestion of making the necklace dissapeared for a while. And at the end, they plan worked. Shil Ah appeared on the red carpet wearing Yoon Seo’s dress. Seo Yeong and Design Team 5 was so surprise, but they accepted the result.

However, Yoon Seo was in trouble. Team Leader Go asked her for more money to shut someone’s mouth. Otherwise the news was gonna blow. Yoon Seo was so upset. And it seemed that Team Leader Go had planned to do fraud on her from the first place.

Seo Yeong got a message from Jin Wook that night. He said they needed to meet. He would wait for her in their first place dating, the bakery shop. Jin Wook kept waiting there…but Seo Yeong thought so hard whethere she should go or not. And right in that time, she got a phone call from President Ji.

Ji Seung Il made an excuse by having Seo Yeong delievered a report he requested. But when Seo Yeong was about to go, Ji Seung Il finally admitted his real attention. He said if he had asked her to go out, she would’ve rejected it. Hah! Jin wook was right. Who’s the one messing boss-employee relation and personal relation? Man would be man…

Ji Seung Il talked serious matter with Seo Yeong. He said this time he’s speaking not as Seo Yeong’s boss, but as Hyeon-i’s dad and as a man who fell for a girl. He’s not only expressing his true feeling for her, but also was PROPOSING her on that spot with that big ring!!

But Seo Yeong refused in a very friendly and grateful way. She said she couldn’t take the ring nor his proposal because Ji Seung Il himself knew that her heart belong to Jin wook, even though during this moment she couldn’t run to him. Ji Seung Il accepted the refusal in a very mature way. He said, “I have expected you’d say that, but still it hurts my feeling.”

On her way home, Seo Yeong got a phone call from Senior Jang. He said, “Don’t you know Jin Wook just submitted his resignation letter?” He asked Seo Yeong to talk to him because he hate the pig’s trotter business so much, but he was willing to do it. Seo Yeong was surprised by the news and immediately rushed to the bakery shop, but he’s no longer there…

Apparently, Jin Wook was helping Seo Yeong’s mom in her street restaurant. Seo Yeong was really touched. She hid herself nearby and then cried…

When Jin Wook was on his way home, he was surprised finding Seo Yeong near his place. He asked if she’d been there waiting for him for a long time. Seo Yeong just cried and hugged him tight. She finally said that she couldn’t give him up. She wouldn’t let him go anymore…

Jin Wook was more than surprise, but of course he’s happy :)

Seo Yeong rushed Jin Wook to meet his father. Seo Yeong told Mr. Choi that she wouldn’t give up on Jin Wook. She’d do the best to get his heart…

There we go. I think the lead to episode 20 is clearer now. Seo Yeong would try hard to get Jin Wook’s father’s blessing on their relationship. But there’re still unfinished issues that should be solved in the next episode. High bet that it’d be a smooth happy ending ;)

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  1. When and how can I watch the last episode of Baby faced beauty?
    Thank you.

  2. If you’re in Korea, it ended last week. If you’re around Asia or some of European countries and be able to access KBS world, you can wait next week. If you don’t like waiting, try watching on line. ;)

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